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  1. Wobinidan added a post in a topic: Mexican and American Restaurants in Berlin   

    Oh man, I ate there when I first moved here. Just incredible that a restaurant like that can do business, and they've even opened another one on Oranienburgerstrasse. It's really, really bad.

    My top burger tip though is really, really good: Hamburger Heaven on the corner of Graefestrasse and Kottbusser Damm. It's just a hole in the wall, there's nowhere to sit, but they do excellent burgers and always seem to get left out of these burger discussions.
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  2. Wobinidan added a post in a topic: Basement of apt block is flooded, need some advice   

    Hey guys, I need a little hilfe

    I've been living in this apartment in P-berg for almost 18 months, and about 2 months ago, one side of the basement flooded, but not the side with my kellerzimmer or whatever it's called. About a month ago, our side started to get water in it, and our basement storage room started filling up with water, which gradually increases daily. Some of our stuff is ruined, but basically nothing valuable, except possibly the coal we use to heat our apartment.

    My question for you guys is how we should approach this issue with the GSW, our landlords. So far they have simply told me to call the Hausmeister, and the Hausmeister last week told me that they don't know if it's a leaking pipe or ground water. He said if it's a leaking pipe, they have a chance to fix it, and if it's groundwater there may be nothing they can do.

    My question for you guys is simply what should I do? I am considering asking for a rent reduction, since I had to buy a pair of rubber boots just to go and fetch coal from the basement. Should I join the GSW mieterverein, or an independent mieterverein, or neither? I don't have home insurance, so are my damages a write off or can I claim them back from the GSW?

    I'm not really in a financial position to pay a lawyer, but I am pretty fucking pissed off that they don't seem to be even trying to pump the water out or anything. All advice is welcome. Thanks guys.
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  3. Wobinidan added a post in a topic: Went to see a solicitor   

    I was on the subway in Berlin the other day and I tried to buy a day ticket from the driver, but he refused my money, then some guys came and fined me! What sort of bullshit is this? No wonder everyone hates Germany.
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  4. Wobinidan added a post in a topic: Tacheles faces closure, the famous Berlin squat   

    "They don't own it. The people who own it want it back.."

    The thing is, it wasn't really owned by anyone, but the city government. The city government that is meant to be of the people, for the people. And they decided to sell it against the wishes of the majority of the people, making a clear decision that some fucking offices or apartments for rich people are more important than Berlin's cultural heritage, of which Tacheles was an important part.

    Needless to say whatever is built in it's place will definitely not be particularly important in terms of Berlin's cultural heritage, but it might bring in a few thousand extra in taxes per year, so it's totally worth it.
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  5. Wobinidan added a post in a topic: The LIBOR Scandal   

    So it's okay that the City is clearly corrupt as long as you get a slightly better exchange rate? And you even suggest they were doing it to benefit you. Amazing.
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  6. Wobinidan added a post in a topic: Choosing a bank account in Berlin   

    I'd just like to point out to anyone reading this thread that the Postbank girokonto is only free if you put in 1000 euro a month. And if you can put in 1000 euros a month, then you can afford to get a bank account where you don't have to wait in line with EVERYONE THAT WANTS TO SEND A PACKAGE OR BUY SOME STAMPS.

    Also, the staff are completely ignorant and unhelpful. I only found out the true cost (5.90 per month) after 2 years there, because it had never occurred to me that any bank would dare charge for such appalling service.

    Sparkasse costs 2 euros a month and they have branches and cash machines everywhere. Go with them.
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  7. Wobinidan added a post in a topic: How to order and customize a kebab   

    Yeah, you wouldn't want to be able to taste any individual flavours, would you? For the crappiest comfort food experience, get a 'Doener box', which is just kebab meat and chips (fries) smothered in bland German sauces. Mix it all up and it tastes like... itself.
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  8. Wobinidan added a post in a topic: Kinkster meet-up in Berlin   

    There is already queer-beer Thursdays, so why not kinkster Thursdays? I am arranging the first English-language kinkster meet-up this Thursday. If you don't know what a kinkster is, you're probably not invited, so stop reading. But if you are into or curious about BDSM, and you want to speak English and meet like minded people, then you are invited to Fargo on Thursday at 8pm for an informal meeting of like-minded folk.

    If you're interested, and you're a member of fetlife, here's the event link: https://fetlife.com/events/97370/v2

    If you're not a member of fetlife, then please feel free to PM me about the details.

    It's the first time I've arranged something like this, but apparently there hasn't been a Berlin meeting for English speaking kinksters in recent history, so let's see what happens!
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  9. Wobinidan added a post in a topic: Best döner kebab in Berlin   

    Sorry TobyG, but chicken makes the best Doener, in my humble opinion. Better than the mystery meat at the doener place across the road from me in any case.

    I was wondering, does anyone know what the difference between schawarma and doener meat is? The only difference I can tell is that schawarma places seem to sell lots of falafel and doener places don't. So I have no idea why we shouldn't include schawarma places in this list.

    So bearing that in mind, I'd recommend dede's feinkost on prenzlauer allee right next to danziger. The wraps are a lot tastier than their bread, and for 50 cents extra they'll throw in a bunch of extra yummy things.
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  10. Wobinidan added a post in a topic: Robbed at gunpoint   

    @bluedave OP is the one that brought it up.

    "So about 2 weeks ago, i was robbed at gunpoint by two young Turkish kids, in the heart of Mitte.
    (please dont ask how i know they are Turkish)"

    That's the equivalent to saying to a girl "That was the second best sex I've ever had."
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  11. Wobinidan added a post in a topic: Robbed at gunpoint   

    I was violently mugged in Vienna, (ranked by Mercer as the 5th safest city in the world) and in Amsterdam (ranked 17th). Anything can happen anywhere, and I don't feel any less safe in Berlin than I do anywhere else. Sorry to hear about your bad luck, OP, I hope the police catch the bastards.
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  12. Wobinidan added a post in a topic: Stranger knocking at door   

    I have a lot of sympathy for the OP. For me, home is a place to feel safe, and most importantly, to not have to deal with other people's shit. We never have unannounced visitors, so 95% of the time when our doorbell rings, it's someone wanting to put junk mail in our letterbox, or deliver a package to someone else who isn't there or something else that isn't my problem.

    Living at the top floor of an apartment, it's a little scary having a stranger standing right outside your door, wanting you to open it for them. My neighbour is never home, so if someone had bad intentions, I would have nowhere to run. Last year I was standing naked in the corridor (just came out of the shower) and I heard someone run up the stairs and thump aggressively on the door, which scared the shit out of me. It turned out it was a fireman who was checking up on reports of smoke.

    Another time, a girl came to the door twice in one day. I figured she was going to keep coming back, so I answered it, and she told me that she'd also applied to get this apartment, and was wondering why she didn't get it. How the fuck should I know? I don't understand the mentality of people that think it's okay to intrude upon someone's privacy without a really good reason (something like "I'm on fire, could I maybe borrow a cup of water?")
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  13. Wobinidan added a post in a topic: Best Netflix-like streaming service in .de?   

    I had a look through myvideo.de. They have a hilarious section of movies available to watch for free, none of which I've ever heard of.


    Hardly a netflix replacement, but I suppose it's a start. And it's free. I can't wait to watch "American poop movie" or "Cowboys and Vampires".
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  14. Wobinidan added a post in a topic: I finally cancelled Deutsche Telekom and T-Online   

    Okay that's good to know, thanks. Got to love this high tech future we live in, where you have to send a letter to an internet company!
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  15. Wobinidan added a post in a topic: I finally cancelled Deutsche Telekom and T-Online   

    We finally got proper cables installed in our building so now that we have the privilege of paying 10 euros a month extra for them, I figured it would be a good time to ditch Alice and get something that actually works.

    The only thing that bothers me about Kabel Deutschland though, is this bullshit 'sicherheitspaket' which is free for the first 3 months and then costs 3.98 a month. Does anyone have experience getting rid of that cost for an unwanted service?
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