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  1. farmerandy added a post in a topic: A rant about Handwerker   

    Brief un-flounce:-

    What the flying fuck??? So you have a very popular thread about renovating a house. Good for you. Seems you know about as much as a beginner would.

    To put it in realistc terms -

    No-one ever mentions the cost of the apprentice. Some-times the apprentice shows up unannounced. The cost of the apprentice is always factored in to the bill. Some-times the apprentice has to work on-site. How the fuck did you learn your trade??? Dickhead...

    A handwerker deserves every cent you give him, most of the time. We are not lawyers... or Doctors... We do not code... Or sing...

    Our "rechnung" is as simple as they come.

    We do what you are incapable of doing on your own (even if you understand the mechanics of the process and can choose the appropriate merchandise for the job).

    Simply because we have been doing it all our lives. We are better than you are ever going to be. No matter how hard you try. FACT.

    Sometimes, when we are generous enough to teach a young person the skills we have acquired, we take on an apprentice.

    Back in the day, that was a sign of wealth and generosity.

    Pull your finger out of your arse, boy, and realise that, for a lot of people, the world is not quite so witty as you make it seem.

    Re/flounce (just for you, rockfisher )
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  2. farmerandy added a post in a topic: Flounce   

    I am going to keep my account active, because there are people on here who I care about deeply and have no other reasonable way of keeping in contact with, outside of TT pm`s.

    I always thought I would have more to say when this time came to pass... But I don´t.

    Goodbye and bless It was always interesting :)
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  3. farmerandy added a post in a topic: Are we avoiding the PEGIDA topic?   

    And do keep patting yourself on the back for finally catching up with the rest of us

    It has always been about the coin, mate.

    Money makes the color of your skin irrelevant.

    Lack of money makes the color of your skin a national discussion.
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  4. farmerandy added a post in a topic: Are we avoiding the PEGIDA topic?   

    I think I fall into the fruit picking category :)

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  5. farmerandy added a post in a topic: Why is no one talking of Ferguson, Missouri?   

    Greened you for that, fat boy.

    Well played :)
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  6. farmerandy added a post in a topic: Why is no one talking of Ferguson, Missouri?   

    guilty as charged

    2012? ... Really??

    At least I don´t pimp out photos of my kids for cheap greens every second month ;)
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  7. farmerandy added a post in a topic: Why is no one talking of Ferguson, Missouri?   

    And you, Piggy, are ugly. But I shall be sober in the morning, and you will still be a fool... ;)
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  8. farmerandy added a post in a topic: Why is no one talking of Ferguson, Missouri?   

    Hate breeds hate, dude. Did MLK (and a host of others) teach you nothing?

    You know, I am going to find you when I get back to Hamburg. It is a small city, and I know a lot of people there.

    I want to see if you are man enough to spew your rascist, ignorant, juvenile and cowardly tinfoil in front of a real person.

    Instead of trolling a forum on the webs
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  9. farmerandy added a post in a topic: Is marijuana bad for you?   

    I´ve always had problems with Gateway´s. I mostly find myself in front of them, at 3 in the morning, bent over double and squinting out of one eye. All the while wondering if the latch is at the top, middle or bottom...

    I did read a book about heroin once. It had that dude from Star Wars in it.

    I forgot to take a left turn in traffic today. It cost me 3 consecutive right turns. A waste of 45 minutes to get back to where I was at in the first place.

    I like Zee´s contributions here. They make me chuckle on the occasional quiet sunday I have these days. Muppetry such as his cannot be invented, Right or Left(turno)...

    BOOM - Obscure song reference inserted inappropriately

    Scott4, people... jeez..
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  10. farmerandy added a post in a topic: Why are you unhappy today?   

    I hear you, Gwap. Hell of a shock Being here, it feels like the entire country has ground to a halt. It is our national game. He was a much loved larrikin lad from the bush. He was unorthodox and sometimes quite dysfunctional and easily figured out by bowlers. But, by christ, he could plunder runs in the cavalier fashion that australians respect beyond all else. As everyone has said, it was a matter of when, not if, he would be recalled to the test squad.

    25 years old. 3 days before his birthday.

    I hear you, too, aquaminie One of the truly sad things about this entire tragedy is that, up until this year, Hughes and Abbott were team-mates. I played competitive sport at an amateur level for 15 years. Even after they move to a different club, these people are your brothers in arms. You stand shoulder to shoulder with them in the crucible. They bleed for you and you bleed for them. The poor young lad must be inconsolable right now...

    Vale Phillip Hughes.
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  11. farmerandy added a post in a topic: Why is no one talking of Ferguson, Missouri?   

    An ex-girlfriend (and still a close friend), is an Aboriginal lass who these days is is an international human rights lawyer working for Amnesty. Another close friend of mine is a young (late 20`s, lol) Irish lad who has spent the last few years working in juvenile correction facilities. First as a guard and now as a supervisor. Needless to say, the two of them do not see eye to eye on this subject. For luck, they have not met on a party for nearly 15 years now

    Sometimes, when I read the comments here from the more vitriolic members (myself included, natch), I wonder if any of them have been in a situation where they have had to kill someone...


    I´ve never killed anyone. But I have beaten someone. So badly, that they are still in a wheelchair (with brain damage) now. Five years after the event. For me, that counts as taking someone´s life.

    How do I feel about it?

    I don´t know

    He was trying to kill me. If that makes any difference? That is why I never went to Jail. Just 3 months in a locked psychiatric ward. Because, regardless of circumstances, hurting another human being should never be taken lightly.

    Tor got to the crux of it right at the start (in a long-winded kind of way )

    Michael Brown is dead. Darren Wilson took his life.... Nothing will change that.

    The fleeting and transitory nature of human rememberence will probably overlook that...
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  12. farmerandy added a post in a topic: What's got you flummoxed today?   

    My drug dealer is unreliable...

    This really should go in the "first world problems" thread...

    But this really has been discombobulating me the last few days...
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  13. farmerandy added a post in a topic: First impressions of German food   

    In the first year and a half I was in Germany, I put on 20kg. And I can remember how every motherloving milligram of that tasted

    I appreciate what you are driving at with this comment, because I think Australia (and possibly the US) are similar to Britain in terms of the impact immigrants have had on the traditional food culture. But to be honest, these days I think what you are saying is just a load of pretentious foodie wank... The best Thai I have ever eaten was in Thailand. The best Italian I have ever eaten was in Italy. And so on. This "superiority" by foodie fusion crap (that is as beloved here in Australia more so than in Britain) is shitting me to tears.

    I think Germany should be proud of the fact that it mainly deals in the food and produce that its people and culture have cherished for centuries.

    Rather than the current Anglo/Australian model. Whereby I am convinced that one day soon I will be able to walk into a Turkish restraunt and order thai green curry bangers and mash.
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  14. farmerandy added a post in a topic: Why are you happy today?   

    Ticket is booked... Back in April next year No returns. Scared as fuck, but there ya go ;D

    Shout out to Tor, Bobbylines, Gwaptiva, JohnG and Mapleleafdude... Your help, feedback, and just general awesomeness has made this tangled web of mine a lot easier to negotiate... I will pay it back as best I can :)
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  15. farmerandy added a post in a topic: Why are you happy today?   

    Yay for lunchtime blowjobs at work! ;)
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