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  1. Someone told me once that it is possible to put Kaution in your own bank under your Vermeiter's name.  This prevents either you or your Vermetier from withdrawing the money without both of your permissions.  Has anyone heard of this before?
  2. Over staying 90 days E.U. Citizen not working

      This happened to someone I know.  He was flying out of Schiphol back to the US, and the border agent determined that he overstayed 90 days.  He was brought back to another office, and his passport was stamped with a 2 year EU ban.  There was no discussion, just the stamp!  The worst thing was that his wife and child were still back in Rotterdam!  
  3. AirBnB legality in Berlin

    How can they enforce it??  Ha Ha, all they have to do is open AirBnB's website and search for rentals in Berlin!  Then make the booking and the bust.  Probably much easier than busting drug dealers or other criminals who do not advertise on the net.  
  4. Who wants me gone?

    Ah Christ, it's like you are some insecure teenage girl seeking validation through 'likes'.  
  5. Google Street View

    My house and street used to be on Google Street View.  Now the whole street is gone.  Not blurred out, just gone! It appears that only major streets are remaining on Germany street view.  What gives? Has El Goog simply gotten sick and tired of people requesting that they blurr out their house, so the simply remove the whole street?    
  6. Guardian article on the Reinheitsgebot

    All this talk about ingredients, but that seems to be only ONE line in the Reinheitsgebot.   However there seems to be FOUR lines dedicated to the PRICE of the beer.     For all these breweries that want to insist that they adhere to the Reinheitsgebot, should adhere to the prices in the Reineheitsgebot! No more than: 1 Pfennig for a Maß [1.069L] Between September 29 and April 23. 2 Pfennig for a Maß the rest of the year.   And if the Octoberfest temples want to charge over €10, then at least give me 1.069 Liters.  None of this .6L beer and the rest foam tricks!   
  7. Best tailors for suits in Munich?

    I know a better deal.  I have used Raja Fashions here in Germany.  They are a Hong Kong business that visits multiple cities in Germany about 3-4 times per year.  I've used them 4 times now for suits.  Because these suits are for working (not wearing once per year at the Opera), I usually get the 120 fabric, any higher and they will wear out faster. (I've heard that anything over 220 is even risky to dry-clean). Everything is customize-able,  I get an extra large interior pocket in the jacket for my tablet, and another for my phone.  I also have a smaller interior pockets for hotel keys, so they do not get de-magnetized by being near my tablet or phone.   The outer pockets also have inner sections for coins, keys etc..  As do the pant pockets, very deep and also separate sections for coins.   I also always get two pairs of pants, one for winter which is lined front and back all the way down, and one for summer, which is only lined in the front about half-way down the thigh.  Pants are already setup for suspenders, which I never wear, and also have hidden pockets in the waistband. I've paid as low as €666.67 when ordering three at a time.  But usually they are around €850-900 when only ordering 1.  I've ordered shirts from them in the past, but they are very hard to keep wrinkle-free, so I only order suits from them now, and buy the €30 non-iron shirts at Karstadt or wherever. They state 6 weeks for delivery, but I've always received them in 4, and have never had to pay Zoll taxes when they arrive.  Raja takes care of that as well.  I am happy with them and will visit them again when they arrive Düsseldorf later this month.   Please PM me for more details!  (Perhaps they will give me a discount on my next order from my referrals) 
  8. Best tailors for suits in Munich?

      How much were the bespoke suits at Xuits?
  9. Thanks for the heads-up!  I now have a dedicated Kodi machine, that auto VPN's into Switzerland.  Good luck getting the Swiss to turn over information.  (said Uli Honeß)
  10. OK, I don't want to be a Pirate, I'll gladly PAY Netflix not to be a pirate.  Paying for Netflix is so easy that it makes Pirating less attractive and more time consuming. HOWEVER! Now my VPN server gets targeted and I can no longer watch my LEGAL "House of Cards"?   OK Ruhetag, don't panic, lets reach out to the search engines to figure out how to watch "House of Cards"  Lo and Behold, I discover Kodi and the myriad of addons that this open-source platform provides.  I got a PC connected to my TV running Kodi 16.0, with Wookie, Nav-X, Pheonix, Genisis, usw, usf..addons!     Now here is the Irony:  I was gladly willing to pay Netflix $9.99 a month so I don't have to pirate anything, but through their own blocking, they make me a PIRATE!  Now I am canceling my Netflix account, and am tempted to short Netflix stock!
  11. I knew a few (2) that left MÜC to sail to cheaper ports in Super Deutschland...
  12. Cheddar cheese from Lidl and elsewhere

      After about 13 years, it hard for me to tell the difference.  Say between a 13yo and a 15yo cheddar.
  13. Cheddar cheese from Lidl and elsewhere

    If I have to eat cheddar younger than 4 years, what's the point?  
  14. Buying and exporting small quantity of gold

    OK, it appears that there is no VAT on gold in Germany (does not apply to Silver): Must be at least 90% pure gold, (22carat) Must be minted after 1800.   Appears to be no limit on worth.   But one would still have to pay the import tax on gold, correct?  How much is import tax?   Thanks for the advise on just buying the coins in Germany, but I am sure the coin dealer or someone somewhere had to initially pay the import tax, and it is simply passed on to the customer.  Usually the cheapest way to buy gold and sliver collectible coins is direct from the mint, not a dealer. 
  15. Buying and exporting small quantity of gold

    If I buy a gold coin at the US Mint, and have the US Mint mail me this gold coin to Germany, do I have to pay Zoll or taxes when it arrives?   Usually there is no Zoll or taxes on mailed packages when the value of the package is €45 or lower.  Does this also apply to currency?  So perhaps I do not buy gold or silver from the US Mint, but straight out 250 Presidential One dollar coins: