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  1. antistar added a post in a topic: Happy with the move to Frankfurt or Germany?   

    I live here with my wife and 3 year old son and work in an English speaking office in Frankfurt. We all speak English and our German is not that great - I can just about hold a conversation now. I think the quality of life here is much better than in the UK: Crime is lower, job security is higher, costs are generally lower - things are just generally much cleaner and nicer I think. It's also great for kids - there's tons of parks and playgrounds, daycare is guaranteed for +2 year olds (although it's a new law and some cities struggle to achieve this), child benefit is higher and healthcare is much better. The only thing I dislike about life in Germany is the supermarkets, which tend to have less choice and quality than UK supermarkets, at least for what I buy. But it's made up for by being cheaper, especially for beer.

    The tough side of Germany is the language and people - it can be hard to have a social life. This can be particularly hard if you are a stay-at-home mum or dad, whose partner goes out to work. Germans are nice people but they aren't the most outgoing. I know a lot of people who find it tough to make friends, and the language barrier is an extra problem. That said most Germans do speak English, especially in the big cities, so it's not hard to get by without learning - in fact it's tough to learn German because so many people will switch to English when they hear you struggle.

    I think because of the above, it's probably best to move to one of the big cities, especially ones with a large expat community - that way if you can't make German friends you can find English speaking foreigners to meet with. Cities like Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin are great I think. If you decide on a small town far from the big cities, you may find that few people speak English and they are less open to strangers. I lived in Coburg in north Bavaria for a while, and although I loved the place, a lot of people I worked with struggled, especially their wives.
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  2. antistar added a post in a topic: Shocking - Student's tongue lacerated in Bonn   

    It's perfectly reasonably to cast doubt on a dubious sounding story, and as the prosecutors appear now to be doing the same, it seems that his story is less likely than not to be true.

    It's important not to assume anything until the facts are confirmed. Unfortunately a lot of people read a story like this, assume it to be true (to be kind to the victim, or some other reason) and then never learn the true story when the facts come out later.

    Then you end up being unkind to the other victims, the people wrongly accused, like Lord McAlpine in the UK was recently accused of child abuse on the basis of a false claim.
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  3. antistar added a post in a topic: Shocking - Student's tongue lacerated in Bonn   

    The report also says that this isn't a fact, but something claimed by the Indian man referred to in the report. An Indian man claimed to have been set on fire by racists in Australia once, but it turned out he'd set himself alight trying to burn his car to fiddle insurance.

    Obviously I'm not saying Indians are liars, only that sometimes there is another side to the story and that claims are not facts.
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