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  1. No it's pronounced Offenbachistan, it has nice shops, just mostly working class & immigrant town, neighbouring a rich city Frankfurt . The big problem is that as most of the immigrant community are of an Islamic flavour hence there are not many nice bars or restaurants , generally these groups are very established mostly working class and have big families, don't drink or take drugs, so more of family feel with lots of kids, so generally safe. Although the other poor European immigrants from the Balkans and native white thrash residents tend to be more drunk and trouble, such as the asshole (Balkans immigrant) who killed that student in McDonalds car park.   The more trendy part of Frankfurt Sachsenhausen is near , The S-bahn line for Offenbach  stops at  Muhlburg on the edge of Sachsenhausen, this part of Frankfurt is very mixed with everything, just be careful about picking a place without too much noise from the Airport, so check area at different times as some run ways operate at certain times only. Sachsenhausen has the other type of immigrant the more young urban professionals, basically the educated wealthy immigrants.