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  1. royp added a post in a topic: Compulsory bag inspection at the grocery   

    Just to be clear it is defamation to ask you, every single person asked can sue, also defamation is a criminal offence in Germany. As for the fact they ask everyone, this is also not allowed, the Police do not have dragnet powers for fishing trips, so why would a store. The store can always ban you, but that just adds to the sum you would sue for defamation. If you repeat a defamation that compounds the damage.

    In My home country of Ireland amounts of 10 thousand have been awarded in defamation suits for accusations of shop lifthing by searching peoples bags that turned out had not stolen anything, just one of those cultural issues. In Germany people only sue to bully easy targets such as neighbours, not go after big companies Germans love of authority. But no shop would have any legal defence for such an invasion of privacy.

    So a good answer next time you are asked to open bag, is sorry but you have no legal right, if you insist then that is accusing me of stealing, I will then open my bag but then sue you. do you still wish to insist on me opening my bag ?.

    By the way the the comments about being in Germany, actually legally ECHR which is European civil rights apply to all member states apply above any local law, and article 8 right to privacy, Gillan and Quinton v United Kingdom (2010) — Stop and search powers granted to police under the ss 44–47 of the Terrorism Act 2000 were neither sufficiently circumscribed nor subject to adequate legal safeguards against abuse. As such, the Court found the powers not to be ‘in accordance with the law’, in violation of art 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

    If a states police have to reasonable suspicion for search rights against suspected terorists, do you really think Aldi and Lidl have soem special authority, that would exempt them from European law?
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  2. royp added a post in a topic: How can I save my marriage?   

    Actually all of the research shows that children are more successful and better outcomes in a family that stays together. It is a myth that breaking up an unhappy family is better for the children, in terms of education, health, stability etc keeping family together is the best (unless domestic abuse).
    If this man is a lawyer, he has studied hard for a long time, to become a professional and will be very traditional in his thinking. He will return if she convinces him it is better for the educational outcome of his children, women sometimes under estimate how traditional and moral men can be.

    My one small suggestion is not therapy but very simple, suggest to him that they have family dinner time, or joint homework time, or for him to join her and kids for some sport for the interest of kids once or twice a week, "fake it till you make it"
    If you act like a family with family activities he will feel like a family and maybe want you back.

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  3. royp added a post in a topic: Link between suicide and evolution   

    Actually the vast majority of suicides are to do with coming down from drug highs on the week end =tuesday blues. The body always pays it's debts so get high on the week end and trip balls, then get massive hangover lows and kill yourself on tuesday. So it is in a way kind of natural selection, as the dumbass week end recreational drug users are maybe not the smartest to begin with. These people who try to kill themselves on tuesday after post drug lows if they don't die, by the next day their natural brain chemistry starts returning to normal, so they loose interest in suicide, and don't need therapy.
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  4. royp added a post in a topic: Link between suicide and evolution   

    Actually the vast majority of suicides are to do with coming down from drug highs on the week end =tuesday blues. The body always pays it's debts so get high on the week end and trip balls, then get massive hangover lows and kill yourself on tuesday. So it is in a way kind of natural selection, as the dumbass week end recreational drug users are maybe not the smartest to begin with. These people who try to kill themselves on tuesday after post drug lows if they don't die, by the next day their natural brain chemistry starts returning to normal, so they loose interest in suicide, and don't need therapy.
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  5. royp added a post in a topic: Pedophilia comes in all colors!   

    Is this legal stoping men entering legoland because they are unaccoumpanied? Clearly we have to protect children, but surely this does not make a complete gender into potential criminals. I bet if any man stopped made a lawsuit he would be successful. There are a lot of nerds who are big time lego hobbiests, in fact I bet most engineers have started on the path to becoming an engineer by a childhood interest in lego. so what about the men who have this hoby which is a technical nerd hobby of building with lego blocks since childhood, are they all Pedos? = hell no, just go to youtube and see videos of the crazy shit that adult men have builth with lego.

    As for pedophilia, I like the idea they have in the USA of creating kind of mini Pedo communities that these people with this sick desire can live out the rest of their lives without coming into contact with children. They are never getting better, once a Pedo always a pedo, so the old traditional criminal punishment or reforming, neither works, so just separate them for the rest of their lives from children. But Governments wont do this because of political or idealogical reasons, right wing wants to punish left and liberal wing want to treat with counciling, neither will work, so scientific way is to identify and contain, problem solved.

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  6. royp added a post in a topic: Police raid homeschool in Darmstadt   

    This is one of those things that Germans don't get, the difference between intent of a law and the exact letter of the law. If the laws intent is that every child has to do be educated to a standardized level then surely if the kids are able to sit the exams and are being educated to this level then what is the problem ?. Kids are not criminals, although some schools are like prisons, when else in life will you be forced to spend time under state control, school and prison and military service. Now that military service is gone. There should be very few times in life that a law is 100% inflexible.

    I can give good examples when the members of Toytown may homeschool, sometimes expats are sent to a country for 6 months to maybe 2 years but they have a young family, so instead of sending the kids to different school system in foreign language in the new country for short period the mother who may also be University graduate having time out to raise family decides to teach kids at home temporarily and reintegrate them back into normal education system when they return to home country . Happens all of the time, here in Frankfurt with families of expat workers. I also have a french friend her mother home schooled her for primary level and then she went to elite secondary school then came first in French state exams in all of France. so lets not assume all of home schooling is wierdo religious families sometimes it is the educated middle class who want a more flexible approach, and an individual program to suit a particular child or family needs, and may well integrate kid back into mainstream when this is more advantageous for the kids educational development. In reality a child in a school class group gets less then 15 minutes of individual teaching time per day and real class lessons maybe what one or two hours max, so maybe an educated mother spending 2 hours per day quality education time is by far better then being dumped in a state school, also then the kid can spend the rest of the day reading, playing, having fun, exercising, being a kid and free, but getting a better education.

    If you look at nearly every great intellectual who further advanced civilization they were mostly from wealthy families who had governesses who could give focused personal attention, now that most mothers and fathers are so well qualified and educated why do they need that 15 minutes from a so called expert, sexist Germany most women stay at home with young kids and bring them to school, to get their 15 minutes, why not teach them at home? spend 2 hours a day then visit a museum the zoo a gallery a park, this is what my French friends mother did now her daughter is a University professor.
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  7. royp added a post in a topic: Lawyer in need of career advice   

    What you fail to see is that this is all character building, you get bullied untill you become all mean and aggressive, and have lost all other interests in life and are willing to work longer hours just to prove you boss wrong.
    Then you will earn large amounts of money, but have no real time to spend it, but will feel obliged to, so you will buy a fuck off expensive house, and the show off car, but then you will need to continue working to pay off these things that you never really wanted in the beginning, then one day you wake up and your life is over but you hated it, but everyone else thinks you a success.
    Welcome to the rat race, get out now!
    Join a large company in house as eother council or contract management you will earn less but only work 40 hours and have a life
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  8. royp added a post in a topic: Police Report (Anzeige) filed against me   

    Maybe next time more water in your apfelschorle !.

    So basically you woke a family who have children up with your drunken aggression at 3.A.M. got in a tussle with the family don't really remember what you said or did, you were so drunk that this man had to get between you and his children and restrain you,and he ended up having to go to the hospital, because you shoved him, hit him ?. Even your chosen name for TT is an alcoholic drink, I guess that says it all. Could it be that you have a drink problem?
    It is clear from your post that your only interest is how to get off free (both prison & law suit costs- legal costs) but what about the next time your are drunk and someone has it coming a that security gaurd at the club, that trouble boyfriend, that waste of space husband, or that annoying kid?
    Just think how bad this situation is you, disturbed a sleeping family during the morning, scared their children and put their father in hospital, because you received criticim from the mother? = We all know your type you are a crazy drunk psycho-chick and will now do part B of psychochick routine blame others !.
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  9. royp added a post in a topic: Smarter people drink more   

    Or it could just be a bullshit statistical thing, if you use any type of selection then that selected group will also have other selected characteristics.

    example most people who own Apple products are smarter then the general population, why is it because the products make you smarter or is it that they are expensive and only wealthy people can buy them.

    This is why you require a real contzrol group to remove any statistical bias.

    Because by definition it is Europeans that drink more then none Europeans so maybe the non drinkers had more of a poor disadvantaged immigrant make up, that biased the study. Or just that more wealthy highly educated people have more money to buy more drink then poor people, so drink more.

    Was this done on a real scientific basis where they experimented : offered 100 people as much to drink as they wanted for free and then calculated number of drinks verses IQ, I bet not. It will be the idiots who will drink themselves to death. No it was just the selection bias principle of statistics showing up again.
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  10. royp added a post in a topic: Job ideas for the Bad German Speaker   

    Apart from trainee cheesemaker do you have any other qualification from back home? just check out if there are any large international corporation in the area, they usually need native english speakers, and some have internal trainee programmes, so even if you dont have any former qualifications you may get a trainee job.
    Don't under sell your self, if you were trained or educated in anything back home normally these skills are transferable to another industry. Just remember that Germany is a trading country that exports most of what it produces, this is all done in English, so there are a lot of jobs in these corporations that require native English speakers, and if you plan to stay here most companies in Germany train their own people.

    Look for a Traineeship here, Germany has a culture in work that most people here in their corporations are internally trained rather then University graduates like in most English speaking countries, they have commercial apprenticeships that train commercial managers for two years that don't require much education, and this is very common here.
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  11. royp added a post in a topic: Any one familiar with Jewish conversion   

    I also get a sense that wives who want their partners to re-connect with their religious heritage are just being controling, and want to use the rules of a religion and culture as ways to define their partners in a way that they can control.
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  12. royp added a post in a topic: Any one familiar with Jewish conversion   

    You are coming at this all the wrong way, just get his mother to convert, then he qualifies as an orthodox jew, and can for ever more tell jewish jokes and get away with it.
    has anyone seen Larry David episode on this theme
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  13. royp added a post in a topic: What to do about a dog biting my dog?   

    They are dogs shit happens, if both were off the leash and your dog approached the other dog then what do you expect, dogs react as dogs. If one shows dominance by unwanted approach then it is natural that the other would snap. Maybe the other dog got scared and beleived he was defending himself from attack. I am sure that is how the other owner will present it.

    Just because your dog got injured does not make the other dog owner liable, at best it would be contributory negligence of the owner, and culpable for a percentage of the vet bills, based upon the level of blame of either dog that contributed to the damages- costs for vet. It would be different if your dog was on a leash as this would make the dog off the leash who had bitten fully culpable. To reclaim the costs you would have to sue or have the other person give you their dog insurance details if they have insurance and hope that the insurance company agrees, they may also see it as a shared liability based upon contributory factors, or if you were doing something illegal such as having your dog off the leash in an area not allowed to refuse the claim based upon illegality or void the policy based upon illegality of the other owner etc.

    If I were the other dog Owner , I would have offered to pay based upon moral fairness grounds legal grounds are not always so fair.

    Also before you get the Police involved be 100% sure that you were allowed have the dog run free in that park because normally parks have rules against free running dogs and you could end up with both a fine and having to spend a fortune on each year having a special dog test if the other person claims your dog attacked his.

    It is funney how everyone here views this to be an insurance incident like two cars crashing, where you just exchange insurance details.
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  14. royp added a post in a topic: Hayfever   

    Yeah, the main difference here on continental Europe is the birch tree cloud that has worked its way from Russia-Poland over continental Europe, the crappy weather this year delayed pollination so all of the trees pollinated at the same time so the worse year on record for this type of pollen. Also the terrible thing about birch pollen is that it can also first time hayfever induced adult asthma, birch tree bark, is what they make aspirin from so it is the most toxic. A previous post pointed out that historically there were no allergies, this is true and research show that even if you have a pollen allergy if you live in the country it will not effect you as much. It is only when pollen and urban pollution mix together that it makes the pollen more toxic.
    If you have an extreme reaction you can get a steroid injection that last 6 weeks and a steroid nose spray, such as avamys nasal spray it is the German equivilent to Beconase nasal spay. Also the HEPA filters work, and get a HEPA vacuum cleaner. get tested for the exact allergy and there is long term desenitisation tablets or injections 3- 5 years but they reduce the impact each year untill it is gone or controlable.

    other good plan is after being tested at HNO clinic and identifying allergey and at what time of year it peeks is to play a holiday for this time and go some where that this pollen does not exist.
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  15. royp added a post in a topic: Adopting a dog from an organisation abroad   

    tested for Leishmaniose, Babesiose, Ehrlichiose and Dirofilariose which are sicknesses in dogs so far mainly transmitted only in Meditarrean countries: actually some of these illnesses do not show up most of the time in tests so you may get a sick dog that then will spread illness to neighbours pets or your family as some of these illnesses are capable of being transmited to people; if you get a mediterteanian rescue.

    Also normally the reason that dogs are in rescue centres are that they are problem dogs, with behavioral issues, such as lack of socialization caused agression, seperation anxiety etc.

    What I would suggest is that you volunter to foster a dog from a rescue centre, that way you are helping train, socialize etc it to a home situatiuon, but if things work out then keep it and adopt it, but if it does not you can give it back, as you are only fostering. This is a win win solution as the dogs fostered gets more home time to be socialized and trained, and if he is not a good fit then you have not commited yourself, but he is now better trained and socialized for the future owner who would make a better fit.

    Make sure that you get a dog bredd-personality that is a good fit to your lifestyle, example to choose a high energey dog if you are very sporty or a low eneregy dog breed if you are lazy. Some breeds are better for spending time alone then others. Also organize a dog obedience class one that is reward based not punishment based. Good luck.
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