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  1. Alofat added a post in a topic: Idioms get my goat   

    You use that one if you want to express that someone does something in an idiotic and/or over-complicated way.
    Another one would be "das Pferd von hinten aufzäumen" - to put the cart before the horse.
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  2. Alofat added a post in a topic: Brain teasers   

    3 socks, 3 black ones = 1 pair, 3 red ones = 1 pair, 2 black and 1 red = 1 pair, 2 red and 1 black = 1 pair
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  3. Alofat added a post in a topic: EU Supreme Court demands "uni-sex" insurances   

    Well, the whole die by the sword thing isn't really gonna happen for most of us anymore, so how else are we supposed to end up in Valhalla.
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