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  1. Joshontour added a post in a topic: Berlin pressures US to free convicted murderer   

    What murderer hasn't retracted their confession after their conviction. Funny how Germany's own travel website says that when traveling to another land, you should be aware of and follow their laws or be subject to their penal code. And now they are citing Germany's lackluster penal code as a reason to release him. If he hasn't yet appealed, then allow him to make his appeal. If the evidence shows that he wasn't involved, then release him. However, if he is guilty, he should not get special treatment just because he is a foreigner.
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  2. Joshontour added a post in a topic: Random pointless comments   

    Donkey smell
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  3. Joshontour added a post in a topic: Worst jokes ever   

    My English teacher asked us to write a short story with defense, defeat, and detail... here it is, I hope you like it. The fox jumped over de-fence, de-feat first, and then de-tail.
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  4. Joshontour added a post in a topic: Kauder: Gays have no right to children   

    dot dot dot reporting at its finest. For those of you who don't know what dot dot dot reporting is, that's when a reporter takes a quote, and puts ... in the middle to connect completely unrelated subjects. Read for yourselves, the link is on post #31. The headline "Kauder: Gays have no right to children" is a complete lie; sensationalism. He did say that he believes children wouldn't wish to be raised by homosexuals, but saying that they have no right to kids he did not. The interview covers a range of subjects from PID, to Stuttgart 21, to political extremism. Check it out: they are trying to take advantage of the plethora of English speakers on this forum who don't speak German. The Local has become a supermarket tabloid.
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