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  1. darmstadt added a post in a topic: Used car: Real world feedback about models   

    Sorry but you'll not only be seeing my exhaust system but also my back lights disappearing into the distance...Only 276bhp, my new BMW has 431ps <_<
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  2. darmstadt added a post in a topic: Equivalent to vicks vapor rub in Germany   

    And some of their products are made just down the road from Mainz: http://www.pg.com/de_DE/unternehmen/standorte/gro-gerau.shtml
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  3. darmstadt added a post in a topic: Offenbach am Bronx   

    Here's the proof: http://www.fr-online.de/offenbach/bestechung-fuehrerschein-gegen-schmiergeld,1472856,27214316.html
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  4. darmstadt added a post in a topic: Fahrtenbuch - how to fill it as a freelancer?   

    I do exactly the same although I normally drive on a Monday morning to work:

    1. How should I qualify the drive on Sunday? my impression is that it is not home-work, but rather business.

    - I put this down as business

    2. How should I qualify the drive to/from client of each weekday?

    - I put this down as business and this includes stopping off for my evening meal on the way back to the hotel

    3. I worked before as an employee and have 300 km done before I start working as consultant, driving to my work and back. Are they home-work? or shall they be separated from the freelancing activity and declared as private?

    - I don't quite understand this but anything to do with business is put down as business, even taking the car for a service or dropping the invoice off at the post office

    4. Any idea how accurate the times of start/end of a travel should be? At first I haven't recorded them, and since I did the same trip but on different hours, resulting in better times on highway (first I was caught in Stau pretty much every time)

    - I generally put the same times and distances for every trip with variations depending upon traffic and have never been questioned in over 7 years of doing it.

    Remember to clearly mark in the Fahrtenbuch what is private and business, keep all your car related receipts including petrol
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  5. darmstadt added a post in a topic: British food not available in Germany   

    Birds Custard Powder, Sarsons Malt vinegar (and another brand), Crunchie, Flakes, Bovril, Marmite, other UK stuff all available in the Karstadt here...(although prices are a bit high for some products)
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  6. darmstadt added a post in a topic: Software Developer job market a disappointment   

    A load of old tosh...How about this German software company?

    How about a lot of IBM's highly innovative software is actually developed in Böblingen? How about SuSE? Nearly every German programmer I know has read the books are are highly competent, more so than most of the American programmers I've met of which I believe most software is now written on the sub-continent...As for salaries, when I speak with American companies about doing work for them, they're shcoked by the money I want...Typical colony speak...
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  7. darmstadt added a post in a topic: First time website owner   

    I use Strato for my web hosting and domain and they allow you to use Wordpress templates, in fact just converted one of my sites to use Wordpress, you might want to look there as you could put all your eggs in one basket (domain, e-mail, web, etc) I'm sure 1&1 do the same and probably T-Online...
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  8. darmstadt added a post in a topic: Moving to Darmstadt   

    Maybe not large, but Darmstadt does have some lakes:


    and a bit further out you've got Bickenbach or Pfungstädter Moor, oh and Darmstadt does have a river of sorts :-) http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darmbach
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  9. darmstadt added a post in a topic: Caught speeding in the uk   

    25 years and still have my UK (paper) license and have been stopped by the police who find it quaint and old fashioned, no problems.
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  10. darmstadt added a post in a topic: Where to buy Lululemon-style swag   

    Sounds like a very ethical company: http://www.businessinsider.com/12-utterly-bizarre-facts-about-the-rise-of-lululemon-2012-4?op=1 and possibly not all that good either: http://business.financialpost.com/2013/07/10/analysts-seek-to-get-to-bottom-of-perceived-lululemon-quality-control-issues/
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  11. darmstadt added a post in a topic: Nazis and extremist parties in Germany   

    The German Communist Party (KPD) was banned in 1956 and this has never been rescinded although new ones have have been started. If you ban the right extremists then you need to ban the left extremists, there are no half way measures. In fact when you look at the left wing extremists, they actually cost more to the state when they have their 'marches' or demonstrations than the right wing (see 1st May demonstrations for example)
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  12. darmstadt added a post in a topic: British Premier League in Münster (Muenster)   

    Have you tried here: http://www.qype.com/place/57409-Rathlins-Irish-Pub-Muenster, I've watched EPL games there. I don't think here: http://www.thejames.de/, shows football though...
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  13. darmstadt added a post in a topic: What's your favorite German music?   

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  14. darmstadt added a post in a topic: What's your favorite German music?   

  15. darmstadt added a post in a topic: English people in Munster/Dortmund   

    I take it you mean Send? If you miss it then they have it 3 times a year: http://www.muenster.de/stadt/send/. What is probably interesting to go to is Münster verwoehnt, if you like good food, this weekend: http://www.muenster-verwoehnt.de/
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