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  1. boxtuna added a post in a topic: Public health insurance with part-time jobs   

    Thanks again PandaMunich. I did understand your suggestion. Even though, it's really a great idea, it wouldn't work for her since it's not always the same employer. And at times she stays a couple of months without any contract. So getting to such an arrangement where she gets over 450€ permanently wouldn't be possible.
    Reactivating the private insurance once or twice would be fine but I don't think they would be too excited if she keeps doing that every other month. And even if that would have been possible, the public insurance agent will always keep asking for the payments of those months where her employer did not pay (this is the annoying part: it seems we have to prove to him that she has a private insurance for those specific month, every time).

    That's why it seems we are opting for the option where she sticks with the public insurance and let the employer pay whenever she gets over 450€ and for the other months where she is below 450 she just has to be the full premium of 330€.
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  2. boxtuna added a post in a topic: Public health insurance with part-time jobs   

    Thanks guys for the advice. That really helps.

    So, if I understood correctly she will have to pay the full premium for the months where she gets payed 450€ or less. That's all she needs to worry about, right? Does she keep the same insurance contract/conditions whether it is the compulsory one or the voluntary one? What I mean: whenever she switches from compulsory to voluntary she just needs to transfer the money to the insurer, right? There is no contract change or a need to call them each time to inform them of the change of her employment status?

    One last thing. When I was a university student I remember I had a special student health insurance (I think it was something related to DAAD). What are the conditions to be eligible for a student health insurance? Do you have to be enrolled in a University program? Would a 2-year Ausbildung in a Berufskolleg count? (
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  3. boxtuna added a post in a topic: Public health insurance with part-time jobs   


    Once again I am completely at loss how the system works. Sorry if this might sound redundant but I went through old topics without finding an answer to my situation.

    Here's the story: Me and my wife are both non-EU citizens. I've always had a private health insurance, no issue there. I pay around 350 euro month. When my wife moved over to Germany she did not have a job yet. She got a private health insurance for about 220euros a month. Everything is fine so far. Then she started with some part-time jobs (around 700 euros a month) where the contract is renewed every three months. The employer pays for public health insurance, therefore she put her private insurance on hold (it's an option provided by this private insurance where you put your insurance on hold, meaning that you only pay 11 euros a month, you are not insured but you can come back anytime with the same conditions as before). The part-time jobs contracts were not always immediately renewed so she was on and off between part-time jobs (>500 euro) and min jobs (<400euros). Since last December she only had min jobs (so no insurance). We called the public insurance whether she can pay herself for the insurance. they said yes, and it would cost around 150 euros a month. But later when they saw my salary that told her she needs to pay 330 euros per month. So we decided to decline.

    Sorry for the long story. My question is: my wife keeps getting contracts of 700 euros for some months and then less than 400 euros for other months. How does that work with public insurance? paying over 330 euros for the months when she doesn't have a job is a bit too much. And she cannot permanently get back to private insurance either becuase when she gets the 700 euros salary she is forced to take the public one,

    I am really confused!
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  4. boxtuna added a post in a topic: Public health insurance for unemployed?   

    LeonG, do have any useful links or can you point me to where I should look for Zeitarbeitsfirmen? I am not really familiar with that. Is this something like part-time jobs? How should one proceed to apply for such jobs? I did a web search and the results were a bit overwhelming.
    Thanks in advance for any help.
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  5. boxtuna added a post in a topic: Public health insurance for unemployed?   

    Talking about jobs, that's a whole other story!

    She's been trying to find a job for over a year now! It got really frustrating for both of us. It's not like she does not have a good education or anything. She has a university degree in Physics (5 years university degree) with honors and speaks English and French. We have tried everything. It's always the same problem: no work experience, not enough German language skills and of course the dreaded non-german foreign diploma. We have tried everything. We did not really look for big profile jobs, just anything. It got to the point were we started looking for non-paid internships, part-time jobs, kindergartens, voluntary work, etc ... Still no luck.
    Fortunately, I earn enough for both of us, so it's not a financial issue, it's rather about doing something with her time.
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  6. boxtuna added a post in a topic: Public health insurance for unemployed?   

    I have a permanent residence permit, and it is not company specific: Nierderlassungserlaubnis.
    Her Aufenthaltstitel says: "Erwerbstaetigkeit gestattet". And its valid till September 2013.
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  7. boxtuna added a post in a topic: Public health insurance for unemployed?   

    I like your suggestion LeonG. She does have a work permit and it's not limited, I am certain. She has a B1 German language certificate and she's taking an intensive B2 class (she speaks better German than I do ).
    So her only two options are: get a job or go with a private insurance. Am I correct?
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  8. boxtuna added a post in a topic: Public health insurance for unemployed?   

    Thanks for information. She is no from EU. She has not been publicly insured in the EU before. The only insurance she has had so far is the on-year travel insurance, which, as Conquistador had suggested, might not meet Germany's requirement (we are not really sure) and that's why we want to fix this ASAP and go with a proper insurance.
    Concerning back payments, does that mean she will have to pay for the complete period she has spent in Germany until now? Is that only required for public insurance or does this also apply for private ones?
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  9. boxtuna added a post in a topic: Public health insurance for unemployed?   

    Conquistador, I do realize that. I just want to know whether she is allowed to goo with a Gesetzlichen Krankenversicherung or not.
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  10. boxtuna added a post in a topic: Public health insurance for unemployed?   


    First, let me apologize if my questions seems as a redundant one! I have been through the search results and could not find the exact answer for my situation.

    So here's my question: I have been living and working in Germany for a while. I have always had a private health insurance (Signal Iduna). My wife has moved to Germany a bit over a year ago, and now she has a residence permit and she is allowed to work here. But she has been unemployed since then. She never worked in Germany. Right now she is having a private travel health insurance (that lasts one year). She would like to move to a permanent health insurance very soon. Can she apply for a public health insurance? Or does she have to go with a private one? She does not receive any unemployment money or social aid or anything like that (our financial situation is fine).

    So resident in Germany who is unemployed, who has never wroked in germany, who does not receive unemplyment money, can they still apply for public health insurance or not?

    I would appreciate any information!
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  11. boxtuna added a post in a topic: Seeking employment advice   

    I forgot to mention that we live in Stuttgart.
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  12. boxtuna added a post in a topic: Seeking employment advice   


    I am seeking some advice regrading employment in Germany. All hints are welcome.

    My wife has moved recently to Germany and she wants to look for a job but has no clue where to start. Online sites like Monster have not been very helpful so far. The biggest issue is language as she is not very fluent in neither German nor English. Her German knowledge is still basic, somewhere between an A2 and B1 level. Her English is quite better and she is meanwhile taking classes at the Wall Street Institute to improve. However, she is very fluent in French. Her field of study was Physics and she has an equivalent of a Bachelor degree in Physics, with no practical experience.
    Most of the job offers we found require fluent German and work experience. We were basically looking for teaching positions in any international schools or anything similar with no luck so far (most require native English speakers). Right now she would probably accept anything: internship, part-time, ... It doesn't also have to be in her field of study. Salary and low-pay is not a problem for us either. She just needs a start.

    Thanks in advance for any recommendations.
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