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  1. jg. added a post in a topic: Unlabelled ritually slaughtered meat   

    Thanks for the replies, especially the useful and reassuring info from Beuel.
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  2. jg. added a post in a topic: Unlabelled ritually slaughtered meat   

    Halal and Kosher food is readily available in Western Europe but supermarkets in the UK and France have acknowledged that much of their "normal" meat is actually slaughtered as Halal - but they do not indicate this on the packaging. Without labelling and other constraints, such meat is still haram for Muslims - the supermarkets do this for economic reasons. Does anyone know if German supermarkets do the same or if they are required to label meat that has been ritually slaughtered?

    I know Sikhs and some Christians have a religious problem with Halal meat but my problem with it is about animal welfare.
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  3. jg. added a post in a topic: Microsoft's Streetside better accepted than Google Street View   

    If Streetside photos from London are anything to go by, the reduced resolution (when compared with Goggle's Streetview) may have helped avoid calls for blurring.
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  4. jg. added a post in a topic: How do I cancel Sky?   

    You could try phoning German Sky and saying "How can I continue paying my subscription after I move back to my home country next week?". If German Sky are anything like their UK counterparts, they'll turn off your card at the merest mention of using their service outside the contract area.
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