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  1. DinhoPilot added a post in a topic: The UK and Ireland have an enormous advantage...   

    LOL! Typical indian back stabbing and butt licking! ^^

    (Yes I said it!) ^^
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  2. DinhoPilot added a post in a topic: Germans: They're just not cool   

    yes, but in the end of the day the all cry out that home is where they would be better and the food here really sucks! ^^ "Que asco..."
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  3. DinhoPilot added a post in a topic: Germans: They're just not cool   

    Ahhhhhhhhhh nope. Although WWW was invented to Baners Lee, the internet was develop by US Military. My computer is no chinese although some components like the battery are (that explains why it has a crap life), ohh tv, dat hold stuff... Here have some TiVo (coming to Europpean houses in 2011? ). Emi and Virgin might own the artist rights, but its the good all "torrent" that makes the day. And tv show... gahhhh... from Simpsons, to the stupdiest movies... let's say 20% of the crap you saw in your life was British. But that was an interesting type from your Windows or Apple PC.

    Cheers, good luck next time.

    P.S Next time you need not drive or swim to reach the UK, after all there is the airplane. Good luck with chav fashion...

    P.S II: Not american, not american blind lover, just like to prove the point that although they did crap, they gave us cool stuff.
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  4. DinhoPilot added a post in a topic: Germans: They're just not cool   


    Say you love it... say you hate.

    In the end you will be sitting home eating, hamburgers and seeing your favorite t.v show which happens to be... guess what American. Time to take the jeans of and wash it... oops American too. You go to your america made facebook to bitch America ain't cool and then chilax watching a good old american movie or music cd (for those who come from the pre historic age of the 70's).

    You can say their economy is going down the drain, they gonna loose it, but in the end of the day we all know if they lose we all loose. Or do you think we will be selling europpean crap to the flies and to the chinese (obviously chinese greatly depend on selling to the American as well).

    Screw up all America haters... I ain't lover (I do not support America world views, some aspects of their capatalist culture, etc...), but for once give them props.
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  5. DinhoPilot added a post in a topic: The UK and Ireland have an enormous advantage...   

    My bad. But SAP is... and got in problems. ^^
    If they were that good they wouldn't be hiring "you" "we" auslanders for software. Thats just plain truth. Of course there are good companies which make good software, but if you wanna talk big talk english (Google, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, etc... so on). I know that in europe software is mostly done in UK, France and outsourced in Portugal as well.
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  6. DinhoPilot added a post in a topic: US ambassador laments 'racist jerks' in Germany   

    On the note:
    "The dude is clearly indian because he has a bit of spike of racism. Funny is that, although indians suffer from racism themselves, they tend do discrimate others (most blacks or darker indians)."Let it go,you are in europe now.

    Somehow no matter how many laws are made, or how many campaigns and education is provide people will try to find a reason to be racism.

    I find that most blacks born and raised in Europe don't have a reason to complain about discrimination since from the start of the school system (even welfare benfits) they tend to have a fair start. Many just like to cry racism, racism and don't do anything to change existing preconcepts or their own future. In the other hand there is the group that takes it seriously (study, work hard) but still are discriminated against although many excel their white counterparts in univ (as e.g) or at work.
    Like someone said many laws just tend to cause more discrimination like; "He just gotte job cause he is black, they needed to have one...", which in turn makes all worst.
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  7. DinhoPilot added a post in a topic: Germans: They're just not cool   

    Of course americans are the coolest dudes; Internet, Google cool, Chicks, Low riders, choppers, hamburgers, etc... the huge list goes on. Being cool doesn't mean necessaril that people like you or not. Remember highschool, cool kid=douche, cool black dude=gangsta. Germans are cool in their own way, as cool cold. ^^ But a 50 cm Bratwurst is cool, specially when the bread is only 1/5th of its size. And who would argue that a 1 liter glass of beer isn't cool.

    Germans in terms of fashion and style seem so 90's... But that isn't necessarily bad its just pre historic (so are my parents and everyone over 30) Sorry, I said it!
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  8. DinhoPilot added a post in a topic: The UK and Ireland have an enormous advantage...   

    Note: It is more than known that Germany does suck in IT. That's the reason while we have some many expats who never learn german commenting around. Also Siemens engineer CAD (Solid Edge) is crap compare to Dassault CATIA or Solidworks. Automation and IT are not exactly the same although closely related.

    The OP is right, and people should stop bothering him. Most of IT nowdays is outsourced guess to where... India and China... So OP, get your ticket to India and be free...

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  9. DinhoPilot added a post in a topic: Job interviews with UK interviewers   

    The difference is that in germany is a hell hard even to get an interview.

    I cannot compare it. :ph34r:
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  10. DinhoPilot added a post in a topic: Moving to Aachen from Ireland -taxes etc   

    I can share my experience:

    Aachen, Bachelor Engineer, married, SME and graduate. I made 1900€ netto monthly and used this income to support two people (different tax class). The rent was 641€ for a 3 room apartment (2 bedrooms and big living room) and included gas, water and electricity. All in all the basic expenses (rent & groceries+internet phone/150€ for random stuff) would top 1000€. I didn't live so far from my work place, so I had no need for a car. You can use a bicycle for the first year (difference on my route to work, to a car, was 3 to 5 min). I still went out once in a while, ordered food every week, but didn't travel around too much. Like I said this was for two people. While this isn't a bankers tip money was still enough to live comfortably and above general population in Aachen (students). If you could drop the agency after one year would be great cause some companies like to give big bonus once in awhile and your salary should rise...

    If you get a car you can travel better within Germany (but insurance can be expensive), but for Aachen is not really necessary (unless you hate pedaling and public transportation). I think your Masters degree should be fine in Germany (unless you are master of disaster). There is one or two Irish pubs in Aachen, if you can't live without Irish beer.

    The city is historic but lively, but don't expect great thrills or going out alot after making friends (possibily students=broke). The weather must(?) be way better than Ireland (methinks), it is a safe and clean place. If you really don't want to get bored I recommend you getting a car and make some expat friends to start (germans tend to be more conservative) to be your partners of crime (LOL) or get a german girlfriend (to have something to write and complain about in Toytown).

    Beware of mould (Aachen has many old buildings that survived the bombings), the apartment I had before was engulfed on a mould fire, the air unbreathable. Check carefully the place.

    Beware of TV tax and TV (It can help you get depressed).

    Hope it helps... have a good time there.
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  11. DinhoPilot added a post in a topic: Differences between German and UK/US job hiring   

    In UK/US is harder to discriminate an applicant through the CV, in Germany is piece of cake, "just look at the picture."

    In Germany the CV and Interview process tend to be more formal, it is normal to had to Certificates, Zeugnis and etc...

    In UK one has to send CV and cover letter, telling keypoints of last job, etc... My feel is that in UK it tends to be more competence based, and Germany more focused on degree/formation.
    In UK is mostly agency based, which makes it hard for some applicants to get to an actual interview but I found it harder to get even a phone interview in Germany, although my qualifications matched the job (Had CV checked professionally and by other people working for big companies).

    Either way, experience is the key anywhere...
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  12. DinhoPilot added a post in a topic: What is your favourite German record?   

    Silence by No one

    There isn't anything more relaxing that arriving home closing tight the windows, turn on my noise cancelling earphones and play my german favorite music during a couple of hours.
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  13. DinhoPilot added a post in a topic: Where do you find life easier, Germany or the UK?   


    after reading through the posts about "Where one finds life easier, DE or UK", the topic drifted to "why I ate place A or B"... and after reading some weird comments the conclusion is...


    if one doesn't like - immigrants, blacks, arabs, current UK political party, monarchy, if you are not an engineer or have an demanding technical job and aspire to win more than 24.000 GBP


    if one is crazy/lazy enough to learn german, to integrate and hates sausage?

    LOL! Good debate though...
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  14. DinhoPilot added a post in a topic: Getting driving license after residence permit   

    I meant I will just wait for it to be delivered to my UK adress.
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  15. DinhoPilot added a post in a topic: Getting driving license after residence permit   

    The thing is that if I count from the time I register myself in the Amt I won't be considered under the law as resident at least accordingly to the article), but I am not sure if they will try to complicated it if I am stopped. I don't have any idea how it goes with the german police but I will be doing my license this week in the UK and have it deliver it here, since I have residence here.

    I think the UK training might be as good as the Germany although cheaper...
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