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  1. nonicknameleft added a post in a topic: Hotels and guesthouses in Prague   

    I booked with Old Prague Apartments which was in the city center for around 40 Euros for an APARTMENT with KITCHEN! awesome place, will defo book again. Felt like living in someone's place.
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  2. nonicknameleft added a post in a topic: From Shanghai to Cologne   

    Hello Imram, this weekend there is an dinner event for the New Year with some of us:
    Come join if u feel like, please RSVP though so that I know who we are expecting!
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  3. nonicknameleft added a post in a topic: S.A.T.C in Cologne... missing girl-time?   

    :ph34r: as 2014 sneaks up on us... we pull up our pants and put on our party hats!


    Still wish it was Silvester? missed your Cologne friends which were way cooler than your relatives anyway? Just want some reason to put on a bow-tie or wear that LBD?

    This Saturday (11.01.14) at Cafe Lichtenberg at 19:30 PM.
    Richmodstrasse 13
    50667 Köln
    Around 16 of us have so far confirmed - consisting of both girls and guys, reckon it could lead to something

    RSVP either here or the facebook event:
    There you can find some information about the menu Lichtenberg has prepared for us.

    See you, dappered up and ready to wiggle!
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  4. nonicknameleft added a post in a topic: S.A.T.C in Cologne... missing girl-time?   

    Hi everyone and seasons' tweetings! Sorry to hear you've been kicked out. I made the group however have some gals are helping me out with moderation. Due to the interesting name of our group and in interest of moderating off potential fake profiles to reduce stalking we have many rejections especially when there is no info about the person on their profile, a city or picture or no indication they're actually female. Also when they have male or perverted names. So please write me personally with your FB user profile address so i know it's you, and I'll add u in. We're always excited to have more active gals. At the moment we run an event in weekends 1x a month since most of us are busy, 2x-3x weekday events a month. Upcoming there is a plan for a new year's gathering around the second week of Jan. Stay tuned!
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  5. nonicknameleft added a post in a topic: S.A.T.C in Cologne... missing girl-time?   


    Hi everyone!

    we will be at the christmas markets this wednesday (Rudolfplatz or the Chocolate Museum, will decide spontaneously depending on the majority) and feel free to come in a little santa costume, hat or red. this will co-incide with Deutsche Wednesdays...

    I will be heading directly after work first to a donation of old winter clothing to the homeless. Anything that keeps them warm will do - Socks, jackets, scarves... would anyone be interested in meeting up at this place around 17:30pm? It is Wienerplatz in front of Woolworth.

    Please PM me if you want to meet!
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  6. nonicknameleft added a post in a topic: S.A.T.C in Cologne... missing girl-time?   

    At the moment we try to meet 1x a week for DEUTSCHE WEDNESDAYS where we improve our German together with local speakers over topics of female interest The location changes but depending on the amount of people we meet usually at someone's place. Now that Christmas is slowly upon us and the horror of darkness at 4pm is arriving we will be meeting up regularly in the Christmas Markets to uplift us from Winter Depression.... events to follow on Facebook and here.
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  7. nonicknameleft added a post in a topic: S.A.T.C in Cologne... missing girl-time?   

    Hi! we are , but since I have been quite busy to organise proper events, the girls have been spontaneously posting on the Facebook group for little meet ups. Why don't you join?
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  8. nonicknameleft added a post in a topic: Deutsche Post and ADAC unveil bus network   

    to get from Cologne to Frankfurt Airport takes 2 and a half hours and costs 21 euros, which is also the same price with a bahncard with the trains and traffic-stress free. Hmm, convinced I am not <_<
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  9. nonicknameleft added a post in a topic: S.A.T.C in Cologne... missing girl-time?   

    GIRL FRIDAY in the Belgian Quarter

    Note this Friday 6.9 as the girls are going out for a wine tour!
    Dinner first at an amazing Pizza place L'Antipasto (Antwerpener Str. 39) on at 7.30pm.
    And wino crawl around the quarter.
    Dresscode: easy class

    As always, RSVP with me latest by Thursday or join our Facebook group!
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  10. nonicknameleft added a post in a topic: S.A.T.C in Cologne... missing girl-time?   


    - Girl's meet-up before TNDC this THURSDAY 29.8.2013 -
    This Thursday we meet in the South of the City close to Chlodwigplatz for an easygoing Thai or Kuhstall Burger before TNDC.
    Around 730pm, so write me a message here, or join the group and you'll find our conversations on the wall

    - GIRL FRIDAY! -
    This Friday we hit town in for cocktails and mischief. Tentatively we meet in the city at around 9pm. Details to be confirmed in the FB group as well but I will update this page as soon as I found out.

    - DÜSSELDORF JAPANESE DAY OUT, Saturday 31.8.2013 -
    The girls are heading up to Düsseldorf for Japanese together this Saturday.
    we have a a great guide from the group who is going to take us on a Japanese cuisine trip.
    This time we have some dudes joining us... we can't blame them - they love girls who can eat :9
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  11. nonicknameleft added a post in a topic: Deutsche Post complaints and criticism   

    I have a little rant of mine about the store on Richard Wagner Strasse 14 in Cologne.

    What seemed to be only a harmless article return turned out to be a threat to be arrested!!!

    As I kindly asked for a date stamp on the seller's return slip I was refused by a grumpy brown haired mid-50s lady that she isn't authorized to do so.
    Nevermind so I just said I will take a picture of my packet and the return slip so I can have some proof that I have posted the item off.
    Lady proceeds loudly threaten me to call the police, grabs my packet away, begins to tear off the postage stamp she just pasted on. She claims what I am doing is criminal.

    I am just trying to get a bloody date stamp?!
    Since when are you not allowed to take snaps of things that belonged to you,
    and become a criminal of the Deutsche Post for doing so?

    something was damn fishy about this hag so I reported her ass to the Deutsche Post website.

    Will let you know if anything follows.

    *rant out*
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  12. nonicknameleft added a post in a topic: Gamescom - transport between Kerpen and Cologne   

    Have you tried the Meiniger Hostel near Rudolfplatz?
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  13. nonicknameleft added a post in a topic: Ex girlfriend Situation annoying me   


    - wants to get to know you
    - BUT says he needs time, regardless of you
    - doesn't want to make you his gal
    - AND you have moved out
    - he is kissing his ex which is NOT normal by German standards

    - want commitment
    - BUT continue to accept his behavior of flirting around
    - accept his excuses and fit yourself according his life timing...whenever he is ready
    - accept being a halfway fuckbuddy and girlfriend
    - don't voice your standards and needs to him.

    Ask yourself:
    Since when did your needs become any less important than his?

    Summary: you may think you can change the rules of his game but you have already lost.
    Don't drag yourself longer in the mud that you have to, and learn to love yourself to leave him.

    My source of "wisdom" comes not from common logic but terrible life lessons.
    and believe me, when a MAN really wants you, he wouldn't want to let you go. He will voice the words.

    BOYS shack, MEN build homes.
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  14. nonicknameleft added a post in a topic: S.A.T.C in Cologne... missing girl-time?   


    come join us for good food at TBA based on popular vote (Greek / Spanish Tapas, Sushi, Mediterranean, Persian?)
    and cocktails at the Flamingo lounge ...

    Pink is not mandatory, it's

    More details found on our Facebook page.

    ... events to follow:

    June 16: Rubber Duck racing in Duisburg , charity event for the handicapped
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  15. nonicknameleft added a post in a topic: Looking for Boat-party on the Rhine Cologne/Bonn   

    Can anyone offer some past experience on these boat parties? I find Ahoi very interesting but there is also the "Rhein Roxy" that costs half the price and KD which seems very... Schlager-type :)
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