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  1. rosenthalenglish added a post in a topic: Catholics to exclude church tax dodgers   

    I see having read the whole thing on the Bishop's conference website it says "You can receive sacraments in danger of death",Time the bishops informed the priests in the Parishes.I know someone who left the church and this was NOT pointed out to them,They were told if they left they had no right to the sacraments or a Catholic burial.Come on Bishops get your act together!Most people are unaware of the "In danger of death they can receive the sacraments".Your lack of clear and caring leadership is maybe allowing many souls to be lost.I thought as Catholics ,we were in the business of saving souls!
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  2. rosenthalenglish added a post in a topic: Catholics to exclude church tax dodgers   

    As a practicing Catholic,this is one thing that I really find wrong with the Church in Germany.I thought we were in the business of saving souls,not telling them if they don't pay money then even if dying they will not have their confession heard.So they tax people at 8/9% and the German Government take 3% of that to pay the running costs.So non believers are not paying for its collection.However they still bring the collection plates around for Sunday Mass and funerals!I just cannot understand the thinking of the German Bishops.Christ was born in poverty and lived frugally.Time many of our bishops did the same and set us all an example.
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  3. rosenthalenglish added a post in a topic: Train tickets: purchasing at station / open return   

    My wife had to travel from Füssen to Berlin many times in the past year.We checked online prices and even then the lady in the ticket office was able to find a price €10 cheaper using the same trains which included an ICE and booking a seat.So it's not always cheaper to buy direct on the internet or via the machine.
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  4. rosenthalenglish added a post in a topic: Becoming a German State Teacher.   

    Bayern is a particularly tricky place to find work if you didn't train here.My wife used to work with a Physical Education and Computer qualified teacher.She had grades of 1.2 and could only work in a Catholic school not a state school as she qualified in Baden-Wurrtemberg.My wife had 3 years teaching Music & Deutsch in Catholic and state schools and now has to take the State exam after 2 years in University as her second subject is only at Master level and not Doctor as is her first subject.
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  5. rosenthalenglish added a post in a topic: Information on Krankenkasse insurance costs   

    Thanks for the tip -Doodle- seems you are right.
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  6. rosenthalenglish added a post in a topic: Vatican drops injunction against satire magazine   

    Hardly surprising as the English language version of Spiegal printed it for all to see even after Titanic was asked to stop publishing it.Who would have seen it at all if they hadn't instigated legal proceedings against Titanic.Bad move by the Vatican Legal team.They made it a world wide story.
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  7. rosenthalenglish added a post in a topic: Information on Krankenkasse insurance costs   

    You might just find you have tax liabilities in both countries.I get a small UK military pension and it is taxable in both countries if I get too much money in a year.The German authorities are certainly counting it as income as are the UK authorities!I dont worry as the amount is small but in your case I really would take the advice offered above.Also if you were to go into the private health insurance system even if circumstances changed later in your life,you would not be allowed to join the public system.Many who have landed on bad times have been caught out by this.
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  8. rosenthalenglish added a post in a topic: Watchdog slams McDonald's book scheme   

    Why do the control freaks always want to tell us what to eat.I have 6 children and as a house-husband feed them a healthy balanced diet which includes large amounts of fruit and vegetables.So why is it bad that once in a while they go to McDonalds for a meal?I think most parents are sensible.Maybe these Food Police should position themselves outside my nearest branch and watch as hundreds of Soldiers from the barracks opposite go to McDonalds daily.Perhaps the meals in the Bundeswehr need looking at instead?After all if they go to McDonald's which is so bad what sort of meals are they being served?
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  9. rosenthalenglish added a post in a topic: What are you currently reading?   

    As we live in Füssen I am reading two books in English about Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos who was born in Füssen.He went to the USA as a Missionary Priest for German immigrants.He died aged 48 in New Orleans of yellow fever.
    The books are "The Little Way of Faithfulness-A Life of Francis Xavier Seelos" by Thomas M.Santa C.Ss.R. &
    "Cheerful Ascetic-The Life of Francis Xavier Seelos C.Ss.R." by Michael J Curley C.Ss.R.
    The third book I am reading is in German "Das Kleine Buch der Heiligen Namenspatrone" Erzählt von Josef Quadflieg.
    The first two books are published by The Seelos Center in New Orleans and the third book by Patmos Verlag Düsseldorf
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  10. rosenthalenglish added a post in a topic: New law: No late-night shopping at petrol stations   

    I meant the normal shops so do we really need to go to a petrol station after 2000hrs.
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  11. rosenthalenglish added a post in a topic: New law: No late-night shopping at petrol stations   

    Come my friends this is Bayern.Lots of paperwork and bureaucracy just as you would expect.Gives the jobsworths something to do driving around all night checking petrol stations to see if they are selling to customers they shouldn't.What else would you expect,it is the Cornwall of Germany!To be honest do we really need longer shop hours?Isn't 2000hrs long enough?What about the workers?They like to get home as well.
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  12. rosenthalenglish added a post in a topic: Suicidal and seeking psychiatric help, now   

    It seems that everyone on the forum is trying to help you.But you must also help yourself.Get in contact with the Place that Lifeisabuffet has mentioned in post 20.My wife is also of Jewish origin,her father survived the concentration camps,all other family members were murdered.She also has times when she feels she can't cope with things.I have found that prayer has helped her more than anything else and I will pray for you at the Shrine of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos here in Füssen.Please do contact the hospital mentioned and know taht you are not alone.We are all behind you.Germans are like any other nation-some good some bad.Do not tar them all with the same brush,many want to help you.Most doctors also speak English so you shouldn't have a problem
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  13. rosenthalenglish added a post in a topic: Bavarian late night beer, juice, only for drivers   

    I couldn't agree with you more.Even the local Allgäuer Zeitung has made the same point in articles it has written.

    Once again I agree it might sound silly but people do actually do it!
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  14. rosenthalenglish added a post in a topic: Leaving Germany: notice period of health insurance   

    That is really strange for the AOK.They normally check your income at least once a year along with capital to see that you can pay the bill.We have a branch literally 200 metres around the corner and they have always been very helpful if you have a problem.Better to sort it out sooner rather than later as that can cause more problems.
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  15. rosenthalenglish added a post in a topic: Leaving Germany: notice period of health insurance   

    The German love of paperwork and bureaucracy lives on!
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