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  1. dacarch added a post in a topic: Formula One 2015   

    Barcelona, a track that every driver knows like the back of his hand, is a true marker of performance for the rest of the year. So it is very important that Nico Rosberg was finally able to get out of the shadow of his team-mate Hamilton and score a victory in what has become a mental strength game between the two true contenders for the world championship this year (again). 
    In a telling interview after the race, Hamilton lamented the impossible task of following closely to try a pass on this track, the only open option being the right pit stop strategy, which worked to get back his starting position (2nd) and pass the Ferrari of Vettel, who later admitted that he would have been passed either way.  Ferrari si simply not able to close the gap to the dominating mercedes duo, which is the same for all other teams, including Williams.  Red Bull is actualy going backwards, with their sister team Toro Rosso giving them a a hard time with a smaller budget.  McLaren are not a factor this year, and not likely to be in 2016 either.
    Monte Carlo is next... which both Lewis and Nico call home.
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  2. dacarch added a post in a topic: Formula One 2015   

    Nice Job Seb!
    ... a risky strategy that worked.
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  3. dacarch added a post in a topic: Formula One 2015   

    building on this:

    a couple of interesting links on the subject:


    The Buxton Blog
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  4. dacarch added a post in a topic: I've just posted a silly photo ...   

    Nurse in background:
    "... you go girl!"
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  5. dacarch added a post in a topic: Formula One 2015   

    The opening race in Melbourne was good fun... for any Hamilton fan like me, but perhaps not so for many others.
    For starters, there was not a full grid, there was no challenge in sight for the world champions and if you managed to end second to last you got points! and THEN the chorus of cries, especially from Ricciardo and Red Bull after the race. It was funny to read the
    comments of other teams ponting out the Bullsh#t in the Bulls argument of an unfair advantage.

    Could we be seeing the end of F1 as it stands today? Is greed finally so thick that it does not let the sport breathe!
    No German GP?! Not enough German fans to fill a racetrack? I find it hard to understand that in this country, full of car fans and car brands, only 50 thousand show up on a sunday? In a nation of 80 million? I was there last year and I saw it (Hockenheim) so I have no choice but to believe it is happening. My link
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  6. dacarch added a post in a topic: Formula One 2015   

    Mercedes engine advantage

    This I found funny; Christian Horner of Red Bull Racing talking of domination being a detriment to the "show" and cost control ...from a team that won four titles in a row and has a rich Austrian owner with a fat wallet!

    Ferrari played the same old tune behind Schumi for a long boring time.

    At least in this case the team mates are allowed to fight it out on track AND there are other teams with the same engine that can win if given the chance or the proper conditions.

    Melbourne (13-15th March) is just around the corner and it will be finally clear how much the other teams have caught up!
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  7. dacarch added a post in a topic: Formula One 2015   

    this is all that was meant... I myself have no issues with "The Local", which I seldom read anyway.

    Back on topic, Ferrari fastest on all test days so far, with a caveat: Formula 1 (hope this link does not also upset AncientBrit).

    They write: "In terms of performance, I don't think our competitors - one in particular - have shown their true potential over these past days"

    ... can you say AMG? Sandbagging or not, the silver arrows look very strong again.
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  8. dacarch added a post in a topic: Formula One 2015   

    from our own THE LOCAL pages:
    F1 Boss
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  9. dacarch added a post in a topic: Formula One 2015   

    Here we go again:

    Will it be round two between Nico and Lewis?
    The title defender already looks strong and most importantly reliable, with twice as many laps completed as any other race car. On the driver front, Nico will be hungrier than ever, while Hamilton, who was in the spotlight all winter long, has a title to defend, and a new hair-do to protect.

    Will Vettel ever look right in red overalls?
    He looked like a skinny kid at the launch, but posted the fastest time in jerez on day one. Is he finally comfortable in his seat?

    Who will give AMG Mercedes F1 a hard time this year? has anyone closed the gap during the winter? Already the cars are slightly faster than last year, and this time, Red Bull is there with a hungry Daniel R. behind the wheel. Honda and McLaren are back with a lot of eyes on them, but expectations low at first, as admitted by their new driver pairing of Alonso and Button.

    This year, the german race is still with no confirmed venue, and although Hockenheim hosted in 2014, they may have no other choice than to do it again as the Nurburgring has no one at the helm.
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  10. dacarch added a post in a topic: Raising children bilingually   

    Well, all this talk and forum reading and posting got me in trouble with the wife last night.

    As we were about to play a german board game for kids, my wife, after reading the instructions, started to explain the game to us, I asked if she could do it in english, for the little one's sake, which led me to say that she had lately started drifting into german speaking to him, and away from our plan of a biligual atmosphere.

    ... game stops, she is pissed now, and gets deffensive saying she is trying but with all the stress (we both work full time) she may slip now and then. This is when I say that in an interesting forum topic I read it was "unnatural" to speak to your children in a language other than your mother tounge, and that maybe we should change our plan.

    ... "so, if our kids turn out to only be able to speak german it is my fault because I did not try hard enough right! and in every conversation with friemds from now on if the subject is brought up, I get the blame?... thank you but no thank you!"

    I do a very good job of defending my view (and extensive forum research) while showing understanding, and eventually calm her down.

    We agree to stick to the plan, while allowing some flexibility... 100% is for machines and robots anyway.

    PS: we do use TV as a language tool (mostly movie watching), and the rule is: Original Version, (which is good since Hollywood, Disney and Pixar just keep bringing them on). So if they want to get the joke they have to undestand the language.
    Two boys, 8.5 and 2.5
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  11. dacarch added a post in a topic: Raising children bilingually   

    I had not considered how hard it is for my german wife to speak to our 2 year old in english, I just thought she was lazy... but it rings true that a native german mother speaking a second language to her child is unnatural.

    She did well until a few months ago, when the little one started speaking back and did not stop; his is a mixture of german, english and some spanish (my mother tounge), german being the strongest. I flirted with the idea of introducing and sticking to spanish early on (for both), but felt it difficult enough keeping english in the mix.

    We also have an 8 year old, (who goes to a bilingual school) and speaks in english only to his little brother, and german to everybody else. He can speak english, but only if he has to/wants to. We all lived in the US until he was three, with only his mother speaking in german. After we moved to germany, my wife tried unsuccesfuly to switch to english, but said she would try harder with our second child

    What is said here is true, it is a hard excercise that has to be done 100% of the time. We use films, books, music and trips to the states to strengthen the language. With the little one, if he says a word in german, I do not correct him, but as part of the conversation slip the same word in english and repeat it until he does, and so on. There is no right or wrong way, I think consistency is key.
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  12. dacarch added a post in a topic: So Ordered: US Amnesty by Obama   

    My worry is that this "by the book" and selective approach is not sustainable.

    In general, as I myself have done, the immigration process should be done by the numbers, with all that it involves: legal entry, immigrant status change, waiting periods, long lines and fee payments. Been there, done that. This is true for all developed countries.

    The real issue for me is this closed/exclusive culture. How long will it work? In a few decades, within our lifetimes things will get interesting for sure. If we factor in population explosion, possible global warming (another topic) induced mass migration, and run of the mill war, we will be talking about masses of people trying to change their lives and look for something better, or even just a place where they will not die. Is it really about putting up walls and fences and only let those thru that have nice clothes? Do we want to live inside these "gated" worlds while watching ships full of people sink? This reality will NOT get better, and closing your eyes and your borders will not make it go away.

    What I like about this Amnesty proposal, is that it is at least NOT a step away from the problem.
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  13. dacarch added a post in a topic: So Ordered: US Amnesty by Obama   

    It was so easy to find sources to put a mirror on ZGE's face...
    here are just a few:

    Does Fox News Cause Ignorance, or Do Ignorant Viewers Prefer Fox News?

    One Question About Ebola Demonstrates Why Fox News Viewers Are Completely Insane

    or how about this one, all in one place:

    The 43 Most Insane Fox News Moments Of All Time

    Or just watch Jon Stewart's Daily show to laugh about the absurdity that is this channel.
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  14. dacarch added a post in a topic: Formula One 2014 season   

    Red Bull Trophies Stolen
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  15. dacarch added a post in a topic: So Ordered: US Amnesty by Obama   

    this is the image in my head of ZGE.

    Alone in a dark room, curtains closed, molding walls in front of a screen, bitting his nails. Dirty underwear and smelly armpits, alone. Looks at the screen... types with one finger while the other picks his nose, then scratches the itch that does not go away.
    The phone rings... and rings. Again looks at the screen... picks nose... alone...

    He is no elitist...this is his life and he cannot change it even if he tried.
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