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  1. I did make fun of your pseudo-scientific presentation style which you've now enhanced by a dashing splash of latin but in fact all I asked was for you to substantiate, in the hope it would cause you to consider. For example if you speak of track record in their own land (I'll play along where you have confounded a faith with a geographic region) we need to decide how far back to look.  Avicenna's work in medicine? Invention of zero and the system of numbers we still use today?  The zyther and other stringed instruments that evolved into guitars harps and pianos? Oh and just a point on geography: all of today's major monotheistic religions come from an area a handful of miles high and exactly 752 miles wide (that's the distance from Bethlehem to Mecca).   Is there any point in identifying "atrocities" and deluding ourselves these are particular to one group or faith and that others are somehow innoculated? You neither hate nor fear Islam. Neither do you know much more about it than the soundbites you've received through the media. I am sorry if you took it as a personal attack, and I acknowledge that it cannot but be so but I don't know you and I bear you no ill-will. Our conversation however illustrates I think one of the biggest problems in society today and if by raising it I earned a bit of your (collective) outrage I think I'm ok with that.  
  2. That's quite an emotional response. I admire your use of bullet points. Can you substantiate any of it empirically, say with historical data or even current statistics?  How hard is it to fathom that there is evil in this world and in people all over the world.  I don't object to your fear. I don't even object to your hatred. But surely you can do something about your ignorance because if not your solutions will be as ignorant and as evil and you will be nothing more than part of the problem.