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  1. dbert4 added a post in a topic: Wiesbaden Commissary Inventory   

    Yes-sir-ree corn fed beef and corn fed women, that's American! The German beef is leaner and does taste different, but add your favorite American artificial smoke flavored, sweetened sauce and away you go!

    I didn't say that the commissary crap didn't have a flavor that most Americans find appealing, I said that it's all poisonous crap. But I'm not trying to convince anyone, just my opinion.

    Read why US Beef is banned in Europe - http://www.preventcancer.com/consumers/general/hormones_meat.htm
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  2. dbert4 added a post in a topic: Wiesbaden Commissary Inventory   

    @DanHessen - Don't read labels much do you? Suggestion, learn German and read the labels...or do you only shop at the commissary? With your "informed" opinion that would make sense that you are a commissary only shopper. In which case reality would play no roll in your opinions anyway.

    Very little corn syrup is used in European foods. That is simple economics, sugar is cheaper. As it would be in America if Cuban sugar wasn't embargoed and corn wasn't subsidized in so many different ways.

    American beef is embargoed by the EU, why? Because of the growth hormones. Believe that Germany beef has illegal eastern hormones if you like. But since Germany has a meaningful food inspection system, I'm confident that is not the case. If you had ever been in a German store, you would know that all artificial ingredients (i.e. coloring, preservatives) have an EU registration number. Other than fully prepared foods, most German products have few compared to their Ami equivalents.

    Food safety in America designed to protect the food industry, in Europe it protects the consumer. Is it perfect? No, but it is still much better than the US.

    You’re one of those types that believe that it is your patriotic duty to defend all things American, even if it’s poisoning you and making you fat. Have at it pal, die young and leave more for the rest of us.
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  3. dbert4 added a post in a topic: Wiesbaden Commissary Inventory   

    You will probably be at a disadvantage. Finding, hormone, preservative and high fructose corn syrup laden American items in the German or France grocery is very hard if not impossible to do. I suggest either eating healthy food from the local shops and markets, or mail yourself food packages to pre-established drops along your travels.

    If you choose the later, be sure to not reveal what is in the packages to the customs officials. You don't want your American things to be confiscated as toxic waste.

    Hope this helps.
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  4. dbert4 added a post in a topic: Young boys in cage fight   

    England must train the up and coming generation of "pub fighters" somehow. There is sure to be a rioting and looting competition directly after.
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  5. dbert4 added a post in a topic: Help me tomorrow with German!   

    You could always to a proper shop and buy one new, this time of year there are very good discounts.
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  6. dbert4 added a post in a topic: Moving to Frankfurt from the U.S.   

    @medic82 - No disrepect to the young man intended. Having at least a GED is more than many in the US and Germany seem to manage these days.

    My position was the same as you pointed out, an American high school diploma or GED is Hauptschule in Germany. If one can have it recognized, it might qualify him for an ausbildung into a trade if his German was good enough.

    Changing one's country for the sake of a girlfriend or boyfriend is never a good idea in every case.
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  7. dbert4 added a post in a topic: Moving to Frankfurt from the U.S.   

    And what were your plans if this girlfriend hadn't come along? Not to hit you on your young head with the hard facts of life but. I think that your options in Germany are very similar to what your options in the US would be, MacDonalds and Burger King.

    You're still very young and you have time to make something of your life, but you have to do it yourself. Don't expect the German society to offer you, an "Auslander" opportunities that your own society doesn't. WTF, you only have a GED!
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  8. dbert4 added a post in a topic: Needed playmates   

    Yes, wife speaks perfect English (or American), she lived in the States for awhile. Thank you for the suggestion.
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  9. dbert4 added a post in a topic: Needed playmates   

    My 3 year old son needs practice speaking English and so I'm looking for other English speaking children for him to play with. My son speaks English, German and Romanian well already, German with his mother and in Kindergarten and Romanian with his Grandmother. But since he speaks English only with me it's has become his weakest language.

    If there room for a very sweet little boy in your group, we will of course pickup and deliver.
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  10. dbert4 added a post in a topic: Gas BBQ adaptors, U.S. to German barbeques etc.   

    No the Amis are still using the American style tank exchange from AAFES. I converted a grill with parts from the REIMO wohnwagen store, I actually went there (in Egelsbach) but one can also buy online. http://www.reimo.com/de/D-zubehoershop/D1-gastechnik/

    The parts that one needs are the new 30 mbar regulator, a hose and the gas bottle which can be either filled or exchanged. Here is what I used but if you look at the catalogue or go there one finds variations for every situation.

    Druckminderer ohne Manometer, 30mbar (Artikelnummer: 751883) 7,40€

    Hochdruckschlach, 750mm (Artikelnummer: 75321 18,90€ (the fitting from one side has to be cutoff and the hose clamped to the grill fitting)

    5 kg Flasche H50 cm, Ø 22,5 cm (leer, neu) Artikelnummer: 75000 39,90€
    5 kg Flasche H50 cm, Ø 22,5 cm (leer, gebraucht) Artikelnummer: 75004 33,90€

    11 kg Flasche H61 cm, Ø 29,5 cm (leer, neu) Artikelnummer: 75010 49,95€

    11 kg Flasche H61 cm, Ø 29,5 cm (leer, gebraucht) Artikelnummer: 75014 39,99€
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  11. dbert4 added a post in a topic: Frankfurt US Embassy the worst in Germany? Europe?   

    As someone who has dealt with the US consulate in Frankfurt a number of times. I can tell you that they are extremely arrogant and very difficult to deal with. But the US State Department in general is such, they claim to be diplomats but are really nothing more than very irritating clerks. The real diplomats are in Berlin.
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  12. dbert4 added a post in a topic: Confused on USA/German Banks   

    My opinion, bring absolutely no money and withdrawl the € that you need at the airport when you land. There isn't any fee with an electronic exchange on the German side, my American bank charges me 1% when I use my card but the transaction is still much cheaper than using any exchange service in either the US or Germany.

    The Rewe grocery stores take all manner of credit and debit cards. Otherwise, you won't get much use from an America chipless debit card other than in airports and tourist areas. My recommendation as others suggested, withdrawal cash and deposit into a German account and use their debit card.
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  13. dbert4 added a post in a topic: Germany 20 years later   

    "McDonald's was very rare and very expensive 20 years ago" - back when the Germans were slimmer....maybe the two are connected? You think?
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  14. dbert4 added a post in a topic: Looking for Puppy/Dog Adoption   

    There aren't any German tierheims in your area that will give animals to American military. They have a well deservered bad reputation of abusing and abandoning pets. Have you considered a pet rock?
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  15. dbert4 added a post in a topic: Variety of international restaurants in FFM blows   

    Have you considered moving back to NYC? You'd probably be happier. Here you sound like an ugly American.
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