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  1. authun added a post in a topic: Were Oasis actually any good?   

    Their sound is so bland. The only song I like is "Don't Look Back in Anger". Congratulations on your musical accomplishment, Misters Gallagher.
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  2. authun added a post in a topic: Online price guides for used cars in Germany   

    You support my point. Whereas in the U.S. this trivial effort carried out by a third party unsurprisingly costs nothing, in Germany it unsurprisingly involves an inflated fee. As usual here, the consumer ist der letzte Arsch.

    Why should a seller either have to go through hours of familiarizing himself or pay an 8 EUR fee for trivial information (as YorkshireLad paints it)?
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  3. authun added a post in a topic: Online price guides for used cars in Germany   

    Fazit: Germans fail to provide reasonable access to information yet again.
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  4. authun added a post in a topic: Implicit acceptance of underpaid Warmmiete   

    I agree that it's a bit of a rude idea, but they are trying to stick us with each and every damage in the apartment that they can contrive, including spots that are certainly normal Gebrauchsspuren and others that we know to have been caused by the previous ten-year-long tenant. They fail to recognize that the apartment has been rented for thirteen years as opposed to three, and that we're not the source of cash to revive their suffering businesses.

    One way or the other, I wasn't requesting judgment on the matter as opposed to legal knowledge, for the sake of others if naught else, given that I myself am unsure as to whether I would make an issue out of it in this case. Thanks for your response in that direction, sara. We might very well carry out some negotiation as you suggest, Rajesh.
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  5. authun added a post in a topic: Implicit acceptance of underpaid Warmmiete   

    I just left an apartment (in NRW) where I lived for almost two-and-a-half years without having paid the Nebenkosten-Pauschale the entire time. Why, exactly, I did so I am not aware, but I can honestly attest that it was not "on purpose". Things were "too" friendly with the landlords way back then, in any case, and I imagine that the landlord may have told me to leave them out at first, or I simply had an oversight. One way or the other, the apartment proved to be of much less worth than the Warmmiete demanded (being too cold, etc.), but that's a separate matter.

    In the meantime, things aren't so friendly anymore as it turns out and my stepfather, who is quite aggressive in defending the interests of my wife and I (the tenants) in the matter, and is himself a landlord, contends that a failure of the landlord to insist upon full payment, especially over such a significant time, constitutes an implicit agreement of the payments being in full. For what it's worth, he says that I have the gained advantage of having labeled every monthly payment as "Miete + NK" electronically.

    The Pauschale is 100 EUR/month. There is no argument upon re-reading the rental contract that the Pauschale should have been paid as part of the Warmmiete. Having informed myself (thank you, Toytown forum) that a Nebenkostenrechnung can only be demanded for the last twelve (plus possibly three) months (excepting circumstances beyond the control of the landlord, which hopefully do not apply here), the financial impact is a bit lessened (to ca. 1200 EUR), but I would certainly still appreciate any of you being so kind as to inform me as to whether there is truth in my stepfather's contention.

    I'll make sure to be more thankful this time around!
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  6. authun added a post in a topic: What is Betriebliche Altersversorgung?   

    What would it take for a company to not allow a former employee to draw out his portion of a bAV? I've heard that a company could actually do so; if that's the case, can it be done on a whim to even out a grudge against the employee, or is this unheard of and essentially impossible for a company that runs the account to do?

    For some background, it's a small company that would be paying a 20-30% bonus (on top of the standard 40 EUR/month provided to employees "on request").

    You can tell I have gained immense trust in the employers of the Ruhr valley...
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  7. authun added a post in a topic: Problem with online purchase from   

    Didn't know a "guru developer" could be so illogical in his thoughts.

    Explains the state of most software developed in the brave new century...
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  8. authun added a post in a topic: Meniscus Surgery - Torn Knee Cartilage Repair   

    I can confirm the above in that I remember being able to move surprisingly soon after my right meniscus was cleaned up arthroscopically in 1998/9 after my PCL was partially torn playing fast-pitch softball. I strengthened my quadriceps by way of rehab to compensate (which was more so for the untreated PCL, as I recall).

    I've gone on to ski and play other sports (baseball, volleyball - not so much tennis or basketball anymore, but I think it would be okay). I had already pretty much given up jogging by the time of the injury, but I agree it wouldn't be a good idea to push one's luck by running too often in the years following such a procedure.
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  9. authun added a post in a topic: Americans or English speakers in Magdeburg?   

    Re: The Topic Title
    Since when do Americans make fun of Americans' speech not belonging to the English language?

    As chance would have it, I'm due to visit Magz this weekend, but it looks like I'll be busy Friday evening as opposed to Saturday...
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  10. authun added a post in a topic: Leaving speeding fine in the UK unpaid   

    These non-sympathetic, almost hateful reactions are woeful reminder of the consequences of the police state. Perhaps you should take solace in having fled such in favor of Germany and show some understanding. An £80 for is, and always had been, a draconian fine for exceeding the speed limit by 6 mph.

    Lord knows how this same group would go off on the German authorities were they to act so ominously over here.
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  11. authun added a post in a topic: Giving Birth in Switzerland but live in Germany   

    To live the immigrant dream of drawing off of the social system. Now he's off to find the biggest teat...
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  12. authun added a post in a topic: Accident - bike against car - who is at fault?   

    Speaking of dumb foreigners, Elfenstar, none of the German speakers I was surrounded by for six years prior to falling into a Haftpflicht situation of my own had bothered to mention anything of the need to acquire it. I only recall it having been remotely mentioned in the past, as if I was already more than familiar with it (I wasn't, until my last boss attempted to blackmail me into committing insurance fraud - so he wouldn't have to pay for new office keys!).

    Communication is not exactly a strong point of this culture. The situation in Freiburg is representative of the irresponsible nature of all but the most enormous of German companies in utterly failing to take any steps whatsoever to integrate foreign workers into their society.

    It's the sort of stink that is driving all the best foreign talent to pass over Germany and instead move on to such EU countries as England.
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  13. authun added a post in a topic: English-speaking jobs in Düsseldorf   

    Room available in Düsseldorf
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  14. authun added a post in a topic: Inability to quote a preceding post   

    Agreed that the moderators are lousing things up by not letting, at the minimum, relative newcomers such as myself quote anything.

    Whassup with that?
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