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  1. clarajane added a post in a topic: Gossiping Boss Irritating me   

    well, maybe it is a German thing, I have a Global department head often critizising blatantly at our lunch table about the country heads and how this or that guy was fired. These are respectable people in the organisation he's talking about, and he does it so casually. Most of us know that some of them had opposing opinions and were asked to leave. I think it is so unprofessional to spread these kind of gossip. My advise would be to just listen but let your mind wander away and if you really need to speak to someone about it, repeat it to someone outside the organisation.
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  2. clarajane added a post in a topic: Selling furniture to the new tenant   

    Hi, I am moving to another country and the person taking over my apartment has agreed to take over some of my furniture. Do I need to make her sign a document stating that she is taking over the items, the price and the method of payment? Not forgetting the limit of liability. After going through some difficulties in Munich (that's an understatement but maybe its just me), I am afraid and would like to be safe than sorry. The new tenant is taking over my contract so it would be best to prepare a handing over document. Anyone with similar experince? cheers!
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  3. clarajane added a post in a topic: Things to do when leaving an apartment   

    my experience was, i had a contract with the landlord till the end of April but I managed to find a new apartment by end of March. I gave ample notice to my landlord and he said if they could find a new tenant by 1st of April, then I am good to go. They did find a new tenant but he decided to move in on the 6th of April, the f*@ker made me pay for 5 days rent even though i have returned the keys and moved out on the 1st! when i refused to pay, he started calling my HR because they assisted in making the initial contract for me. of course HR will never fight for the staff, in the end i paid! sorry this is of no relevance but i had to vent :(
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  4. clarajane added a post in a topic: Over 30's summer dinner & drinks   

    Time for an over 30's summer fixed venue yet, although I quite fancy La Vecchia Masseria with it's courtyard terrace and Café Mozart is just around the corner for pre/post dinner drinks. Other suggestions welcome - then I'll make an executive decision! Hopefully the weather will be better by next week and we can sit outside.

    If you'd like to join, please copy and paste the list and add your name, so I have an idea of numbers for a reservation.

    1. Madgibson
    2. gmtl
    3. pretty.polly (last time I went to V. Masseria it was awful and the pasta hard and not edible so)
    4. Clara
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