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  1. pepsionice added a post in a topic: Immobilienmakler increased purchase price   

    I would make this comment, having dealt with two different real estate agents on selling my German property. In both cases, contracts were signed and it was very clear about all conditions. The first guy, after three months...I came to realize that he wasn't as competent or capable as I thought. I peddled around another three months before I let him go. In this case, I'd take a guess that the guy you dealt with...screwed up. It might say something about what you should expect, and I'd probably walk away.
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  2. pepsionice added a post in a topic: German wife won't return with me to the U.S.   

    Married to a German over twenty-five years...same story. I thought my German wife would eventually be in the state of mind to move to the US...especially as I approached retirement years. It won't happen. Germans are like boat-anchors. If you have the slightest feeling that you can't do the eternal German life thing, drop the anchor and leave. There are guys who can do it, and guys who can't. Fifty years ago...I suspect that most all Germans were capable of packing up and I'd say only one in eight might have the ability to do such a thing.
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  3. pepsionice added a post in a topic: Off Post Housing in Wiesbaden   

    I wouldn't worry much about local off-post housing in the Wiesbaden region...there's tons of properties, and your housing allowance will give you a fairly decent deal. My advice: (1) use the housing office listing to go and view properties, (2) view at least six to give you some broad ideas, (3) think about public transportation with the German bus network because Wiesbaden has a four-star public trans situation, (4) ensure you have a carport or garage as part of the deal, (5) don't necessarily pick Wiesbaden city itself because there are a dozen outlying towns which offer a lot, (6) don't worry about crime because it's just not that kind of local area, (7) don't expect cheap prices because you will be in a heavily populated area, and (8)it's probably one of the better regions in Germany with pro-US feelings.
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  4. pepsionice added a post in a topic: US ambassador braces for Wikileaks revelations   

    And the shock? Oh my.
    I think the Wiki crowd has pretty much drunk all the beer at the party and most folks have packed & left. So they are standing there in a daze...wondering why the party isn't continuing.
    The curious question to ask right now...are we finally at the end of this...or is there another forty thousand secret messages left to go (agricultural department messages, secret analysis from coast guard on sailboats from Tonga, or fascinating reports from the Forestry Service on global warming)?
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  5. pepsionice added a post in a topic: Economy thunders ahead with record growth   

    I'm betting that Merkel is grinning and asking if she can attend some meeting in Washington soon...just to jab on the German model. They hyped this over and over during the Greek episode. If they can sustain this'll really make the US government look like idiots.
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