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  1. I don't think it has to be that long. The discussion of changing these rules has been in the TV news a lot the past few days (but I'm bad at remembering numbers). The more difficult question is getting countries to take people back. That issue is being downplayed by politicians (because they are working on it but there just is no easy answer). Saying the German media is ignoring this issue (or any other of the themes being thrashed around on this tread) is absurd. Did it take 24 hours longer for the news to reach some of you than you think you deserve, boo hoo. What is important is that the police figure out a way to prevent things like what happened NYE. Some of the posters here seem to expect magic police, magic boarders and magic news coverage. Do you have those things in  the "UK"?
  2. Help with my 7 year old maths homework

    I looked at it again and it may indeed help plant some seeds for algebra, but we are talking about a seven year old. Notice that the examples all use the easy multipliers of 2, 5 and 10. The answer for 8 mal 6 will be 60 - 12 If you were not going with the easy answer it could be a number of things. They didn't teach us this when I was in school (a long time ago) but since I have always been bad at memorizing, I made up similar tricks to help with “doing” multiplication tables.
  3. Help with my 7 year old maths homework

    The Irony is that this is just supposed to be a way to make remembering multiplication tables easyier.