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  1. rits added a post in a topic: Filing a tax return - help on how to file   

    Thank you PandaMunich for your quick reply. I did not earn the same in those 6 months. From April 2011, I reduced my working contract by 20%.In that case, should I add the total net and subtract the amount for June 2011?

    Actually I was of the impression that Tax return is voluntary for working person. But once I did the claim for 2010 I got letter for 2011,2012 and also 2013. I called the Tax Office they said because as couple we have combination of class III/V its mandatory. Also we are getting kindergeld since 2012.

    Thanks again..
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  2. rits added a post in a topic: Filing a tax return - help on how to file   

    Hello everyone..
    I am not sure if this topic have been discussed in the past here.
    I want to fill the tax return for 2011.
    I worked for a company till June 2011 and when I left, the company gave me the Lohnbeschinigung for the 6 months of work.
    But, I only received the salary till May 2011 and one month salary, have not been paid to date, as later in October 2011 the company filed for insolvency.

    Now my question is how do I fill the missing salary of June 2011. I searched and found that I need to subtract the net salary from my taxable income.

    Can anyone explain where this have to be entered. I have the court letters and also the letter of confirmation form the Insolvency law firm that I registered for the missing salary.

    Thanks and Regards
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  3. rits added a post in a topic: Searching 2/2,5 Rooms Apartment in Stuttgart   

    Hello All,
    I am searching a 2-2,5 rooms Apartment with fitted kitchen from 01.09.2011 or 1.10.2011 , preferabaly located 20-30 mins distance by Public transport from Stuttgart-University.
    I am looking for a provision free apartment. Therefore, if anyone is moving out or knows of any friends who are looking for new tenanats, please contact me on email: ritrits@hotmail.com

    Thanks and Regards
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  4. rits added a post in a topic: Moving to Villingen-Schwenningen in August   

    Hello Karr1981,

    Do you mind telling what field is your job?

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