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  1. petaj added a post in a topic: Running groups in Berlin   

    Hi there, I am looking for a jogging partner for mornings during the week at Humboldthain Park in Wedding. I'm just starting out for the summer and would like to run slow to medium pace for 45 minutes.

    Just having trouble motivating myself to get up in the mornings so a partner would be good!

    I'm female, mid thirties and work in media.

    Get in touch if you live around there and are interested.

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  2. petaj added a post in a topic: health insurance: living in two countries?   

    Go for the Kunstler Sozialkasse - artist insurance.

    Heaps of journalist and artist friends of mine are on it and it does NOT take 6 months to get (contrary to what the insurance professionals are telling you). It takes up to 8 weeks and is well worth it if you are an artist.

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