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  1. michael4096 added a post in a topic: Bathroom mold remover, cleaning products for mould   

    For schimmel on silicon try isopropyl alcohol - you can get it at the apoteke
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  2. michael4096 added a post in a topic: Buying through REMAX 100, Bogenhausen   

    It isn't any help, but I think you'll find that the it is the owner that is all important, not the agent. From my understanding, the owner can choose what he wants to do and change his mind right up until the final signature at the notar.
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  3. michael4096 added a post in a topic: Trouble on getting my connection with Alice DSL   

    Just to clarify one thing - in Germany the copper wire going to your house is almost certainly owned by D-Telekom and not by Alice and the people visiting are also from DT or are DT contractors. Alice and all other internet providers only lease the use of the wire from DT and resell it to you.

    The only exceptions are a few communities that have laid their own copper or fibre for super-fast broadband.

    I'm not saying that Alice is without fault, but you can't blame them for 'last mile' problems.
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  4. michael4096 added a post in a topic: Why is life/everything in Germany so difficult?   

    Ever wondered what US officialdom appears to those born outside...?
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  5. michael4096 added a post in a topic: Xenophobia takes root in German mainstream   

    (sorry, the markup got me again)

    "..the Germans have made great progress in the last 60 years.."

    antrodemus - I'm sure all germans will thank you for your support - but, for curiosity, what measure are you using for the term 'progress'. Economically, you are correct. But, culturally? Are you sure? I thought germans have been holding their head high since.. well, since long before germany existed!

    "..this age group shows great pride in their country .."

    Tallady - This fits with my own observations. Young germans are resisting the 'warmongers of europe' stigma pinned to them by history. Unfortunately, it's translating into pinning a 'pariah' label onto immigrants in general and muslims in particular. We must have somebody to blame, even if we're not sure what we're blaming them for!
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  6. michael4096 added a post in a topic: Drivers face crackdown on winter tyres   

    (tip: don't use less than symbol)

    rest of text: (below -20C) in same week. You won't get penalized for summer tyres if the temerature is above, say 10C but you'll lose your licence if you are in an accident with summer tyres at -5C.

    Note - this is my experience where I live, I'm not a legal expert.
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