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  1. Cologne Station Sexual Assaults - How Can I Make My Voice Heard?

    Frankly what had happened on the new year eve is simply deplorable. What has impressed me the most as a Muslim, is the degree of patience and restraint shown by the victims as well as their relatives and friends. It was a horrendous scene of some horrible movie, unbelievable. On one side one begs refuge while escaping from misery and on the other side same beggar turns out to be goon, forgetting that their own women might have faced equally tough moments or may have been lucky enough to escaped insult recently. If I correctly recall, Deborah Orr, has looked at the issue from a different angle that is not coming under discussion. However, people of Germany, no matter what his/her ethnic identity is, deserved a rich tribute and I hope they would let it pass by as an unpleasant episode of history. Happy Carnival.