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  1. frankiep added a post in a topic: What's your current Ohrwurm?   

  2. frankiep added a post in a topic: Google Glass coming to Germany in 2014   

    I cannot understand why anyone would want this crap. Is the world really so empty and boring that people now feel the need to walk around with a computer strapped to their faces at all times? It's totally creepy and pathetic.
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  3. frankiep added a post in a topic: No mobbing... but still close to burn out   

    Finance/Sales reporting/business development. I left a decent job in this field for what seemed like a better job in the same field about a year ago. From the first day though I have been doing none of this. Instead I have been dealing solely with IT issues (backend system adapters, web services, interfaces, system architecture, etc.) and my boss/employer justifies this by saying that this will ultimately be used support salesmen and therefore I am working in a business development/sales role. I am totally disgusted and about to have a nervous breakdown because I spend 9-10 hours a day under incredible pressure to perform pure IT tasks that I know absolutely nothing about and that I have no interest in. I am even starting to worry about my health as I now frequently get bad headaches and have started have back and neck problems. I have been spending most of my free time since December looking for something, anything, else and have gotten nowhere. About a hundred applications sent out to companies all over Germany and I have had 2 interviews and 0 offers (have fun trying to explain to potential employers why you want to leave your current position after being there less than a year). Of course I am all over Xing, Linkedin, Experteer, etc. but have found those sites to be about as useful and productive as Facebook. So, where are these plentiful jobs I have been hearing so much about, because I am literally at the point where I will do just about anything in order to avoid having a stroke where I am now.
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  4. frankiep added a post in a topic: No mobbing... but still close to burn out   

    I have to ask - where exactly are these good German companies that are hiring people? I am in a similar situation. Awful job where every task I am required and expected to accomplish has nothing to do with my background, education, experience, nor does it even come close to corresponding to what I was hired for. So I am just wondering where these good jobs are since I have been spending almost all of my free time since before Christmas looking for and applying to companies and have yet to even come close to landing something. I am honestly asking - is it just me or is the current job market really that bad?
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  5. frankiep added a post in a topic: German wife won't return with me to the U.S.   

    In the end, you are the only one who can make you happy. Now I understand that in every relationship there needs to be compromise from both sides. Deciding what kind of car to buy, where to go on vacation, and whose family to visit during the holidays are things that everyone in a successful relationship has to compromise over. However, for huge, potentially life altering decisions such as what country to live in, compromising only leads to bitterness and resentment since neither of you are getting what you want. I just don't believe that you can compromise over something that will invariably affect every single aspect of your life, and picking up and moving to another country will certainly do that.

    Basically, it appears that what it all comes down to is that you have the following options:
    1. You both compromise and move to another city within Germany resulting in you still being unhappy because it is not the US, and your wife being unhappy because she is away from her family.
    2. Your wife compromises and moves to the US with you resulting in you being happy and your wife being unhappy.
    3. You compromise and stay put resulting in your wife being happy and you being unhappy.

    I am sorry to sound so harsh but from reading through your posts on this thread it appears that there really is no reconciling your wishes and the wishes of your wife. It also sounds like you already know this and are here looking for 'permission' to do what makes you happy. Like I said, I don't believe it is possible to successfully compromise on huge, life altering decisions like this, nor is it smart to even try. It's obvious that your wife has made the decision that she absolutely wants to stay in Germany no matter what. The question you need to ask yourself now is just how important this issue is to you. If you feel that you can only be happy moving back to the US, then you need to be prepared to say goodbye to your wife. This is YOUR decision now and not your wife's so ask yourself what is more important to you.
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  6. frankiep added a post in a topic: Angela Merkel and her government are a disaster...   

    Would it be wrong to set up a new account here just to give the OP an additional down vote?
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  7. frankiep added a post in a topic: Unfortunate names i.e. Mike Hunt   

    Back when I was in army basic training, my first sergeant's name was First Sergeant Ruff, and my commanding officer's name was Captain Faggott. On the sign in front of our barracks was the name of the company. Underneath it said:
    1SG RUFF
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  8. frankiep added a post in a topic: Bavaria should be strong and independent state   

    So Bavaria, which has an economy heavily dependent on automobiles, heavy engineering, and consumer electronics - all of which must be exported to countries all over the world - wants to become independent and turn itself into a landlocked country without any natural seaports or access to the ocean. Sounds like a great idea!
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  9. frankiep added a post in a topic: Stuttgart for single people   

    I don't mean to somehow offend or bother anyone with this post, but I have to ask if there are people out there that actually like living in Stuttgart. I am referring specifically to single expats. The reason I am asking is because I have lived in other cities in Germany (Frankfurt, Heidelberg) and have spent significant amounts of time in other cities/towns in Germany. In each place I have been it was never really that difficult to find inviting places to spend time and to meet new people. However after being in Stuttgart now for almost 5 months I have completely given up on finding anything to like about this "city". I think it could be a pleasant enough place for families with kids, but for single people in their early/mid 30s it just seems as if this city has absolutely nothing to offer.

    Am I crazy and/or just missing something, or are there others (expat, single, 30-35) who view Stuttgart as being a mind numbingly boring, lifeless city?
    And if I am missing something then please be so kind as to let me know what and where it is! :)
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  10. frankiep added a post in a topic: Stuttgart street map with U Bahn   

    Try using Bing maps. It shows both the S-Bahn and U-Bahn stops.
    Google's refusal to show the U-Bahn stops in Stuttgart has actually made me stop using Google maps altogether.
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  11. frankiep added a post in a topic: Der Papa or plain Papa   

    For the most part I like the different dialects. However since moving to Stuttgart I have come to absolutely hate Schwäbisch. Whenever I hear this awful dialect it just sounds to me like the person is completely drunk and has lost the ability to speak properly.
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  12. frankiep added a post in a topic: Where can I watch NFL in Stuttgart?   

    Besides O'Reilly's and Biddy Early's, does anyone know of any other places. I was at Biddy Early's a few weeks ago and they had golf on. When I asked them if they could put the NFL on I was looked at like I was some kind of an asshole. So if anyone knows of any other places that show the NFL please share :)
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  13. frankiep added a post in a topic: New in Stuttgart and wondering about safety   

    Two things about Stuttgart. It is a safe city and a very boring city.
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  14. frankiep added a post in a topic: Personalausweislosigkeit in the USA   

    The way I see it, if you can't figure out how to fill out a form or two to get an ID card which is readily available to everyone who wants one, then maybe you shouldn't be involved in voting to determine the direction of the world's only superpower and largest economy. I mean, come on, it's the 21st century - there is no reason why anyone who wants to get an ID card to vote can't.
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  15. frankiep added a post in a topic: Drowning or floating - my German immersion   

    You have absolutely nothing to worry. It is completely unreasonable to expect to be able to easily converse in German after just a few weeks. As others here have said, learning in a classroom is completely different from actual everyday life.

    Besides, German is a very difficult language to learn. Remember what Mark Twain said:
    "My philological studies have satisfied me that a gifted person ought to learn English (barring spelling and pronouncing) in 30 hours, French in 30 days, and German in 30 years."

    Now, it certainly won't take 30 years as Twain jokes, but you have to give yourself at least a year of regularly conversing in German before you start feeling really comfortable. You'll get there!
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