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  1. moccasynth added a post in a topic: What business does Berlin most desperately need?   

    Agreed. An Indian restaurant that isn't utterly crap would be nice. There is not a SINGLE one. One can go to Glasgow and fine streets full of them. How hard can it be to buy a tandoor and not make the chicken taste like it was boiled inside a dog's stomach?
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  2. moccasynth added a post in a topic: Where to get good Mexican food   

    always always La Tortilla Atomica. always
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  3. moccasynth added a post in a topic: Where to buy non-German beers in Berlin   

    We at Das Gift bar (Donaustrasse corner of Weichselstrasse in Neukölln) have a bunch of ever changing Scottish Ales which are going down really well with the locals, both German and foreign. If you fancy something a bit different. By the way. Though we are closed for soundproofing from this Sunday until the 17th-ish.
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  4. moccasynth added a post in a topic: 2012 Curries in Berlin   

    How about just kidnapping an Indian chef from Glasgow. Balbir's, The Banana Leaf or Dakhin preferably.
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  5. moccasynth added a post in a topic: Any pubs open on Christmas day in Berlin?   

    we're open from 3, watch some films or whatever...

    Das Gift

    Donaustrasse 119 (corner of weichselstrasse)
    (between sonnenallee and karl marx strasse)
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  6. moccasynth added a post in a topic: Rolladen Repair Berlin   

    Anyone recommend any Rolladen repair people near Neukoelln (or just Berlin) that will be able to replace our newly broken front door shutters?
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  7. moccasynth added a post in a topic: Soundproofing apartment walls in Berlin   

    egg crates will make practically zero difference. they don't use them in any recording studios i've been in nor have i seen them used in soundproofing websites so sadly they won't do the job. you really have to pay for it.
    i know a guy here who is soundproofing our bar but he is busy until January. PM me if you want details.
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  8. moccasynth added a post in a topic: Garbage/Rubbish dumps near Neukölln   

    Hello and thanks for this extremely useful information all of you. It's very much appreciated.

    John, the name of the bar is being decided this week. The location is on the corner of Donaustrasse and Weichselstrasse. We are going to try and open in December but there is some red tape to cut through first.

    The theme: well, it's going to be run by Barry Burns from the Scottish band Mogwai and his wife plus the English artist and Turner prize nominee Phil Collins and his partner. We've managed to source some great Scottish ales (delicious, hard to come by but so much better than horrible Scottish lagers). The bar is an old kneipe and we don't want to change it too much into the same old beige walls Berlin bar (that we like, but are overwhelmed by their number). We'll hopefully have some decent events there but it's all being sorted out as I write. It's got 3 rooms, the third is a little like a Scottish "snug"...a little room with it's own hatch to the main bar. It's quite exciting.

    Hope to see you there in the future.
    Again, thanks for all your help, it's invaluable.
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  9. moccasynth added a post in a topic: Garbage/Rubbish dumps near Neukölln   

    I have quite a lot of mixed garbage that I need to get rid of as I am helping to re-open a bar in Neukölln and we need to get all the previous rubbish out.... bags of mixed rubbish and also things like wood fittings and old fittings that we've taken off the walls which won't fit in normal bins (and is probably highly illegal anyway....i try not to break the laws). Can anyone give me some *helpful* advice on whether it may be cheaper to hire a van and take it to a local dump (in which case, has anyone used one near the Neukölln area) or just hire a skip. Obviously i am looking for someone's advice that may have been in the same situation but any useful and pertinent advice is appreciated. I am not sure what they'll accept if there is a dump....the last tenants left about 10 bags of mixed old stuff that would take a while to sort out but if that's the way you have to do it then so be it. Easy.
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  10. moccasynth added a post in a topic: Is house insurance worth getting...   

    Thanks Swimmer. That's very helpful and I've had some similar advice today from some legal friends. It may not be as bad as I thought and I found out it is proportional to the size of the flat (and mine is one of the smaller ones). I suppose also that it's eventually in the best interests of the property anyway.
    Krieg, if i wanted help from a total clown I would have gone to Mickey Dees. People like you are the reason people like me move abroad and try a new country. What exactly does buildings insurance have to do with hookers and coke you muppet? Is this your first time managing the difficult task of drinking "found" alcohol in your girlfriend's flat AND surfing the web simultaneously?
    They haven't "made a meeting" of it either. It's a yearly scheduled meeting that all home owners have to either attend or send someone to if they care about their property.
    To sum up: don't be a dick, be helpful or stay beneath contempt where you belong. Ta Ta.
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  11. moccasynth added a post in a topic: Is house insurance worth getting...   

    I just got my first invitation to the house owner's meeting in my building. There are around 29 people who own the buildings which make up our address. It seems like they have had an engineer come in to inspect some decaying plaster on the first floor of the innerhof/seitenflügel. To cut a long story short, the estimate of repair including damp repair and dampproofing plus re-plastering the entire 5 floors is going to cost each owner around €10,000 (from my calculations....the total cost was €290,000)...does the Wohngeld that I pay monthly to the Hausverwaltung usually have this kind of insurance against damp? I have lived here for only 1 year so it's a bit of a shock to get such a proposed bill. I have other insurance from Zurich but i think that was only for contents and third party...
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  12. moccasynth added a post in a topic: 2010 Berlin Festival   

    Absolutely correct. Run by a bunch of utter amateurs and there was no danger of anything happening. You do not close a festival of that size down unless there are werewolves loose or the stage rigging has collapsed and killed people. Both are unlikely.
    It looked really good with all the bands on the flight departures board and people behind the check in desks but the actual experience when inside with all the waiting in queues for toilets and to get into hanger areas was rubbish... (luckily i had an artists pass but my pals were understandably raging when it was closed for no apparent reason). Plus I heard that Erol Alkan was told to turn the volume down...what? At a giant airport? He wasn't that loud apparently.
    You need much better efficiency at these type of events and less meltdowns by organisers.
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  13. moccasynth added a post in a topic: Clubs/Bars in berlin that don't check ID   

    Lolo the Clown.... I bet you're going to be a horrible Victorian parent. Get a grip.
    Anyway, just go and try and get in somewhere, chances are you'll be fine. No one gives a fuck here in my experience.
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