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  1. romber58 added a post in a topic: Salaries in Berlin   

    If that is all you have to say about my complain about one cancelled train ,then without checking, I bet you are German
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  2. romber58 added a post in a topic: Salaries in Berlin   

    HI, I have no idea what an Mx consultant is or the other qualification you mentioned
    .If you want to live somewhere near public transport then you cannot have done much research about it in
    Berlin because it is excellent.
    If you do come you will miss out on so much and be a permanent outsider if you can't be bothered to show respect and learn how to speak the language.
    You may very well take home less money at the end of the month than you do now but,as you hinted in your post, the quality of life here will more than make up for it and I bet that you will feel even richer than you do now.
    I am English and have lived here since 4 years before they took our wall away..aahhh the good old times in west berlin...
    Anyway good luck and remember not just to only hang around with ex-pats...
    sincerely Peter
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  3. romber58 added a post in a topic: Physiotherapist vs Osteopath   

    I'm an English guy who has lived in Berlin for nigh on 30 years.I did the Ausbildung to Physiotherapist here in 1993_4.
    I don't really know where to I will begin,Haha. For me, the way I react and act with patients has evolved a lot with the experience I have gained. A Physio or Òsteopath or any other kind of therapist starts out with the theorie(and the little practice he or she has gained from touching the same fellow students for how many years it takes before the exam)and then is confronted with the real world of patients.
    That meant and means for me personally a give and take on many levels for which I am grateful to my patients...especially the "difficult" ones who I would often love to avoid...
    On the other hand I as the Physio/Osteo encounter so many people/patients who have the attitude..."I pay my contributions so just heal me!"
    For such clients i do my duty,nothing more.
    I would love to discuss this theme more with any interested people;therapist and or patient...
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  4. romber58 added a post in a topic: What are some common mistakes Americans make here?   

    Hey Modernbird.
    thanks for your comment and insight.
    What you say about your experiences makes me think of my stock answer whenever French ,German or Polish folks(I spent 7 months in Poland in 2007)
    said to me..."Our language is very difficult to learn".I answer,"Yeah ok ,and did you say that to your kids when they were 2 years old?".If you didn't,then why are you saying it to me ?."
    You hit the nail on the head when you write about spontaneous conversation because that is exactly what a little kid does without worrying about grammar and such like...he just wants to communicate..:-D
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  5. romber58 added a post in a topic: What are some common mistakes Americans make here?   

    I have read a lot of the posts on this thread and I would just like to add my sauce.
    Basically it is this;if you are an asshole at home you will be one abroad too.
    If you are sincere then any native in the country you visit will soon get that so dont worry and dont over intellectualise an imagined problem.
    I understand the "worries" that someone has who has never been out of their own country and who is hyped-up with the excitement of the unknown ,but those give way very soon to the realization that people are people and are on a very different level to f,,,,,g politicians.
    I am English and in my early 20,s first went to France for 5 years and then to West Berlin(as was);both times i went to the countries in question with no knowledge of the language or any real idea of the culture.So have a great time and be attentive and open but dont pretend to be someone you are not and you will do just fine.
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  6. romber58 added a post in a topic: Manners in Germany, making way for people   

    Years ago I knew an English girl who left (west)Berlin after 2 years because she couldn,t live with the attitude of the people.
    I too found it "befremdlich" ,and still often do even though i have been here since 1985,
    I told her though that i cant leave Berlin until such things didn't get on my nerves anymore.
    What i meant was,i think,is that i wanted to learn how not to let other people,s strange ways determine wether i had a good mood or enjoyed my day.
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  7. romber58 added a post in a topic: Are you scared of death?   

    I certainly have no truck any more with any Religion,but i do believe the words of Science and especially Physics which teaches that "Energy cannot be destroyed,just transformed".

    My Epitaph(stolen from Monty Python) will be..."And now for something completly different".
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