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  1. melbournite added a post in a topic: McFit is threatening debt collection   

    mate, its whats called culture shock and you're just at the beginning I'm afraid. These sort of issues are frustrating I know, but its just that things get done differently in different countries - even if they seem inexplicable. In my international company (based in Hamburg) with a large proportion of english-only speaking people, safety instructions (and safety is a big issue where I work) are given once a year - in German only. We are forced to sign a statement saying that we received safety instruction even though we couldnt understand it. It was explained carefully to us that it had to be this way in order to satisfy legal and insurance conditions. So bugger actually being safe.

    Read Toytown forums, including past discussions, these things come up time and time again. Take good advice and persist because you wouldnt feel good on bailing out after a few months
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  2. melbournite added a post in a topic: Cyprus to impose bank levy on deposits   

    There are lots of ways to steal money from people whilst disguising the fact. Governments do it all the time. What is so shocking about the Great Cyprus Bank Robbery however is that it is just such an obvious slap in the face. I cant think of anything more designed to spread panic and loss of confidence just when I thought the EU was trying to stabilise the crisis
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  3. melbournite added a post in a topic: Are there fellow Aussies out there?   

    Hey guys, I couldnt do last night either. How did it go? If you're up for another one some time, I'm in. I'll have to watch this space more often.
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  4. melbournite added a post in a topic: Welfare couple fight to keep €83,000 in benefits   

    If they were a bank they would be demanding 83,000 more
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  5. melbournite added a post in a topic: TT's Big Hamburg Jan 2014 Meet Up   

    1. AJ
    2. nina
    3. Rob
    4. Sonia (possible)
    5. caitlinmurphy
    6. Natasha
    7. Nicole
    8. Theo
    9. Tor (will try my best)
    10. Kim +1 (maybe)
    11. TashaD +2
    12. slav +2
    13. Steffi+1
    14. Cecile
    15. Ally
    16. Gretta
    17. Gilli+1
    18. Kip
    19. Ailish
    20. Tony +1
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  6. melbournite added a post in a topic: National stereotyping is part of British humour   

    Correct. There is a long tradition of racist British comedians.
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  7. melbournite added a post in a topic: Australia Day - Hamburg   

    There are another 2 of us (at least) coming down after work sometime also - as per the last 2 years. Our general strategy is to buy a beer and hang around the bar listening for appropriate accents Other than that our names are Tony and Tania (and perhaps Michelle will come as well)
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  8. melbournite added a post in a topic: Wikileaks: kidnap & torture of innocent German   

    "If you have the mistaken idea that German or Spanish governments are opposed to US policy for anything more than to benefit from cheap populism, you might want to think again"

    Well, agreed.. but the Spanish gvt was under quite a lot of popular pressure.. especially since the previous Spanish gvt was voted out because of its overtly enthusiastic support for the US. They're all snakes.. which is why is reather fun to see it being exposed for once
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  9. melbournite added a post in a topic: Wikileaks: kidnap & torture of innocent German   

    @zefix: clearly we need a different system with devolved power and mechanisms in place to prevent anyone accumulating too much power

    Re: threatening German gvt... the US did the same to the Spanish with regards to kidnapped Spanish citizens. One suspects the US threatens most "allies" as the whole system is basically a Mafia-type system if u ask me
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  10. melbournite added a post in a topic: Is the American dream over?   

    True. Its called capitalism
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  11. melbournite added a post in a topic: Is the American dream over?   

    Why do you think the US are fighting infinite war in the middle eastern oil producing countries? When your economic power is dwindling then you have to use your military to make up the shortfall. However the military also costs money and so the downward spiral goes. Its been the case with all empires.
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  12. melbournite added a post in a topic: 50 Secrets Your Pilot Won't Tell You   

    well I for one dont want the pilots at the controls of the planes I travel in to be tired, hungry or inexperienced. Thats just kind of a selfish desire - cos I dont want to die before my time. Apart from that I have a personal hatred for any asshole bean counter who comes up with a scheme to make more money by squeezing the people who actually do the work
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  13. melbournite added a post in a topic: AFL Grand Final...   

    Dude, I'm also looking for a bar to watch it in - though I warn you, I'm a Collingwood supporter. If you (we) have no luck, the fall back option is
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  14. melbournite added a post in a topic: Weekly Football Match   

    But the more pressing football question this week is.. Does anyone know a pub in Hamburg that is showing the Grand Final live?
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  15. melbournite added a post in a topic: Germans can now reserve poolside chairs online   

    "Is the selfishness of these people just confined to towels on chairs?"

    Ever try getting a seat on a half-full bus or train? You can bet that the outside seat in every row is occupied with the person's bag on the other seat. Then they pretend like you dont exist and scowl at you if you indicate that you might like to sit

    "It can't be much fun trying to have a holiday with people like that around."

    Its not much fun having to share a city with them for a few years either
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