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  1. mobiusro added a post in a topic: When I am given sicknote, secretary pesters   

    My advice to all this - switch companies. To be honest it seems to me that they have something with the fact that you're a woman, moreover a mom.
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  2. mobiusro added a post in a topic: English-language cinema in Frankfurt and Darmstadt   

    Does anyone know if there will be a cinema similar to the Turmpalast in Frankfurt again? The new "OV" film showing at Cinestar Metropolis is a joke.
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  3. mobiusro added a post in a topic: XM Satellite Radio   

    Does any of you know more about this? Their website seems to be down at the moment .
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  4. mobiusro added a post in a topic: Demonoid website access issues   

    The proxy is not workign for me, I am just returned to the same website.
    I setup my pc with Open DNS and it's still not working .

    I have Alice as my provider. - the screenshot shows the text of a blocked website.
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