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  1. chicagolive added a post in a topic: Getting online in Germany using the mobile network   

    I have been using O2 for the longest its pre-paid I get 5gb a month on my phone and I never had a issue using it with Skype or even getting a show off the net 5gb for €25 or 7.5gb for €35 a month. I did not have a issue with them since I was mostly in major cities anyway for work. Congstar(a Telekom discounter)has 5gb data for 25 now also per month but you are on a D-netz.
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  2. chicagolive added a post in a topic: Finanzamt fine for overpriced house sale   

    Okay Sorry people could not answer back family emergency okay, okay a little clearing up it was for taxes since they wanted to sell for more then its initial, no the property is not rental property they owned it made improvements and have lived there for about 7 years, the problems did not arise until the buyers had filed there papers with the tax office that it went all to shit. @ FREISING that is what we just heard from a tax lawyer we did not know about this did not think that is was such a issue, have heard about flipping is a big issue here but that is like 2 years at the most and the tax man will cometh hardcore on you. Well we have a lawyer appointment on Tuesday can give a update then, because from the info I am seeing either we got totally screwed or something was overlooked in this byzantine tax system.
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  3. chicagolive added a post in a topic: Finanzamt fine for overpriced house sale   

    Helped a friend to sell their house. Now area value has not gone up that much, I believe this has to do with their is not alot of rehabing going on in that particular neighbor hood when you compared to the other homes nothing had been done to them for years. So we had refloored with a high quality tile flooring and wood flooring on the upper floors bath was with Marble and new jacuzzi tub and the Kitchen was a special order with granite counter tops. Now we did all the work ourselves, now the problem came when they sold the place of 7 years for €20,000 over what they bought it for which none of us that was a big deal(it was also about €18,000 more then the highest quoted home in the area)this was basically to recoupe the cost of the rehab and because they where selling the kitchen with the house.

    Now Finanzamt sent a fine saying at they are cheating the government and must pay a €15,000 fine because they are selling the house at more then its value to earn a profit and even after showing them the reasoning(which we did not understand why it needed to be explained)they where like first you must own for 10 years before selling for a profit(even though it was not a profit)and their was no way we could have done that with out have a company do it for us, so we just must be cheating some where, which was like a slap in the face since my friend is a trained engineer and I have been doing rehabs since I was a 10 year old with my parents who did it for 30 years and could teach these "masters" something, okay but anyway has anybody had this issue or ever heard of this 10 year sell rule, and if it is even worth fighting with the Germans about it.
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  4. chicagolive added a post in a topic: iPhone4 now v iPhone 5 later in the year   

    I would say wait for the iPhone 5 it is being rumored and even by the Wall Street Journal to be getting a dual core processor and NFC capabilities. Camera update is still a toss up but with the phones 1080p play back you never know. My opinion is the way to choose a phone is what can the phone do if it has app store or net and regrettfully I found the iPhone to be the weakest of all the high end phones out their. The lack of codec or other format support and its total reliance on iTunes is a buzz kill.
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  5. chicagolive added a post in a topic: Jobless rate plunges towards 3m mark   

    Well if this only equated to real jobless rates. Since they count the people who work €400 but still pull most of their money from job center. I find these numbers very suspect.
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  6. chicagolive added a post in a topic: Jobs unfilled as Germans fail to qualify yet foreigners unwelcome   

    Until Germany learns to take more risk they will continue to have this problem for all the air and bluster they pull about how economically sound they are in reality it is only bullshit, of course you can have low unemployment when people are mostly working €400 Euro jobs, or when companies force people to take lesser contracts on jobs they don't talk about that Germany has one of the fastest rates of rich to poor separation or that the vast majority of these "employed" people are living below the poverty level.

    Germany is not having a problem of qualified people they are having a problem of these people wanting to stay in Germany and the government and the companies don't seem to understand this at all. Case in point(I got many)a close friend of mines works for a major German multinational company as a lead project manager his Gross is about €75,000 his netto is €40,000(about $51,008) he meets a person in the same level position from the US 3 years younger who makes $130,000(€101,944.79)per year netto has a nicer car has a better house and a better office then you now tell me this which place would you rather be at.
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  7. chicagolive added a post in a topic: Economy thunders ahead with record growth   

    I honestly am not even surprised at this "growth" this year there have been alot of high payouts to get rid of workers so the "money" is their from the consumer end for the time being. Alot of people have had their contracts redone or have been forced to accept lower contract to "lower the cost of workers" even though alot of these companies are pulling in massive amounts of money. With the government killing programs left and right it is no surprise they are spending more will giving less. I want to see how everything is in the next year after all this early retirement money starts to die out.
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  8. chicagolive added a post in a topic: Using a North American Xbox 360 in Germany   

    If you check my previous comments you can get the info on your 360 power brinks and mostly you can find them on Amazon just make sure you get the right one. 360's can be picky about transformers luckly if you do damage a brick you can buy a new one not like with the PS3 which you would be up the creek. With the transformer it is more then just getting a expensive one make sure you are getting one that is putting out the right wattage and can handle the watts you are trying to draw(it of course is more complicated then that but anyway)DO NOT get those little pocket converters to use with major appliances pretty much anything higher then 60 watts should not be used with those with the most obvious reason being you can start a fire. With your Foreman you might be lucky and can just replace the fuses how many Watts is your Foreman if it is 1000watts or more then it would most certainly blow.
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  9. chicagolive added a post in a topic: Cheap ways of getting a German driver's license   

    Well all that depends on where you live and who you go to so that is really not a question we can answer for you. I have seen as cheap as a €100 to as much as €500 for what you need.
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  10. chicagolive added a post in a topic: 'Flat rate sex' brothel owners jailed for fraud   

    Okay well I will take that but the one who gets laughed at the most always gets the last laugh. Its funny we where talking about this issue at our legal office and everybody who knows anything about how things work here know you can do all kinds of crap here and the vast majority will not get you as high a sentence as when you "cheat" the government. My friends had people come in for committing bodily harm to people and get suspended sentences and a fine, and other people come in because they because they owed for riding black or a car ticket and the polizei dropped them in jail for a few days. For the simple minded person that is Hech54 you stupidity proceeds you so I will not waste my time, and yes I will agree being also from Chicago we know a little about corrupt government but at least we got the balls to admit ours is corrupt.
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  11. chicagolive added a post in a topic: 'Flat rate sex' brothel owners jailed for fraud   

    The only reason their was any changes and sentences was because they did not give money to the government have people not learned that yet in Germany you can kill people, beat people, rape children, and stab a person and get suspended sentences, fines, or just a few months in jail, but if you don't pay the German government their cut of your money you will go to jail for a few years.
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