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  1. They do offer unreserved tables, regretfully it is very hard to get a spot. Your best bet is too go during the week and pray to be let in at the door. Trick to it mostly as a couple is partner(the female)has a nice dirndl, works the security. Unless you get lucky to get a open side door.
  2. Trouble making friends/Living in Bruchsal

    I live in Heidelberg have been here for about 15 years off and on. I have to say this area is extremely boring and shallow. Germany has its high points low crime for now and good overall quality of life. Besides that most of the people are very dull and flat. Hence why most people are actually associate with are not Germans. The few I do don't hang out with Germans for the exact points I stated. Munich is a wonderful area so is Koln and Berlin. Basically find a place with many mixed groups. I can't imagine how you lived in Bruchsal sweet lord I would shoot myself.