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  1. crm114 added a post in a topic: Online German radio stations

    Three live streams Deutschlandfunk, Deutschlandradio Kultur, DRadio Wissen almost exclusively talk radio, mostly Hochdeutsch with the possibilty of selected on demand programmes. From your description it may appear to be too advanced but there's no other way other than to stick with it train your ears as you say and pick out what you can make sense of. In this respect TV is probably a better initial medium than radio because the pictures support your failing ears. N24 programs involving lots of conveyer belts are always a good start!
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  2. crm114 added a post in a topic: Renting a car without a German license   

    That's not entirely true. For instance if one possesses a UK European Communities model paper licence without photo id, this may be used in the EU until the owners 70th birthday or the demise of the paper upon which it is written. There is no requirement (yet) to convert it to a german or UK photo licence. Interested EU agencies will of course encourage you to change it. If you know that what I write is incorrect I would be greatful if could point me to the specific german regulation that relates to this.The care hire agencies in my experience require only that one owns a valid drivers licence (for EU states) the problem is that many of them have never seen a UK paper licence and reject it on principle. Stand your ground and present it with a passport and they have no legitimate reason to reject your hire, especially if you have booked it previously and stated that you have a non german licence.
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