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  1. compote added a post in a topic: My electricity bill doubled for no reason   

    sent you an IM.

    thanks everyone to their posts except for the couple of obviously negative one(s).

    We had the same happen. Almost exactly the same numbers as the OP.
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  2. compote added a post in a topic: How to buy BVG tickets - general topic   

    got it.

    3AM is the cutoff time.
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  3. compote added a post in a topic: How to buy BVG tickets - general topic   

    need to know when the earliest a day-ticket can be used up to the next 24 hours.
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  4. compote added a post in a topic: Iraq and Afghanistan weaponry   

    are the people in the military aware that 'Juba the baghdad sniper', the company that makes the IED's used on irak, that these are israeli-made rifles (with the built-in video scope that recoils with the rifle) and israeli-made IED's?
    The IED's are much too complex and powerful to be made by some 'people in a cave in afghanistan' or scrubby 'resistance fighters' with some AK47's and grenade launchers/RPG's. And the last time I heard, it was an israeli company/israeli military running the motor pool. To put the devices to set-off the IED's on the vehicles.

    I just wondered if there were some people aware of this at the basic level?
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  5. compote added a post in a topic: Visa cash advance - reisebank no-go   


    I had an incident with a stupid reisebank clerk (you can tell when the officers or managers don't properly train/communicate, throughout the area it's up to the intelligence of the window clerk to define the quality of the service... frequently low)

    and he called another clerk, and confirmed.

    If you have a new 'flat' visa card, the ones without the raised numbers, apparently reisebank clerks have inconsistent inaccurate information regarding these cards and they outright refuse to so much as run them through the visa machine.

    So beware! It's been made a full report to visa as this is a bank, and the _only_ bank that consistently has visa cash advance readers in the region.
    Other than reisebank branches, the only other bank I know of in the case for Berlin, is _one_ branch of SparKasse at Alexanderplatz.

    It was a difficult for the visa clerk to believe that the bank clerk wouldn't run the card.

    It does help to be persistent. Call visa and report the merchant, in this case a merchant BANK member of visa. Serious issue when you're travelling and can't withdrawal cash.
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  6. compote added a post in a topic: Private overseas pension payable in Germany   

    sent you a PM.
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  7. compote added a post in a topic: shop issue   

    yeah. i agree partly. maybe there's a time of day with less wait time.
    i figured some Toytown members would also have ebay shops and be familiar with the format.
    that's a lot handier than the ebay 'customer support' model.
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  8. compote added a post in a topic: shop issue   

    after a little physical exercise to clear through, i think what happened is
    the former manager set some inventory levels for items
    but instead of generating the sales offer (the auction) out of the inventory,
    they then created separate sales offers, totally detached from the inventory.

    I do remember only one sales item had an inventory number which matched an inventory item.
    the rest did not have any inventory numbers.

    HOWEVER this does not describe, how after adjusting the inventory number to '0', the sales item went out of the Aktiv category.
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  9. compote added a post in a topic: shop issue   

    before I get into my little rant,
    customer service may be a rarity
    to be fair, though, none take the cake though like the general regional lack of conciousness.
    i guess if clients were more demanding and people a wheezy bit more concerned;
    after 18 minutes on the phone at 14 cents a minute, for an estimated 10 minute wait to get to the bottom of this issue, I hung up.

    [before thinking you might not be able to help, the, etc interfaces seem to be almost identical, with only the words being localized]

    I setup an business, for someone to manage. They failed to manage it, among other issues they can't properly add on their feet after 20 years of the public fool system here. Same where I was brainwashed/brought up, couldn't do it either, properly, unless I threw out everything I (was told I) learned about math and learned math properly all over again. Same with my native language, and just about every other 'skill' in fool except for wood shop and small engine repair. Ah for the zen like experiences of wood shop..

    just so you know where I'm coming from...

    I find the ebay(.de) Sales interface to be written by some real half-brains; some things work and some things don't, so can someone describe what happened when:

    I detected an inventory level (Warenbestand) of a routine item to be to high. In fact, it didn't exist at all!
    I reduced the inventory level to '0', and checked the Aktiv (Active) sales/auctions.
    Where the item was before, it was now gone. So I figured 'fine, okay the inventory went to '0' and so it's logical and reasonable... the item is no longer available for purchase'. (straightforward sales, no auctions).

    This was late last night until about 4am as I keep third-shift hours.

    After a nap, from 9 to noon, I woke up and delivered an order from yesterday.
    Come to find out, when I got back, all '15', zeroed-out, non-existent items, had been sold in two purchases, one at about 930am and the other at about 11-something.

    The repairs I did to the shipping prices of all items, which were inconsistent and out of line, _before_ reducing the inventory number of non-existent item to '0', contributed to spike the sales.

    Unfortunately, somehow, the items that were marked as '0', were available for purchase, even though, from my end, they weren't!

    What is going on?

    [as a prologue yesterday, the supplier was totally out of said non-existent item. Uh oh!]
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  10. compote added a post in a topic: Unlawful entry and illegal police searches   

    I know where the public-oriented viewpoints are coming from, however, consider if tracee or anyone in this situation, got a lawyer, their only venue is automatically public at-law, not private equity, and one is, in the at-law realm, with no more rights than a corporation owned by the BRD, and is considered a ward, legally (i.e. a dead piece of paper can't speak). One can't do pro-se adequately, either, because the rules and system are their rules for the public, and living men are not public, they are private. Id est the rules are for them, to police their own agents, not for us. Unless we claim to trespass on one of their public properties, by claiming to be the HERR.. or FRAU.., a different name then our own, created by conversion, by our permission (whether one realizes it or not), upon registration, exempli gratia birth certificate (indenture certificate) or the registration equivalent (visa, anmeldung, etc).

    In particular, regardless of the method tracee picks, it doesn't seem as though he is logging into this forum to find out our suggestions.

    So instead, I ask we all pray for him and his house's safe and easy recovery from this trauma.
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  11. compote added a post in a topic: Unlawful entry and illegal police searches   

    nothing illegal but to say that means it wasn't unlawful is incorrect. Legal & Illegal refer to corporate statutes of the BRD, a corporation listed on Dun & Bradstreets.
    there was no indication of tracee or any other private inhabitants of the domicile committing harm to each other
    since there is no lawful money and so no contracts, the only remaining issue is whether tracee was harming other living people or being harmed.

    The rest is just people dressed-up with POLIZEI emblems, a private corporation listed on Dun & Bradstreets, under colour of law, unlawfully breaking into his home or entering it without his permission.

    Tracee's rights end where another man's begins.
    So tracee has a substantive, equitable right to his privacy.
    The safety of his home.
    He has a right not to be terrorized by thugs dressed up in rent-a-cop outfits who themselves have no idea what they are doing, brainwashed cattle.
    He has a right not to be accosted by people he does not know.
    And since these people (the police) report to the innenminister through the chief of police, both of those parties can be named Trustees in breach of his private trust.

    Equitable rights don't diminish with time and you can't get rid of them, you can only pretend to by mentally getting rid of them in your head.
    Everything you do is a right, you can probably keep adding to the list above; those are just some I thought of.

    These are not to be confused with corporate (BRD) Statutory 'rights', which are granted at-law benefits, and can be taken away. Statutory rights are what the cattle/humans/monsters believe are actual rights; those people who are wards, infants and insane, and are thought of and treated as such due to their ignorance.

    Since his rights were violated, he has a right to have them restored.
    Since in private equity, tracee can't claim damages of a value (rights are value-less, like the credit-card commercial, 'Priceless'),
    He can exercise his duty to have them restored, and the judge can reach into the at-law side and award damages.
    But if tracee goes first to damages, then he is firmly in at-law, and he has no business being in there. At-law is the legal statutes of the BRD, and they are foreign to private men and women. The legal statutes are the property of the BRD, and to use them without license (without being a licensed attorney), would be to trespass on them.

    If tracee does get an attorney, he would automatically be presumed to be a ward; incompetent to exercise his equitable rights.
    However, maybe he can't exercise them right now because he doesn't doesn't know how, and so yeah, he's a ward.

    It's like we all learned how to use the potty. This is just another thing we should have learned which is specifically kept out of the public fool system, the universities, newspapers, etc. People graduate thinking they are smart with big egos, and well, when you think you're smart, it's the first indication you don't know nothing.
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  12. compote added a post in a topic: Speedport W920V german -> Fritzbox 7570 English   

    vdsl2 50 down 10 up, about 43 down and 8 up after taking out overhead.

    Speedport W 920 V <- get this one, it's about four euros a month to rent.

    Windows XP:

    Instructions on how to switch the Speedport W 920 V firmware over to an AVM Fritzbox 7570 German, French or English (!) firmware with multi-annex support (no need to concern over annex A (most of the world) or B (germany).
    Print out or get the PDF.

    2) Get the ruKernelTool beta. I used 4.4.4 for this, released september 17 A.D.
    2a) There is a password and username for the download. If you use Google Translate or your german is decent, you'll figure it out. It's on the page.

    3) A laptop with a working wireless internet connection. Hook up the ethernet port to the LANx port on the Speedport.
    3a) Make sure there are no unsigned third-party network drivers loaded like 'CFOS Speed' or 'PPP over Ethernet (RASPPPOE)'. These are drivers listed on the ethernet network connection properties, causing a warning box about 'unsigned' when reconfiguring the network cards. They can be un-installed for now. If you don't know what (3a) is, then you can probably ignore this warning and continue.

    4) Run the ruKernelTool as Administrator. It must reconfigure the network connection so it should have administrative access to the laptop.
    4a) Follow the instructions as listed in (1). If you get an error 63 or 64 when going through the 'Info-loading' phase (Adam2) and it looks like it's trying to assign a network address of to the laptop ethernet port, then see (3a). ruKernelTool attempted to change the ethernet settings but ran into a snag caused by third-party drivers.

    5) the instructions in (1) vary a tiny bit as the ruKernelTool has been upgraded since the instructions were created. It's not substantial, just keep plugging away, you'll get it.

    Google translate fails to translate the instructions correctly about when to unplug the Speedport, inverting what is an instruction to make sure the speedport is powered off, into the opposite. You'll catch it if you just take a little extra care.

    Reconfigure IP address -> unplug speedport -> press Continue on ruKernelTool when ready -> ruKernelTool waits 30 seconds for Speedport to be plugged in.
    It's while the speedport is starting up that ruKernelTool has access for a few seconds to the kernel to flash the fritzbox software over.

    When you are done you will have instead of a speedport W 920 V in german-eese, a friendly fritzbox 7570 in english.
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  13. compote added a post in a topic: german version of the undersecretary of finance   

    Thank you very much.

    priceless help.
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  14. compote added a post in a topic: Devices for blinding CCTV security cameras   

    skipping all the childish responses, not everyone, just enough and we know who you are, that it makes it not worthwhile to read them, and drives mature people away from contributing to the forum:

    this is a great idea. If a CCTV camera is visible + IR, then intensely bright light in the IR range should blind it.

    and as regards the law: what do you know?

    The first law is the right to be left alone. The first duty is the exercise of that right so it is available for others into the future.
    (not to interfere with those who may have a religious or spiritual bent on the above comments - I suppose you could stick the creator in there somewhere, or consider mutual 'firsts', i.e. if we don't exercise the duty to be left alone effectively, then we can't worship the way we please either.).

    'He who would sacrifice liberty for a little extra security (not by themselves but instead 'dependent' on a third-party, i.e. from the government corporation officers and agents, i.e. mcdonalds, yes the BRD is no different look it up on, 'Also trades as the BUND' ), deserves neither.'

    On that note, anything 'legal' or 'illegal' sits well inferior to the law, as legal-illegal define Codes of a corporation, and requires voluntary action every step of the way, regardless of what the public fool system and the public fool yellow press and tv and radio announcers claim.
    Like gravity is a law. Though taxes and jaywalking, are in legal Code.
    I think the difference in german is Gesetz (law) and Rechtlich (legal). My german's rusty though there is a difference, although modern dictionaries, especially common abridged ones, don't show a difference, as people have forgotten who they are, and it fell out of use while being co-opted by those who set-up the legal/illegal Codes in a big con job.

    See, I made an entire post without ridiculing anyone (on the forum). You can do it too!
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  15. compote added a post in a topic: german version of the undersecretary of finance   

    We are looking for the highest level position which operates with the german democracy, that is semi-permanent. i.e. probably *not* a minister who stays for 2 years then goes out.

    The position akin to the under-secretary of finance (UK), which my understanding is, works for the Crown, not for the 'representative' de facto Government.

    a simpler way to ask might be 'who is in charge of the banking?'
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