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  1. dank added a post in a topic: Possible medical malpractice and paying the bills   

    Thanks for all the replies, people.

    With hindsight, yes, i should have gone to the orthopod first. I had assumed that I needed a referral from the GP. I heard that some Krankenkassen won't pay up if you go straight to the specialist. (Yes Krieg, I am private)
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  2. dank added a post in a topic: Possible medical malpractice and paying the bills   

    I'm not normally a litigious person - I think the whole no-win-no-fee culture has a lot to answer for. However, when I described to a friend the recent experience I had with a doctor, they told me to sue. I have no idea how the process works or even if I have a case. So, I wondered if anyone out there in toytownland has any experience to share.

    My case is this - during a skiing holiday I fell and sprained my wrist. After 6 weeks, it was still giving me gyp. So I went to an Allgemeinarzt who told me that it wasn't broken, just sprained. He prescribed rest, a bandage and ultrasound to speed up the healing. After a month of this, it still hadn't gotten any better. So I went back to see him and again he reassured me it definitely wasn't broken and to keep up with the ultrasound.

    After this I got fed with the Quack and consulted Dr Google. According to google, the 2nd most common wrist injury after sprain is a fracture. I went to see an orthopod took 2 minutes to diagnose that I had a fracture. Because the wrist had been left untreated for so long I needed a bone-graft and a screw put in.

    Basically, the original Doctor had delayed the correct treatment by 6 weeks which allowed the bone to decay. Could I sue for this?

    A 2nd question is what happens if I refuse to pay the doctor's bill? It's been sat on my desk for a month now, and I don't feel inclined to pay it. How long could I get away without paying until the bailiffs come knocking?

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  3. dank added a post in a topic: Seeking a medical lawyer in Berlin   

    Hi, did you have any luck? I'm searching for the same.
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  4. dank added a post in a topic: Private vs Public healthcare during parental leave   

    One massive finacial consideration is if you are privately insured, then during Elternziet you will have to pay both your and your employer's health insurance contribution. By the time you've paid this and your rent, there's not much left of your elterngeld!
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  5. dank added a post in a topic: Where to buy firewood in Berlin   

    I wouldn't recommend this guy. The stuff i got from him last year looked like it had been dragged out of a ditch. I had to put the logs on a radiator for several days before they'd burn. And the wood wasn't even that cheap! This year I'm defo going to Bauhaus.
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  6. dank added a post in a topic: Lufthansa's Miles & More program   

    I would recommend moving over to the One World Alliance. Get yourself a BA loyality card. BA let you share your points with your family. Last time I took a "Premium Economy" flight to the states, I earnt enough miles to send my wife & kid to london. Also, when you get silver membership, the BA lounge at Heathrow is incredible. Bacon butties & curries,mmm.
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  7. dank added a post in a topic: Free ladies acrobatics classes   

    Hi Lisa, I'd love to do something like this (I've done trapeze before in the past). The only problem is I'm a man. Any chance of opening the classes up to both genders?
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  8. dank added a post in a topic: Parkett Floors in Berlin   

    Would this be Sans Souci Parkett?

    @dinkita: Could you let me know who you went with too?

    Basically, I have a 1m^2 section of parkett where our office chair rubbed away at the floor. My landlord says it is damaged as opposed to normal wear & tear and he wants it properly repaired. I had a go myself with an electric sander, but its (I'm) just not man enough for the job. (The irony is, there's plenty of things that did scratch the floor, but an electic sander doesnt.)
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  9. dank added a post in a topic: Bicycle and Car accident   

    I'm not saying people shouldn't be held responsible for the accidents that they cause; they should. I'm saying that the rich are pushing up premiums for everyone else because of their lifestyle choices.
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  10. dank added a post in a topic: Bicycle and Car accident   

    Yeah but if the pauper drove a skoda, I wouldn't need insurance to pay the repair bill - just a few bits of sellotape and an old coathanger.
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  11. dank added a post in a topic: Bicycle and Car accident   

    It annoys me that while the rich drive around in their ostentatious displays of wealth, the rest of us have to get insurance in case we come into contact with them. If I were driving round in a platinum-plated car, I wouldn’t expect the rest of society to pay an increase in their premiums to cover my repair bills. I would buy my own insurance to cover people hitting me.
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  12. dank added a post in a topic: Cheap methods of international money transfer   

    I also haven't read this whole thread but I use this as it's not a bank but a currency exchange website.

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  13. dank added a post in a topic: Retort needed against 'Atomkraft nein danke'   

    From the wikipedia report about Chernobyl:
    "The 2011 UNSCEAR report places the total deaths from radiation to date at 64"

    How many people around the world have been killed by floods, droughts and other natural disasters brought about by global warming?
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  14. dank added a post in a topic: Refund of social security contributions (pension)   

    Thanks Kato. That's good to know.
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  15. dank added a post in a topic: Refund of social security contributions (pension)   

    Does anyone know if the 5 / 15/ 35 year period is calendar years only; or can I work a 5 year period from, say, July to July?
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