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  1. Mass migration and Europe

    Keefy,   1. I happen to share your liking for "Old Labour" values.   2. If you were to acquire German citizenship, your presence in Germany would be assured. Just a thought.   Cheers, mate.
  2. Total Translation Experience

    Hi. I've been translating professionally since June 2001. I am currently trying to register with an online agency in Hannover that wants - among other things - to know the total number of translations I've completed since that time. I an aware that there is a general/average formula that can be used but I don't know where to find it. Do any colleagues have an idea, please? Thanks. onemark.      
  3. A couple of questions regarding languages

    If anything, "needing" is arguably US English, while "having" is probably a bit more British. But probably even this is debatable. Do we know which kind of English is being taugt at this child's school?
  4. Nostalgia remembered

    Nostalgia's all very well but it's not what it used to be.  
  5. Another scandal for the German army

    El Jeffo (14.10.15):   Or "Puerto Indigente"?
  6. Just a couple of thoughts:   1. There are not going to be any official (governmental) English-language websites until English is made one of the official languages of Germany. Plus there's the cost issue. 2. I agree about the Geisterfahrer. Unfortunately, some people do this in order to commit suicide. Plus, the authorities are too mean to spend money on the extra signage. But the signs are confusing, I will admit. 3. Apparently, the reason for no English subtitles on TV is to provide work for interpreters who do the German-language voice-overs. Talk about make-work schemes.
  7. @ to BnruG (Thursday 5.10 pm):   Well, actually no. Why would the German government forego collecting taxes?
  8. @ Smaug:   I agree.   My solution to the problem: abolish the whole registration system.   Done.
  9. What determines who needs a Gewerbeschein?

    Just remember: if you register a business as a photographer (gewerblich / non-artistic) and obtain a business licence (Gewerbeschein), you not only have to pay business tax, you also and automatically become a mermber of the local Chamber of Commerce (Handels- und Industriekammer, or IHK) - whether you like it or not.   It's the law and they won't necessarily tell you about it at your local town hall or wherever you register your business.   The point is that the IHK also hits you for (an involuntary) membership fee based on your annual income.   If you have the opportunity to work as an "artistic" (freelance / freiberuflicher) photographer, you don't have to do any of this stuff.   My €0.02-worth.
  10. @ Oh4711:   It's a bit off-topic but the conflict in Northern Ireland is not religious, it's political (specifically: territorial), with the opposing factions being on different sides of the denominational fence for mainly historical reasons.
  11. @ kaffeemitmilch: Many of them say theid want to get married there because that's where they live and pay taxes which is probably quite true but I think they really wanted to force Kim Davis to back down, which she famously did not do.   @ MadAxeMurderer (today, 4.12 pm): Agree entirely: 1. The more you're convinced you're right, the less willing you are to listen to contrary points of view. 2. There's no-one more bigoted than the newly or recently converted. 3. The real fly in the ointment in this case is the fact that she's got a lot of support with the county and state authorities as well as around the country, so there's no way she's going to be impeached, for example.   I hope she stays in jail for a long time, although somehow, I suspect that isn't going to be too much of an ordeal. Pity.   Here's an interesting editorial:
  12. Here's a ref. to some humourous memes on the Kim Davis affair:  
  13. Identity card - also for EU-nationals?

    Agreed. but as I said, this is obviously a nice little earner for the Irish government (quite apart from being a rip-off).
  14. Identity card - also for EU-nationals?

    Residence permits with an ID function can't normally be used by foreign nationals as travel documents anyway. I believe that's normal practice but I stand to be corrected.   For what it's worth, the Irish government recently introduced (voluntary) passport cards for all Irish passport holders, which will be available as from next month. Unfortunately, at €35 for five years only, they're a bit of a bloody rip-off (the Irish government obviously needs the money; in my view they should be available for ten years) but they still might be useful.   Rightly or wrongly, they will not contain the holder's address. Interestingly, biometric photos will not be required - a normal photo will do. These cards are available to holders of Irish passports only, so are not a national ID card as such. Arguably they might be compared to the US passport card but with a wider travel function.   See for example: &
  15. Identity card - also for EU-nationals?

    @yourkeau: Agree. See my post of Saturday at 6.32 pm.