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  1. onemark added a post in a topic: Invoicing outside of Germany   

    I am a freelancer & sometimes invoice to Austria and Switzerland.
    The question is: which countries do you invoice to? EU?, Switzerland? Other EEZ? Third-party countries? This will affect the VAT responsibility. But really, you should be addressing this question to your accountant ("Steuerberater"). If you haven't got one, I suggest you find one.
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  2. onemark added a post in a topic: Only in America...   

    Americans are special. They do it their way.
    The rest of the world has to adapt to them, not the other way round. 
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  3. onemark added a post in a topic: Ferry to Hamburg from the UK   

    Is Newcastle - Ijmuiden an option?
    Or do you need something closer to Hamburg?
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