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    Dear all,

    I am a non EU person, originally from South Asia Living in Germany since October 2006. I was married to a Swedish girl in Germany(she has permanent German residence). We were initially married in religious way since October 2007 and living together. In march 2010, we registered our marriage in Sweden. In January, 2011 I got Aufenthaltskarte in Germany. I also have a son with her born in January 2011.

    After our son was born, her behavior started to change and she became extremely aggressive about every thing. I try to cook, clean and did every thing to please her but she kicked me out of my apartment and we were separated for 1 year, since Febryary 2012.

    Long story short, she filed for divorce after 1 year separation and now we are divorced sine August 2012.

    I am a scientist and have a decent job in Germany and i am paying her alimony and child support since separation.

    My question is Does my Aufenthaltskarte expire after divorce even though I have a son born in Germany?
    Do i need to change any status etc? any body have experience like this?

    many thanks.
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