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  1. Serious problems with Berlin beggars

    NYC largely fixed similar problems 25 years ago.  It's called policing.  Berlin needs its own Raymond Kelly or William Bratton, with a supporting city council.
  2. rear mounted child seat for adult bike   you can likely buy one for EUR 40 or less.  Probably 20.
  3. Tax Adviser in Dresden area.
  4. Cologne NYE debacle

    I didn't see a thread on this yet. The attacks (theft & sexual assault) on New Year's Eve at the Hauptbahnhof area in Cologne sound dreadful   I see two main discussion areas about this event.   (1) What really amazes me is that I didn't see it on news sites until 5 days later.  What's up with that?  Did it really trickle out so slowly the media didn't notice it until Monday evening?  I can't believe the left-leaning media leans that far left to "cover up" such a juicy story for literally days.   (2). And what does this event say about Germany's recent migrant influx?   Cologne has had a huge Turkish population for years, but it doesn't seem that migrant group was involved in this incident. Were the bad actors recent immigrants?  Was this get-together somehow related to recent migration, or was it some perfect storm resulting from social media contacts and might have happened two years ago just as easily?  Was it an "us" (migrations Hintergrund guys) vs. "them" (ethnic Germans/Europeans) event?