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  1.   You would be a refugee when you walked into the Netherlands.  You would be a forum-shopping economic migrant when you arrived in Portugal, where the support system and opportunities were greater than in refugee-swamped Netherlands.  (of course, I'd probably head to where the grass was greener too)
  2. I'm curious, Krieg, are the 12 kids refugees who have been granted asylum, or are their applications still pending?
  3. Whoa, that's a can of worms you opened.  But I can't just put the lid back on.    Everything's got some historical root, if only the Highland Clearances hadn't occurred I might not have been the descendant of immigrants who build a country that "meddled" in the Middle East...    "meddled", really?    Maybe if Western Europe hadn't been so happy enjoying their American nuclear umbrella and spending all their money on health care and university education and high union wages, they could have helped out with the meddling some more and it would have gone better.    maybe if Canada hadn't been so in love with its "we're only peacekeepers" approach to "defense", it could have supported a larger contingent in the "meddling" and the meddling would have gone better.      But I agree, Europe is complicit in the mess.  You're right the USA didn't stop ISIS early enough, but neither did any other country.     
  4. What they are complaining about is the change from lily white to Multikulti. 
  5. As to all the social workers, language instructors, and Yea or Nay deciders that the Bundesregierung needs to hire:  have you noticed all the good BAMF jobs are for Western cities?  The BAMF mumbles about how many new hires it needs, etc., and all the Beamted and "gehoebener Dienst" positions are for West German locations.  What openings the BAMF has in the East are for clerks and IT workers.  Even as this new bureaucracy explodes, it continues to perpetuate existing inner German problems...
  6. I suspect you can, but who knows, maybe it's a special tarif that requires automated refills.  You know who knows? Vodafone knows.  Call 'em up and ask, you should be able to even get English language assistance.   I use a Vodafone CallYa tarif and can top up with a "CallYa scratchcard" (funny, they still call it a "scratchcard"), but there are several different CallYa tarifs.
  7. What to wear to Lutheran baptism ceremony?

    "dress jeans" ?
  8. Drivers License Craziness

    Many moons ago, I got a German license without giving up my U.S. license. The Germans wanted to take my U.S. license, but they didn't want to send it to the U.S. or destroy it.  They wanted to keep it in a file and have me pay a maintenance fee for the file.  I thought that was nuts and was willing to have the license destroyed, but that wasn't an option.  The Amt lady suggest I get a letter from the U.S. consulate stating that in the U.S. the license is used much like a Personalausweiss and I would be inconvenienced without it.  The U.S. consulate produced such a letter, clearly being familiar with this procedure, and I gave the Amt lady the letter and she gave me a Geman license and let me keep my U.S. license.
  9. German Boyfriend doing Residency in the USA

    don't get a J-1 visa.  you will find he is forced to return to Germany for 2 years whether he marries you or not, or has to work for the VA for 3 years, or has to work in an "underserved area" for 3 years (think Northern Exposure).
  10. With a brief Google search I did not find a Stuttgart "Ferienpass", but other cities have them (e.g. Munich and Dresden), check if Stuttgart does.  It serves as a summer public transport ticket and as a pass (or discount coupon) to a bunch of kid-friendly activities such as sports, crafts, music, etc.
  11. Sunday shopping in Germany

    I am all in favor of shops being open.  It's the 21st Century, not the 19th, and it's convenient to be able to get things when it's convenient for me rather than plan my life around short shopping hours.  Yes, it means it's harder for a small shop to compete with a big chain, but I guess I am more in favor of convenience than of propping up small shops.