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  1. Serious problems with Berlin beggars

    NYC largely fixed similar problems 25 years ago.  It's called policing.  Berlin needs its own Raymond Kelly or William Bratton, with a supporting city council.
  2. rear mounted child seat for adult bike   you can likely buy one for EUR 40 or less.  Probably 20.
  3. Tax Adviser in Dresden area.
  4. Cologne NYE debacle

      Germany hasn't actually launched a nationwide refugee registration system.  It's done individually by the Laender.  They have a national weapon registration system, but not one for refugees.
  5. Cologne NYE debacle

      Agreed that TheLocal ain't the best source of breaking German news, or comprehensive German news.   That said, I had to search to find what "RP" is.  It is a regional paper after all even if the region has some big cities.    I sure don't read the RP, but then I bet you don't read Saechsische Zeitung or Dresden Neuste Nachrichten.  SZ and DNN didn't pick up the story until today.  Even if a story hits the dpa service, editors still have to choose to run it.    
  6. Cologne NYE debacle

      Agreed, reporting on 2 January of an event that occurred 1 January isn't super slow -- but I sure missed it in any outlet (including the prize winning TheLocal) until 5 January.   I suspect if 1,000 skinheads showed up in Cologne and robbed and assaulted that we'd be seeing reports of it within hours, if not live.
  7. Mass migration and Europe

    Ya know, I started another thread on the Cologne incident precisely to avoid hijacking this thread for that issue, but if the OP himself is gonna let it be hijacked...   I tried. 
  8. Cologne NYE debacle

    I wasn't there, but all the reports I've seen including Tageshau inland seem pretty unanimous about the apparent ethnicity of the bad actors. I.e., North African / Arabic.   Of course white people never mistake brown skinned ethnicities so this must be true (sarcasm).    But from what I understand the police are going with that premise too. (Yeah, I know the police sometimes make mistakes too).  Anyway, Plantwhisperer, I don't think it's "too early" or "jumping to conclusions" to accept the apparently numerous reports describing the ethnicity of the attackers as such.  Of course, where they came from is still TBD.  Cologne? Frankfurt? Algiers?  Amsterdam? 
  9. Cologne NYE debacle

    Yup.     Any other debacles in Cologne on New Year's Eve with migration under/overtones that I missed?     I've now edited the original post to clarify what I referred to.
  10. Cologne NYE debacle

    I didn't see a thread on this yet. The attacks (theft & sexual assault) on New Year's Eve at the Hauptbahnhof area in Cologne sound dreadful   I see two main discussion areas about this event.   (1) What really amazes me is that I didn't see it on news sites until 5 days later.  What's up with that?  Did it really trickle out so slowly the media didn't notice it until Monday evening?  I can't believe the left-leaning media leans that far left to "cover up" such a juicy story for literally days.   (2). And what does this event say about Germany's recent migrant influx?   Cologne has had a huge Turkish population for years, but it doesn't seem that migrant group was involved in this incident. Were the bad actors recent immigrants?  Was this get-together somehow related to recent migration, or was it some perfect storm resulting from social media contacts and might have happened two years ago just as easily?  Was it an "us" (migrations Hintergrund guys) vs. "them" (ethnic Germans/Europeans) event?
  11. Suing my office building for neglect?

    sorry you had a fall, but I don't think you have a case.  but then, I'm not a German Rechtsanwalt.  Usually to succeed on a negligence claim you have to show that your injury was caused by the defendant's negligence.  What you have described is that you fell over something, and later it was still there.  Perhaps they are negligent to have still left it there after having been alerted to it being there (subsequent to your fall), but you were not injured due to it still being there.  To prove negligence, you would have to show that they knew the material was there BEFORE you fell and that they did nothing to remove it -- i.e., the management company's duty of care to maintain the parking area.  The fact that the material is still there after you fell and reported it may suggest a pattern of not sufficiently taking care of the facility, but good luck with proving that and with connecting the material to your injury.  When someone slips and falls in a grocery store due to a jar of broken pickles, it's not necessarily the store's fault that the broken jar of pickles had not yet been cleaned up.  But if the jar had been broken hours earlier and STILL not cleaned up, then the store customer has got a case.
  12. Renting in Dresden, working abroad

    Dresden ain't cheap.  but there's always something cheap everywhere if one is willing to "settle".  Regarding Fierstf's inquiry, since he spends "most of his time working in poor countries" that is another reason Dresden may not be the spot for him.  Dresden International is a nice airport, but it has few direct international connections to poor countries.  Daily service direct to Moscow though. Getting most places means a change somewhere, z.B. FRA or MUC.  That adds time and expense, and effort, to every trip.