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  1. Pickpockets on public transport

    Almost 2 years here in the Köln area, I've never really heard or seen this, although I know it exists. But this past Saturday, after I picked up my parents from Düsseldorf airport, I finally witnessed and almost became a victim.   After getting on the packed and extremely hot RE from DUS towards Köln, 2 young East European women (I deduced this because of their non-Romance language - it was definitely not a Western European language) came from one carriage to the one we were in. Rather than moving, they just stood at the door. I didn't think too much of this. At D-Benrath, they got off, whispered amongst themselves while looking at the people inside (I was standing at the door so I noticed this) and the got back in again. One went to the stairs and the other towards my father. I thought it was strange that they got off, talked, and hopped backed on so I stood next to my father to keep my eyes on this one. Not one minute has passed, I see her hands (covered by a pullover or sweater) touching the top of my father's pocket. At that point, I jumped between the two of them and asked her stand on the other side of the hand railing where there was room for 2 or 3 people (loud enough and in German so the other passengers heard me). She refused to move because she "couldn't understand" so I told her in English. No luck. So I just stood next to my father while giving her and her accomplice the evil they until Lev-Mitte. The two of them shared glances at each other eying other people's purses but everyone at that point everyone had caught on and had readjusted their personal belongings because of the commotion I caused earlier. The two got off at Lev-Mitte quietly while giving me "the" look. They look like gypsies to me, one petite with long curly hair with a black backpack, one a little overweight with long straight hair and a large purse. Both had large pullovers/sweaters in their hands.   Just a rant. These things upset and annoy the hell out of me so just keep a friendly reminder to lookout for your things in the REs (of course, in any crowded place in general).