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  1. darwiniandemon added a post in a topic: Nebenkostenabrechnung - how long can it take?   

    Thanks for the clarification!
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  2. darwiniandemon added a post in a topic: Nebenkostenabrechnung - how long can it take?   

    Hopefully last post for this on-going drama and perhaps someone can confirm/refute this.

    So, I received a registered letter today asking for the adjustment for 01.01.2011 - 30.06.2011 (I moved out on 30.06.2011). I only received the letter today 02.07.2012 (+2 days after the 1 year period).

    Question is: the 1 year period -- is it when the landlord mails it or when the former tenant receives it?
    I'm hoping for the latter.

    Thanks very much again for your keen wisdom!
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  3. darwiniandemon added a post in a topic: Nebenkostenabrechnung - how long can it take?   

    Thanks! Truly appreciate the response! Fortunately, I've been documenting everything since the beginning because I knew this guy is a snake. His wife is even worse!
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  4. darwiniandemon added a post in a topic: Nebenkostenabrechnung - how long can it take?   

    Boy, this keeps getting better. So, I received a registered letter from him this morning saying that his wife sent the letter and "confirmed" the address on it before putting it in the mailbox and it is therefore assumed I received it on time. He insists that I pay by mid-May (with bold and underline yet no italic).
    Background again: 2010 adjustment received by email in March 2012, he claims he sent it by post in December which I never received.

    Question is: If it's his word against mine, who wins?

    I'm thinking about writing back saying that it's nice she "confirmed" the address on the envelope but I don't control how the post office operates.
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  5. darwiniandemon added a post in a topic: Nebenkostenabrechnung - how long can it take?   

    Thanks for the response.

    He claimed he sent it by mail to my new address by regular post. I never received anything. Guess he didn't use registered mail. So, I guess he's out of luck for 2010. He'll probably come after me for the 6 months in 2011 though. Darn.

    Thx again.
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  6. darwiniandemon added a post in a topic: Nebenkostenabrechnung - how long can it take?   

    Sorry to revive this thread.

    I moved out of my apartment in 30.06.2011 to a new job in a new country.
    My former landlord sends me a nebenkostenabrechung for 550€ (!) dated for the period from 01.01.2010 - 31.12.2010.

    Question: did he inform me too late for this period? I am reading up on the this thread and am I wrong to think that he should have sent it to me during 2011, and not in March 2012?

    Should I tell him that he's out of luck for not informing me on time? (though, I guess he can still send me something for the 6 months in 2011). Thanks in advance. I thought I'm rid of this guy buy he seems to be a pain in the ass.
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  7. darwiniandemon added a post in a topic: Electrical purchases in Düsseldorf   

    Another vote for Amazon.de
    Just bought a new TV from there for 70% off the price I saw at Saturn. All the effort I had to make was clicking through to check out and then opening my door 2 days later when the delivery guy brought it up 4 floors.

    Also get a Payback card because your Amazon.de purchases are eligible for points at 1 point / 1€ spent (about 1% payback rebate). I imagine all that together is easily over €1k so that should give you at least €10 for free to spend at Kaufhof or Real,-
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  8. darwiniandemon added a post in a topic: Canadian Interested in Working in Germany   

    Canadian here for 2.5 years. Also came to work here after graduation (although at age 24).
    I think my German actually deteriorated since my day-to-day work is English. Even the official language is English at a regional German bank where my gf works.

    German is definitely not necessary in Finance. But if you have no experience, I see no reason to hire from abroad when there are plenty of fresh graduates from good biz schools in the area from Frankfurt (such as Wiesbaden).

    In addition to learning more German as others have already mentioned, get some working experience as well.
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  9. darwiniandemon added a post in a topic: Deals from Groupon and co.   

    Groupon was featured on Extra (RTL) last night.

    Love it how the restauranters are complaining they are not making money because of this. I wonder who put a gun to their head making them participate on Groupon.

    Anyway, great for us consumers!
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  10. darwiniandemon added a post in a topic: Men: What makes you cry?   

    Last scene to Cinema Paradiso. ;(
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  11. darwiniandemon added a post in a topic: "Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior" -WSJ article   

    Might seem foreign and strange but the majority of Asian parents do that. If you look at any education savings plans (called RESPs in Canada; I also worked for one during summer vacation), the number of new enrollments are skewed with new immigrants. They make up most of the new business.

    My brother and my university tuitions were mostly funded from my parents. They were working class immigrants and really saved every penny for my brother and me. The reasoning is: don't spend your time earning money. Study study study then find a good job. Sometimes it pays off and sometimes it doesn't. Fortunately in my case it did, but I would not say it was the studying. It was the opportunity (free time) to learn stuff outside of the educational institution and actually have a social life. In any case, I expect to do the same for my children but without the expectations that they study 24/7.
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  12. darwiniandemon added a post in a topic: "Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior" -WSJ article   

    Hey, why are you reminding me of my Chinese immigrant childhood memories?

    Never allowed to do:
    • attend a sleepover (x)
    • have a playdate (x)
    • be in a school play (check)
    • complain about not being in a school play (check)
    • watch TV or play computer games (check)
    • choose their own extracurricular activities (check)
    • get any grade less than an A (double check)
    • not be the No. 1 student in every subject except gym and drama (triple check)
    • play any instrument other than the piano or violin (check)
    • not play the piano or violin (check)

    Trust me. You cannot imagine how it was. I certainly felt pretty crummy growing up. During undergrad, I spiraled into depression since I could not live up to the expectations. After my useless undergrad degree, I finally developed "don't give a fuck" attitude and did what I wanted to do and went into business school. It turned out better than I had thought because it's something I can excel in and not feel like I'm forced to do it. At first, it was as if she had given up on me (my dad was great though and very supportive). Only did I get a nice job and moving to Germany did things smooth out again. Saving face is important. Guess when she can finally brag about her son working in Europe straight from university, it elevates her level status on the social circles. Damn these Asian mothers.

    BTW, for those that don't know. There are only 4 occupations a Chinese child is allowed to have: Doctor, Engineering, Lawyer, and Accountant. If you are not one of the 4, you're pretty much a failure.

    It's certainly my dream!!! It's slowly coming true.
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  13. darwiniandemon added a post in a topic: First class rail travel with Deutsche Bahn   

    Like martian, I also do the long distance train trips once a month except from Köln - Bern.

    Would also depend on when you are traveling. During rush hour, in both directions, 2nd class is packed like crazy. Köln - Frankfurt - Mannheim - ... - Baden-Baden is usually superpacked. Between Baden-Baden - ... - Basel, it's ok.

    1st has better seats, which are more comfortable for longer distances.

    During off hours, 2nd class is fine in my opinion.
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  14. darwiniandemon added a post in a topic: Life in Germany vs Austria vs Switzerland   

    So true. Actually, Vorarlberg wanted to join Switzerland but the Swiss sagte: Nein, danke!
    At least the dialects around the Bodensee are similarly unintelligible. :lol:
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  15. darwiniandemon added a post in a topic: Pay-as-you-go mobile broadband internet in Germany   

    Just thought I'd revive this thread.

    Over the past 3 weeks, I've been using AldiTalk's Handy Internet (not UMTS). It's pre-paid for €7.99 / month and has unlimited usage. Well, actually 500 mb 3G and then it slows down to 56kbps afterward.

    So far so good. No problems so far on my phone. Set-up took 30 seconds. Since it uses eplus, I get pretty good reception in NRW for 3G. On the regional trains, I get EDGE. On the EC/ICs, mostly GPRS. The eplus network in the south is somewhat spotty.

    In case anyone wants a pay-as-you-go mobile internet on their mobile phone without a contract, I think this is a pretty good deal. There's even an AldiTalk app for it if you use an Android phone. Cancel at anytime but I guess once you're addicted, there's no turning back.
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