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  1. Tomorrow is the show! Special guests galore! Hope to see you there! Comedy makes you laugh. Laughing is good for you.
  2. Bake This takes the stage with special guests galore!  We'll be performing with Thomas Lynwood Ditz (from Fast Food Theater), our own amazing Lukas on the keyboard, and our Improv DJ Tom Hafner. Who knows what madness we'll bake up?! Come join us for this fun night of improv, and help us cook up a riot!  Thursday, May 19 Brandstetter, Herzogstrasse 29 (near Münchener Freiheit Ubahn) Doors open at 17:00 - Show starts at 20:00 No ticket pre-sales 8€, 5€ reduced at the door     **Make sure to get there early, secure your seats, and enjoy an incredible Branstetter burger before the show. (they are really good, and I'm picky)
  3. Save this's gonna be wild and fun! So many different talents from all over the place. 
  4. Let's JAM! Tonight, 8pm, glockenbachwerkstatt, be there or be completely unjammy, which is obviously way less fun.
  5. Don't miss out!  Sign up now:
  6.   The Improv Marathon, is the next big event leading up to the Improvember Improv fest (November 3-6, 2016). Come join a slue of other improvisers (both English and German), on Friday, May 27th at Brandstetter in Schwabing. It will be a true improv fiasco with players representing more than 18 different improv groups from around the area! The goal is, to play 10 hours of non-stop improv theater in order to get the city cheering for the art of improv and to promote our up-coming festival. The Marathon will begin at 18:00 and won't end till the cows come home or the fat lady sings. So What do you think...How long will the party go on?   All donations received on this evening will help fund the exciting Improvember International Improv Festival in November.   Check it out!  Friday, May 27, 2016 starting at 18:00  Brandstetter, Herzogstrasse 29 (near Münchener Freiheit)     Check in here to see who's playing when! And please like our Facebook page. See you there?    
  7. Still some spots left. Learn how to improvise by trusting your own intuition and instincts. Useful tips for both life and the stage. We'll play some improv games towards the end to help practice what you've learned. Sign up now:
  8. share your ideas...we use them as inspiration. See the magic unfold live, right in front of your eyes! See you there?
  9. Tomorrow, Tomorrow, we're playing tomorrow! Come join the Bakers, and be a part of the storytelling journey.   See you there?
  10. The Here and Now...  It's time to stop thinking so much and to simply go for it! This improv workshop is designed to help you get out of your head and into the moment of the scene. You'll learn tricks for staying in the present, being more aware of your partners and surroundings, and acting on impulses. Take home important skills to help you in your daily life, and learn how to play again! Sunday, May 08. 12:30 - 16:30 at Elisabethplatz 36€, 30€ (reduced rate) Sign up now by sending an email to:
  11. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who came. It was really wonderful to work with you.
  12. Tick tick tick....the time is almost here! Make sure to come early and have dinner before the show to secure your seats.It's gonna fill up for sure this time!  Doors open at 17:00, show starts at 20:00. See you there?
  13. Last chance to sign up! To secure your spot in the workshop, send an email to:    Small group, 2 teachers...a great opportunity! Don't miss out!
  14. Some people have asked...this workshop is appropriate for anyone who can speak a decent level of English. Non-native speakers VERY welcome! A great way to practice your English in a highly supportive environment.
  15. Still some spots left, sign up now!