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  1. Get out of the cold and warm up your laughing muscles, as Bake This performs improvised theater for the last time in 2015! Enjoy a new look, delicious food, and tasty drinks at Brandstetter (formally Hot-Shot). Bring a friend, bring an enemy, but just make sure to be there!   -Thursday, December 10, 2015 -Doors open at 17:30 show starts at 20:00 -Brandstetter, Herzogstraße 29 in Schwabing (near Münchener Freiheit Ubahn) -5€ cover at the door, no ticket pre-sales         
  2. It's official! The first ever English improv show for kids is happening! Featuring Bake This and Gabi Deeg from Cologne's Taubenhaucher    WHEN: Sunday, November 15...Show starts at 11:00 (doors open at 10:40) WHERE: Mil's Sportrestaurant Pizzeria da Luigi & Enzo, Hans-Denzinger-Straße 2, 80807 München. Next to U2 Milbertshofen.   HOW MUCH: 5€ per person at the door, children under 4 years of age are FREE WHAT TO BRING: a mat or pillow to sit on the floor, an adult, and a smile    Mil's is an Italian restaurant featuring affordable and delicious pizza, pasta, salads, and more. Why not stay afterwards and join the improvisers for a yummy lunch? Tell your friends, tell your enemies, shout it from the treetops, "KIDS, this improv show is for YOU!"   See you there?        
  3. Found a great chiropractor

    Hi Metal...sorry it took me so long...I am not sure if there is a standard price or how it works as a rule. Before I tell you the wrong thing, I'd suggest you contact them to ask. I will say, it is the first time I have had any relief in years. Been seeing him now for a number of weeks.   Most chiropractors here don't have the years of training that Dr. Santek has. In Germany, I believe they get an official "Zertifikat" of chiropractic after having completed a 6 week course. Scary.      
  4. Save the Date****Save the Date****Save the Date Bake This presents: English Improv Show for KIDS! The children are in charge. We use their ideas to create a fun story that unfolds live, right in front of their eyes.  Every show is unique – crafted for children who are there, so whether your child is into princesses, dragons, or lego unicorns; we can make it happen.   Join your kids by shouting out, dancing, and flapping their arms to help us bring their suggestions to life. Suited for children 4-12 and anyone else with an imagination and a sense of humor. WHEN: November 15, 2015 (Time TBA, between 10:30 and 13:00)WHERE: TBA (to be announced) More information coming soon so stay tuned!
  5. Halloween Trick or Treating with map

    You're welcome. Every year we hope to improve. It is hard to convince the neighbors that kids from other neighborhoods are welcome and make it all the more fun. They feel like it is intrusive, I've been told. It is hard to get them on board. But with the addition of the Trunk-or-Treaters, there was a lot more going on. Thank you for your suggestions.
  6. Halloween Trick or Treating with map

    Here are the maps! One is a map and one is a pdf list. See you on Saturday the 31st between 6:30 and 8:30pm. Map:
  7. Found a great chiropractor

    Hi Toytowners.    For all the "crack" addicts out there like is a recommendation for a great American trained chiropractor with EXCELLENT English. He gives great adjustments, is super friendly, and treats patient's kids free of charge! Right at the Ubahn Olympia Einkaufzentrum in the new Mona building.  It is such a relief to be able to get proper adjustments again! If you do make an appointment, please let him know you saw this on Toytown.      
  8. Halloween Trick or Treating with map

    Hi Beba! So glad to hear you had fun last year. Yes, the final route will be posted here on the 30th and the Trick or Treating will be on the evening of the 31st between 18:30 and 20:30. Make sure to say hi at the spooky house...that's us :-)
  9. Tonight's the night. You coming? 
  10. Halloween Trick or Treating with map

    Hello there! Yes it will indeed. We'll be passing out the flyers within the next couple of weeks. I will post the link to the map right here again on October 30. Once again the Trick or Treating will be between 6:30 and 8:30pm. Looking forward to seeing you there. 
  11. Tickets only €5 at the door. Make sure to get there early. The place fills up very quickly! You can eat and drink at Hot-Shot as well. See you there?
  12. Hot-Shot - Herzogstraße 29 Doors open at 17:30 Show starts at 8:00pm   An improv celebration of everything autumn, featuring the Bake This cast and Anna Renzenbrink from Melbourne, Australia!! Anna is an engaging and charming performer who specialises in character comedy. For eleven years Anna was a member of the Impro Melbourne ensemble, fortunate enough to train with directors Patti Stiles & Jason Geary, and regularly perform Theatresports, Gorilla and Micetro. AND SHE'S PERFORMING WITH US, Bake This for one night only!    
  13. Looking for English-language storytimes

    I used to offer an English story time at the international Children's Library in Schloss Blutenburg and for a year in a public German library in Schwabing. Pretty much ANY library would be thrilled to have a volunteer offer their services. If you do want to offer something, which I think is great and would be well received, just contact a library branch or the International library. I did it once a month...I also was able to state which age groups etc... good luck!
  14. Very excited about this show. Not every day that English theater makes it to Munich. 
  15. We will be there! Looking forward!