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  • Interests History, Archaeology, Beer, retro music and lifestyle (Swing and Jive music etc) I like a nicely cut retro suit and fedora. A chap should wear a hat after all...if you disagree then you are are just uncouth. Perhaps Matron can sort it out for you. If not then maybe the Grenadier Guards will beat some sense in your Neanderthal shell-like
  1. I hope they throw the entire bookcase at this piece of shit
  2. Due to a lack of space I have to shift some reproduction Roman military items:   A "Pompeii" pattern galdius. Manufacturer unknown. The point has been slightly rounded down to make it suitable for safe handling. Comes with baldrick.   A Legionary pattern Scutum. This is the classic type of shield that the Milites could form the Testudo with. Used once for show and tell - essentially brand new.    E120 for the lot ovno. Pick up from Pasing   Photos here: https://www.facebook.com/Dark-History-Tours-158437778910/
  3. Does anyone know if they are taking blood in Munich? Did I imagine it or is there a place on Dachauer str?  
  4. Did you register to run but then found out that work or family commitments clashed? Do you want to shift your registration?   A pal of mine back home in Wales was too late to register and is desperate to run and reckons the only way this would be possible this year is with a cancellation. The few remaining places are not available to non-residents/citizens.   All help appreciated,   Taff
  5. Archaeology Placement

    Check your email Loonyspook
  6. Customer experiences with Postbank

    Just had my Krankenhasse (Axa) take 3 unauthorised payments in addition to my regular monthly payments. Looking at my account, one of them was repaid almost immediately but two went out in the last week - one just yesterday. I could not understand why my account was down... thought I had gotta money out when a bit smashed (it could happen :-) )   How can this happen? I do not have a direct debit set up - I pay it manually online every month. How can money be taken from my account by Axa without typing in the correct TAN number on my phone? Not sure who to speak to first... Postbank or Axa. Not at all happy about this