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  1. Taffthedigger added a post in a topic: Need a small venue somewhere centralish   

    April 30th is the anniversary of the Liberation of Munich by US forces in 1945. I am thinking of offering a talk on this subject and need a room around this date. This is the first time I have done anything like this as a sit-down presentation so I would like to start small with perhaps 30 people max. There is no need for a bar, although tea and coffee facilities would be a bonus.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance,

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  2. Taffthedigger added a post in a topic: Volunteer archaeology work around Wiesbaden.   

    Speak to your local Landesamt für Denkmalpflege. They may give you some direct leads. If they cannot oblige, ask for their list of local contractors - with a bit of cold calling/email writing, you might be able to get in somewhere


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  3. Taffthedigger added a post in a topic: When the time comes   

    Shit. 08.14am with not enough coffee...too early to be reading this thread...

    My ha'penny's worth:

    Mum died oc lung,liver and bowel cancer in 1995. She had worked in GP's surgeries most of her life and as such well very clued upon what was happening to her. She refused morphine on the grounds that she might not have all her faculties. She fought hard for - it must be 7 or 8 months - before it really ripped into to body. Towards the end, I crept downstairs (we brought her bed down as going upstairs was out of the question)with a pillow, determined. By this stage she was like something out of Buchenwald - no longer the mother I knew just skin and bone, sunken eyes. I got half way downstairs with my pillow. Thats as far as I got.

    A little while later - maybe days, maybe a few weeks - it's all a bit of a blur - one night I heard dad calling - crying "She's gone...she's gone". I looked into her face. The eyeswere half closed and the lips were dissecated, pulled back in a death grimace. A question that bothers me to this day is whether she was a awake or whether the the eyes and mouth being open were post-mortem. I hate the idea of her being awake and afraid. A few hours later, relatives come around. It was odd, drinking tea, dunking biscuits and making small talk whilst a few metres away in the living room lay the cadaver of the woman who gave birth tome, took me to school on that first day...who made the best Sunday dinners with Yorkshire Pudding.

    Only a few months later my best buddy and climbing partner fell asleep on his balcony whilst in Austria for the skiing. The railing was quite low and fellout of his chair and over the railing when asleep. He was on the 5th floor. He was 17.

    I cracked.And the next ten years or so where spent being angry and depressed. And then there is booze...

    Fast forward to April last year. Bob was an active 71 year old. My father. He gets chest pains one night but reckons it's indegestion. Working as a driver for a private medical insurance firm, he knew the signs of a heart attack but of course, it never happens to *you*...it's always some other bugger. In any case, he was the sort of guy who hated making a fuss or causing anyone undue aggro. His girlfriend, when she hears hs complaint about indegestion several hours later, recognises what is really going on. The ambulance arrives. It's serious. It had been a massive heart attack. All 3 valves damaged...badly. They need to put a stent in but his blood pressure is so low, it won't work. Hospital. I get a phone call. Thats bad.Easyjet? Best and quickest way to Cardiff from Munich? 5 minutes later: phone. The only chance he has is for the doctors to put him under.It will be less stress on the heart.Ok. Less than 10 minutes later. It's all over.

    I reply those minutes in the hospital in my mind's eye. Did the doctor put himunder to spare him being concious when the moment came? Or was there really a slim chance that he might have stabilised long enough for them to fix him? It troubles me that I was not there.

    Nearly a year on, I get bad days. I try and stay busy and not think about this too much. I can easily get all introverted over this. I have however learnt somthing from the passing of mum and dad. Mum told me that she would win. The agonies she endured in trying to beat the cancer - knowing full well as she did with her background that it was futile (sure, what else do you do?)... I weigh this against how dad went - quick - a matter of hours. He was petrified of getting old, getting dementia or being hooked up to a machine, so I guess he got his wish.

    On balance, I think the way to go is like my father Robert Simon - I would not wish the drawn out agonies of my mother on anyone.

    Sorry that this a bit long winded...it's actaully theraputic for me writing this stuff down...

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  4. Taffthedigger added a post in a topic: Where to buy WWI and WWII German military antiques   

    "I recommend using me or if I do not have what you want asking me for a list of other reputable dealers. I would say 80 % of the web stores are full of fakes. Ebay is a minefield also"

    If I was a dealer I would also suggest buying from me and paying a premium. However, as a collector, I know that not being to handle and examine a piece beforehand is asking for trouble - whether on Evilbay or elsewhere. Caveat empor

    Had a look at your website... nothing there for me really (I collect Lufty and Luftschutz)... but if I was going to buy, part with my hard-won green, some sort of money back guarantee/cooling off period would say a great deal about the quality of your goods. Do you offer such a thing? For example, I am always very suspicious of cloth and a photo or two cannot compete with having the article in your hand.

    I disagree with you that the Fleamarkets are are no good. Sure, if you want the high end stuff you won't get it - and if you do it will be some aged copy - but lower end stuff - Kochgeschirre, Feldflaschen, Knobelbecher etc are not exactly rare. My take on it is that if someone knows they have General der Flakartillerie von Shroder's Tuchrock, they wouldn't be selling it at Flohmarkt Riem. On the otherhand for example, HBT Drillich jackets and pants turn up because they look a bit like the NVA ones. In fact a few years back ALDI were selling complete off-white worksuits...all that was missing were the belt hooks and hook and eye at the throat...it's a common enough item of clothing that hasbeen used in the same basic style for ages. To Joe public, there is no difference and sometimes do not know what something is. In the last six months (in effect, 4 trips to the Fleamrkets) I picked up two officer's belts, being sold as DDR and a pair of Fliegerstiefel being sold as Bundy. Stuff is out there if one has the patience and eye.

    I will concur though that Imperial German items - particularly "signature items" like Pickelhauben and Kratchen - in good condition are good investmants.
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  5. Taffthedigger added a post in a topic: The Vent   

    In a little over a year, my father Bob, uncle Len,uncle David, and now last week auntie June have pegged out.All at fairly young ages. This means that apart from us kids, all of mums lot and dads side are dead.

    Fucking great. Really fucking great. Damn it all. It's not fucking fair
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  6. Taffthedigger added a post in a topic: Building registry in Munich   

    Hi Billybob,

    the building is right next to a kiddies playground and I doubt that a note would stay on the door very long. Also, it really looks as if the owners really seldom visit the structure - the door handle has been removed, a bit of rubbish in the doorway. I was sizing the building up the other day and a local resident - he lived not 10 metres away - went past.I asked himif he knew anything at all about the building - whether it was used for anything - ever see anybody coming and going.He had no idea. It's weird...residential area, kiddies playground...and this building with no clues as to anything.Not even "KEEP OUT"
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  7. Taffthedigger added a post in a topic: Recent archaeological digs in Munich   

    SingualArch is a local archaeological firm with a very high publication rate - some digs never even get published

    If you click here you find well illustrated reports of many sites in and around Munich that have been recently excavated. In 99% of the cases this were done ahead of development.

    (Sorry, nothing here on the fiasco in Marienhof)

    Part 2 of the Franz-Fihl Str (Moosach) excavation will be published shortly - it had Bronze Age stuff,a house that was wrecked by the Swedes in 1632, WW2 bunkers, (as well as evidence of black marketering directly next to one of them)...and a body in well.Exciting stuff,but you are just going toahve to wait...

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  8. Taffthedigger added a post in a topic: Building registry in Munich   

    Thank you Sara,

    that sounds like just the ticket :-)
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  9. Taffthedigger added a post in a topic: Building registry in Munich   

    I have seen a building I would be interested in renting for work. The building is currently - as far as be ascertained - not regularly used and is securely locked up. There are no clues as to who (whether an individual or company)owns it.

    I'm guessing that there must be an Ampt somewhere in local government that keeps a list of who owns what...any ideas on what it might be called? Or any ideas full stop?


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  10. Taffthedigger added a post in a topic: Archaeology jobs in/near Munich and Bavaria   

    Hi Sinead,

    with all the experience in the world,you would be unlikely to get a job straight off as a Supervisor. German research dig techniques will not be applicable on a commercial site - just like home. Despite digging as a professional for 6 years, when I got here I was on a very low wage. Despite being an archaeologist (Archaeologe. Sorry,no umlaut key) I was little better off than an unskilled labouerer of helper (Grabungshilfe).

    3 years on (it was not constant work by the way...a little job here a little job there)I got promoted to Super (Grabungstechnikner) although to be honest, the duties are only what I would expect from a digger who has trained in the UK and Ireland anyway. i.e make sure the newbies don't trash the site...if we are in a rush you draw the newbies sections and plans...being aware of the time and budget...produce work of a high standard etc.

    With a bit more experience and a vehicle you could expect to make Schnittleiter...which is along the lines of a PO.

    Self employment is the norm here.Health and safety is a nice idea.(they laugh when you wear Hi-viz and helmet). Whats a Risk Assessment?

    Language skills are a must although a thorough understanding - an expertise - in a subject (me,I'm all rounder but if push came to shove I'm a Romanist) will also be useful. As would the ability to use something like a Leica or Nikon TST and of course CAD.

    Pay? Well I started off on about E12 an hour but mt last job was a very useful E18...my colleagues complained that some companies (didn't actually say which, so maybe its BS) will pay E20+ for an experienced digger/super.

    With your experience, being a Director, I would look a bit closer to home at the moment...try and get on one of the Pipelines...give Network a ring in England. Long hours, 6 days a week plus overtime...it's tough but the wages are good...


    PS If you do get a job with a commercial unit here you will pull your hair out at the some the shit they pull...far too quick in my opinion (one company has the policy "One stiff, one worker,one day"...so thats a skele fully exposed, photographed (colour/digi/B+W and with photogrametary), draw and coloured in, finds collated, bones removed and packed and then digging the remaining grave fill out)

    I have a tip for a big job in Munich (BA cemetary/prob some Roman/early Med - Grubenhauser etc) which is due to start Feb-March and will last a while.A good firm, good standards..they speak English...start out wages are not great...and all the recordsare done on hand held PC...diggers just dig and draw...no messing about with paperwork. they do tend to oversimplfy the stratigraphy...but what the hell...its not my country...who am I to tell them how to do it? I'll PM you the details if you are interested
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  11. Taffthedigger added a post in a topic: Newly discovered dinosaur skeleton on display   

    Excuse the awful reporting on this link - it is bad even by Daily Mail standards. I made a few phone calls as I thought he/she would be in the Paleontology museum by Konigs Platz but it turns out it is in the mineral exhibition at Messe-Stadt Ost until Sunday.
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  12. Taffthedigger added a post in a topic: Drinking alcohol on MVG public transport is banned   

    I went to the Kiosk in Marienplatz S/U last night after work and the guy said he cannot sell beer after 8pm. I said "Good joke...one cold Helles please"...but it was no joke.

    Perhaps we can apply for some sort of boozeshein from the KVR? S*itbags
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  13. Taffthedigger added a post in a topic: Looking for a shop selling raw leather in Munich   

    Thanks TroyBoy I'll check it out
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  14. Taffthedigger added a post in a topic: Looking for a shop selling raw leather in Munich   

    Title sums it up. I'm looking for somewhere that has a good selection of leather in order to knock up some copies of ancient boots and belts. All I have found are Mr Minute type places that can repair shoes but don't actually sell the basic leather. Any ideas anyone?

    Thanks in advance,

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  15. Taffthedigger added a post in a topic: Coach/Mini bus hire in Munich   

    Cor! Thanks! Turn your back to make some coffee and two really useful links. :)
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