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  1. History and archaeology tour on June 13th

    Our tours involve handling artefacts. Unfortunately, they do not like the rain and the wet, which is what we are forecast on Saturday, so regretfully, we have to pull this tour. If there is interest we will run the same one later in the summer. We are also planning a walk through the woods at Grunwald where we would visit the prehistoric burial mounds, learn about the massive archaeological dig which took place in the village back in 2013 (where the golf course used to be) and examine the late Roman fort. Regards, Taff http://www.wunderground.com/global/stations/10866.html  
  2. Archery clubs in Munich

    HanZi - is this ongoing? I have been looking at starting out in archery - only interested in traditional western bows - but feel a bit lost when it comes to choosing a bow suitable for an adult novice. Regards, Taff
  3. History and archaeology tour on June 13th

    ​There is always next year katheliz :-)  
  4. This weekend Munich commemorates its official foundation back on June 14th, 1158.   Dark History Tours will be running a tour on Saturday which will examine the following aspects of local history:   Before Munich: an introduction to the prehistoric and early history of the region   Surviving Medieval defences   The “Great Pestilence”: the Black Death – causes, cures and quacks   Learn how to “read” Medieval gravestones and church architecture   A great stink – health and hygiene   “Crime” and punishment in early modern Munich   The most persecuted: recent archaeological excavations in the former Jewish quarter   Medieval fashion – we may need a volunteer to model the latest 14th century duds   Chivalry (?) Get to handle a sword or two... Get to examine original ancient artefacts like flint knives, ancient coins and pottery     Meeting in front of the Altes Rathaus on Marienplatz, just by the drinking fountain at 10.45 Cost: E15 Adults, E12 Concessions (students, seniors, serving or ex-military, fire brigade, ambulance crew or police officers) Booking not required but if you fancy joining us just let us know on here... :-) Taff