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    Oh, and by the way- the picture requirement is nothing more than a simple (but effective) tool for potential employers to use in weeding out foreigners and minority applicants. Now, you doubters and naive sceptics out there who are not minorities will surely question this, but I can tell you- as a black minority- sending a picture with your application is the equivalent of applicant suicide. THAT said, I would recommend that, if you are a minority with a university degree (Diplom/Masters or whatever) looking for a professional white collar job in Germany, try to get in touch with a good recruiter or headhunter before you waste too much time sending out applications by the "herkoemmliche" approach. Many recruiters often have personal ties to hiring managers they've known and worked with for years, and so they can pretty much get you an interview you probably would not get if you were to apply for a position in the traditional German way. I of course recommend this for all job seekers, but ESPECIALLY for minorities- this way, you're far less likely to hear a potential employer say something to the effect of, "naja- er passt einfach nicht zu uns" after you've been through 3 or 4 grueling and annoying interviews.
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