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  1. asianbabe added a post in a topic: Naked photos of your husband's ex-girlfriend   

    My husband found that i still have picture of my ex boyfriend on some online storage that the password and username I saved in Mozilla.
    There were me and my ex holiday in beach and we have also sexy picture there..
    oh and on my computer hidden folder too..
    But you know, when you thinking and too much feeling about it, you will be just hurt and arrguing in the end..
    Maybe better to keep that away or destroy that ( my husband always told me to do that ;-) )
    and just letting go..

    one time my husband have a picture of his classmate, i strike him back and i said
    "why i should to forget my past and destroy it? When you can still keeping them, and i'm not ?)
    He run grab the scissors and start to cuting them :-D and I was like OMG ( should i delete my secret picture too )
    hha hha :-D yeah, it's never ending when you "keep" those things exist..
    I probably think that your husband already forgot about that, and lets don't talk to remember him
    just destroy it hehe >:-D
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  2. asianbabe added a post in a topic: Someone rear-ended our car   

    It's hard to explain.. the accident happened 1 meter away after we drive up from the deep garage.
    it's not yet a big road.. people still can park on the side road..

    So, at that time.. Some other guy want to park on the side of the road, so the way is only one free..
    and that's the way my husband should drive after turn to the right.
    but the other guy again (cause my husband pull break instantly) were cut and don't see us. (because is supposed to be our way, the guy cause my husband pull the break is actually should to wait) and then when my husband pulled the break and then the guy who have problem now with us don't see and *bumb* crash our back of the car

    Appologize for my english.. I realy can't talk in english nor german..
    I try to explain oh god.. It's hard. :-)
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  3. asianbabe added a post in a topic: Someone rear-ended our car   

    Yes Mandatory.. I will keep silent until the insurance tell us how is..
    when i would win I will puke in his head. Haha :-D
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  4. asianbabe added a post in a topic: Someone rear-ended our car   

    Stupid? Yes we are. The guy is living on the oposite side of our apartment.
    should we suspicious?? the way he talk realy nice blablabla..
    it is our fault. and it come accros to this point in not even 3 hours after the accident happened.

    Thankyou.. we will wait, i just try to help information about such a scam, maybe some people
    already had this problem before which is i hope not and never ever again..
    when we probably should to pay, then just let our money gone and make him happy,
    not to bother us anymore..

    Ok thankyou. I just worried that when he would lose he going more and more to finally get money from us..
    for his "imagination" reparation :-(
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  5. asianbabe added a post in a topic: Someone rear-ended our car   

    Police knowing the law, but they can't push the law that's why we still need a lawyer and justice court.
    Is not about smart or not, Cleaning Service also can be smarter than a police.

    but the problem is the guy was make us trouble like this is our fault. and asked for money.
    he treathing us that he will going to justice againts my husband if we wouldn't not pay what we shouldnt pay.
    He turned the case to our fault. And think that why i should to pay?
    i'm afraid my husband lose my job, and I don't want to pay..
    So when the money and declare to insurance that i will take care of own my car and insurance his car will help us,
    It's not going to a big deal. But why I should to pay everything on his car?
    which is crashed is only infront the right side down, not more.
    he said the door, the whole front, the wheel.. And maybe later he will say the engine too :-S

    Like i wrote in the title, should i pay the guy who crashed into my car.

    Yes, i understood. But the guy keep threting us and do anything that he can do for making us afraid and pay.
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  6. asianbabe added a post in a topic: Someone rear-ended our car   

    We don't accept any call from now on.. I just realy affraid..
    because the guy were push hard our nerves...
    it's ok about money, but not to threating us by sending letter to police departement calling them ask for my husband
    a whole day long so my husband get alot trouble and so.
    oh gosh i don't know. why people like that?

    I mean i actually don't want to pay the money, but well when it's realy need to do
    I think it's the best way..
    i just afrraid..
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  7. asianbabe added a post in a topic: Someone rear-ended our car   

    The guy who crashed our car turn the issued.. That we who crashed his car.
    My husband ofcourse telling the truth and report the case to insurance.
    but now, the guy were call us and told us that his bumper infront the car is total broken,
    the wheel is not good anymore, the door can't open right and so.. and he also told us that he realy affraid that we were
    told to insurance that this is his fault????!?!?!?!?!?!?

    so he turned the case that we the one who should to pay him,
    we crashed not even 20kmh.
    because at that time my husband was pull the break sudenlly when he want turn to the right (because theres a car coming)
    and *bump* that car crashed our back car. (potition is we want to off from apartment garage from underground park)

    Now the guy teror us, calling my husband office, 1000x to my husband handy and he talked on voice mail,
    "i have 2 witnesses"
    Seems like a sign for us, for something bad you know (i'm afraid)

    And we called ADAC laywer and asking about this.. That is yes our mistake we don't call police at that time..
    but the witneses will probably win againts insurance case like this than a picture that we have.

    I would probably ok for paying the guy, i don't mind whenever it's not our fault.
    but because the guy said he want to get a lawyer and make a case to jistice that my husband as a police man repoted a lie case.
    it's gonna be a problem for us.

    and in another side, we are right. but why we should to pay?
    seems the guy make a sign that "i will do more if you don't pay for my car"
    and it's kinda bad for us. real bad.
    the way it's complicated that we just have a picture that seems can't say anything right in this case.

    I'm dilema.. i don't know what to do
    Sorry if i'm talking weird, it's hard for me to explaine the way i'm shaking while i'm typing :-S
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  8. asianbabe added a post in a topic: Someone rear-ended our car   

    He will lose his job because in this case he reported <lie information>.
    As what the guy who crashed our car witnesses will say that we are the one who crashing him

    Complicated. I know. I don't understand myself.
    But as Police you shouldnt telling the lie..

    And when ADAC lawyer said : the other who have witnesses will probably win
    And we, me and my husband only have a picture...
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  9. asianbabe added a post in a topic: Someone rear-ended our car   

    he also afraid himself. because the guy called to his office until now..
    The guy said he wanted to make a letter to police departement and telling that we lie
    and bla bla bla that what we realy afraid now :-(

    because we know that we were right, we report the case and call his insurance and call my insurance..
    and now.. he turn around the fact. niw we he say that my husband was turning back and crashed into his car..
    until his door his infront his wheel blabla broke!

    What is that.. ??
    I don't want to go more further..

    When they say justice will be for the one who having witnesses,
    We realy absurd to just took some picture..

    For me, is ok that we should to pay him..
    but i asking myself what for, because we are the one who's right?!
    Or maybe theres another way to clear this problem..

    Shaking a whole night long.. :-( i'm realy sad why theres people we belive make like this
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  10. asianbabe added a post in a topic: Someone rear-ended our car   

    So the kronolog is =>

    My husband was driving out from our apartment, turned the right side but he sudenlly pulled the break because there's another car coming from the other right side.. and *bump* other car from behind crashed to our back of the car :-(

    We talked about it.. He say sorry, I say sorry. We gave him our insurance number and he also too..
    ( we don't call the police, because he have a meeting and need to hurry.. I tought it would probably fine because we talked it clear and all seems alright so we just took some picture )

    in the night, he called us and said that "i'm realy afraid when i look the picture, it seems like i was crashed into your car, because in the picture look-as-it was my car fault.. and i can't open my door anymore"

    So, My was felt not good about it.. I said just hang of and say busy and don't want to argue on the phone.

    The case now
    => he claimed that is our fault <==

    he try to contact us, calling us like crazy.. calling to my husband office and blablabla he try to molesting us

    He said he have 2 witnesses who saw what happen at that time and what we have is only a picture from my iphone that time already happened..

    my husband was called ADAC lawyer and they say, when he have witness then we are done!!
    And how about the value of my picture than a word???
    well they said we probably in the bad side..

    What I should to do in this case, i do belive in him the first time because he also living nearby anyway. I know it was my fault to not call the police..
    i don't know what we need to do know..

    We already call insurance and apply for the case report..but it seems we going to lose :-( but it's also not our fault.. and i don't want to make long the case..

    Should i just agreed for paying him even tought that we were not wrong? Because my husband is a police and he probably loosing his job when we getting more to this case and lose this case..

    I'm afraid, because sometimes law is not for someone who have the truth. :-(

    My husband is german, the car is registered by him, the only he have as a witnesses is me :-S i don't know who was there.. and inly my dog in the back of the car which is can't help anything..

    Please give me opinion what we should to do, it's ok for us to pay his car whenever his fault. Also our car mazda Rx8  is cost me alone for  about 3500€ and when he said he need to change the wheel, the door wasnt open right anymore,  the bumper infront car, or MAYBE later he said the engine were not starting anymore.. Or maybe even worth he scam me more by saying his car is now falling apart...god, how much my insurance should to pay for that... ?? and ofcourse it's gonna be my point and 75% up what I paid from this year :-(

    I just don't want my husband loosing his job.
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