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  1. katkla added a post in a topic: If you don't like it here,   

    Why don't you go back for a holiday to visit your family?
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  2. katkla added a post in a topic: If you don't like it here,   

    I am american (florida) and will be flying to Germany to be with my fiancee on wednesday! I know that it will be challenge to learn german and etc.. bow
    However i have always loved germany from a distance.. the people and the culture fascinate me! Will i be homesick? Yeah... but i am not going back to america! Home is where your heart is!
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  3. katkla added a post in a topic: Suspecting neighborhood girl may have been abused   

    Well this girl has confided in you. Sounds to me she wants someone to give a damn and help her! Trust your gut instinct and do what you can to help her.. good luck
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