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  1. DerHirsch added a post in a topic: Requesting Advice on Work Contract / Conditions   

    I'm look for some non-biased advice on a tricky work situation I'm presently encountering and thought TT would be the place to ask. I'm using another username as I need a bit of privacy on this one as others here know me and I could use the anonimity.

    Back in October I began a new job in the area of Landwirtschaft. Mostly I work with animals. I truly enjoy the work. Cleaning up after animals is not at the top of my list of enjoyment points, but nonetheless...

    This past Tuesday evening, all workers (animal carers and hand-workers) were called into a meeting and told that the owners received an offer to buy out their business here in Bayern and accepted the offer. They are moving back to Baden-Württemberg to their old place. The owners asked that we all come along and if we chose not to, the new owners (coming from Poland) agreed to employ us. The next day I informed the owner that I prefered to stay. I received a generous offer of a car for traveling back and forth to BW from BY or the cost of moving me to BW and any other costs. Very generous. I turned them down. I'm very comfortable where I am and I only recently moved here.

    Problems. I've yet to have a contract from the owners. I've mentioned this to my supervisor, the woman whose position is between my supervisor and the owner and also the owner. After more than four weeks, still no contract. I know the issues that stem with that, but I worry about placing the figurative spoon in the furgurative pot and stirring. But if the new owner decides to not employ me than I'm not elligible for arbeitslösegeld. Not that I want it! I prefer to work. There is more...

    In regards to Landwirtschaft rights and laws, we can work up to 12 days in a row before we have a weekend. That alone is tough and I'm not that young anymore. I miss having my weekends, but one can not have it all. I am hoping to negotiate that in a contract. Problem is a lack of potential workers here. The owners advertise, but rarely do people apply. This is a rural area and it's not a prestigious job. Shoveling sheep, horse and cow shit is not terribly exciting. Also, this past week only two of us were working in the Stall (optimum is 3 or 4) which means I worked from 8:00 until 17:30 all last week with no break. It seems nit-pickie and a bit whinny, but not having that 30 or 45 minute break is tough when you are carrying hay, straw and feed, schubkarre full of wet, crap filled straw and other physically demanding work with no chance to sit for a bit.

    With two people working non-stop, we're able to get everything clean in time to bring the animals back in just before dark. If we'd taken a break, we'd have been trying to bring the animals back in the darkness. Not fun, that. Moreover, the supervisor lives in BW and that means that she returns home late, which she prefers not to do - but at my expense.

    Why only two? The owner took one of the other animal carers to BW to clean her house there.

    Oh, one other odd matter. This is a bugger. I seem to recall someone telling me we'd be paid at the end of the month. Well, that doesn't seem to be the case. For the month of October, I'm paid on 1 December. For November, I'm paid on 1 January. So consider this: In October, I didn't work the entire month, but only part. So, on 1 December I'll be paid (we'll say) 700€. That 700 is to last me two months! I've been told that taxes and my health insurance are being paid, but as of today, I have no way to know since I won't have a pay sheet until December. Odd?

    I really like this job. I'm outdoors working. I'm caring for dogs, sheep, horse and cows. I'm no longer chained to a desk. No phone ringing all day. I feel great and lost a few kgs. I sleep better. The pay is none too bad. And my co-workers are a great group.

    Again, my worry is that by complaining too much, it will be mentioned to the new Besitzer that I am a complainer. Not a great start and not something I want or prefer doing. I prefer smiles and happiness at work, not aggro.

    17 December is the last day. Less than a month. Should I try talking again to the owners about breaks, contracts, insurance, etc. Of just tolerate this for four more weeks? Or do one of the TT folks have an idea for me?

    Many thanks for taking time to read this and offers of advice.
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