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    Hello, TrabiDriver. I’ve just seen your post and thought that I would offer you my experiences, although our house is in Bayern, is not in a Kolonie and the conditions may vary from those in Sachsen-Anhalt.

    We bought our house about two years ago. I speak very basic German and, although my wife speaks good conversational German, the Notarin insisted that we employ a translator. The Notarin read the contract out aloud and the translator translated each sentence or clause. When the contract was signed, the translator was a signatory to the contract! Initially, we used Wolfestone in the UK to provide us with a written translation of the contract. (This was before we were told that we would have to employ a translator to sit in at the contract signing. The cost from Wolfestone was £253.50, the cost quoted by our German translator was 394.07€). Our translator charged 119,-€ per hour or part hour for the time he was at the contract signing.

    As regards rubbish collection, the previous owner lived about 10 km away and took her rubbish home. Consequently, there were no Sulos. When we enquired about this at the local Gemeindeverwaltung, we were told that we could either buy printed, rubbish sacks from them or buy Sulos from OBI. Gelbe Sacke (for plastic) were supplied foc. After buying a few sacks, we have since acquired a full range of bins (with appliqued numbers, as the bins are taken to a collection area and some people are not choosy when it comes to retrieving their bin!). Our Landkreis provides an Abfuhrkalender, which shows when the different classes of rubbish are collected and what constitutes the various classes of Müll. This can be downloaded from the Gemeindeverwaltung website. Whilst we do have a brown Biotonne, we take most of our grass clippings and tree and shrub prunings to our local Kompostanlage.

    We do pay the full Grundsteuer, although as this is only 67,68€ a year it hardly breaks the bank.

    Have you considered insurance? If so, you’ll definitely need that translator!
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