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  1. Zeppelinfan added a post in a topic: Questions on Arbeitslosengeld 1 (ALG)   

    Camlough, I must say to you that you do not know how difficult it is to live in a tiny place and getting limited chances of a job suitable for me. You must be lucky to hold a decent job that is why you reacted that way. Have some empathy as I am stuck in a narrow-minded town with family. It is not so easy to shift away to a big city like Berlin, Frankfurt or Munich where the job opportunities would be much better.
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  2. Zeppelinfan added a post in a topic: Questions on Arbeitslosengeld 1 (ALG)   

    thanks for the feedback. No I am not lazy and someone really think I should get off my axxx...sorry I am not used to such harsh words.

    No, I am not 64 years old either but holding a degree which is already recognized by the German authorities and being asked to do a cleaner's job.

    Would you be grinning to do it???

    Just because I am an Alien with an alien name has led to the stereotyping of me by the worker at the Arbeitsamt to send me to such jobs...
    Well, if this is going to be the case, I will just deregister from my entitled 6 months. For every year of work and payment to the unemployment fund, you get 6 months Anspruch. That is normal.
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  3. Zeppelinfan added a post in a topic: Questions on Arbeitslosengeld 1 (ALG)   

    I have similar situation now and first time registered at the Bundesagentur für Arbeit to get the Arbeitslosgeld.
    They already sent me a letter to work at a place which I will reject it.
    Can anyone tell me the procedures of getting this unemployment benefit and can you reject the job offers sent by them to you?
    Do you personally have to contact the employer on the letter or you can just write your reason on the letter and return to the Agency?
    I vaguely heard from an ex colleague that you got the right to reject their job offers 3 or 4 times then you might be struck off the unemployment benefits.
    I am entitled to 6 months and hope for retraining in another field.
    I will try to convince them to give me a Training Gutschein to retrain.
    THanks in advance.

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  4. Zeppelinfan added a post in a topic: Mental stress/illness and unemployment benefits   

    I have a similar situation as Mr Bear in the restaurant business doing everything alone while my colleagues at the reception work in pairs, gossip and go back after their shift while I toll in the kitchen completing all the tasks . I also have lots of unpaid overtime which are unrecorded.
    My German friends said it is a Sauerei....with a German company cheating the workers. Ausgebeutet!
    I wonder how such companies can still exist with no workers' Recht. Can anyone hint with information on how to get help? Hiring a labour lawyer is expensive?
    But cheating and mistreatment of workers seems to be rampant in Germany.
    The bosses due to stress also go explosive and shout at us making us think that they are acting like the commanders in a Concentration Camp.
    There is no decency anymore. If you want someone to work for you, you need to treat the workers with respect and not treat them like dogs. Some workers from overseas are tertiary educated but due to their lack of German schooling here, they could not find a better job.
    The social system here for anyone who wants to stay and survive here longterm makes one accept a job just to get those insurances...
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  5. Zeppelinfan added a post in a topic: I'll never use EasyHotel Glasgow ever again...   

    read this in German about the Cheating of the Goldbar USB stick:

    How could Groupon just wash their hands away?
    Keep away from them...
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  6. Zeppelinfan added a post in a topic: I'll never use EasyHotel Glasgow ever again...   

    It is fraud at the highest level.
    Last year, through Groupon membership, I ordered 4 USB sticks in goldbars form or designs from a company (http://www.beauty-products.gi) in Gilbratar.
    Somehow, the USB sticks did not work and photos saved were lost. Then we received an email from Groupon telling us that the owner would refund us the money. I sent the 4 USB sticks by registered mail to this company which has fishy online contact details like PO Box and no name of owners since early this year. Till now, nothing has been heard from them.
    I complained to Groupon but they did not bother to take action.
    As a result, I rejected all their daily deals from Groupon since they were ridiculously inefficient to help its members. Also, somehow later, I received an invoice from a spam company asking me to pay X amount to be a member of Groupon which indicated to me that their mailing list had been spammed...
    In order to offer deals to members, Groupon has to screen genuine dealers who would comply with refunds, etc and not just discharge their responsiblities by ignoring emails from members. Don't think that we consumers are not business savy. We know our rights. Once bitten, we avoid you forever.

    So, be aware. There are too many cowboys around trying to fish others' pockets. It is better to buy things and even hotel rooms from well known companies.

    Stay away from these cheaters.

    **just checked the company online...it is already gone and disappeared so dissolving their responsibilities of any refunds.
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  7. Zeppelinfan added a post in a topic: English speakers in Friedrichshafen/nearby   

    Hi there, can anyone of you tell me whether the companies you are working need English-speaking staff? It is hard to get a job here in this little town when one is not a young fresh graduate.
    Any genuine help would be much appreciated. My German is B2.Microsoft computer skills (Words, Excel, Powerpoint).
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  8. Zeppelinfan added a post in a topic: Helen Doron Early English teachers   

    Thanks for sharing all the tips...cheeky people trying to make us spend more money instead of earning money...
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  9. Zeppelinfan added a post in a topic: English speaking IT jobs Friedrichshafen/Konstanz?   

    I am also looking for a job and find that it is getting worst by the days. I was told that the international demand for motors have gone down and big companies like MTU are already starting 'Kurzarbeit' , that is, reducing the weekly hours of work and not employing new workers at the moment...An appointment at the Agentur für Arbeit was demoralizing as the lady told me that jobs were getting scarce and I had to look out for service jobs and nothing that requires my tertiary qualifications done in English of course...what a shame I thought. If anyone has any links to any job offers, please let me know. It is much appreciated.
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