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  1. rohit_ffm added a post in a topic: Bank options in Frankfurt area   

    I have been using Commerzbank since 1.5 years. They also offer an English Online Banking interface and I have been happy with it. And it is not a special service or anything as far as I know; they do deduct 55cents a month for maintenance but I guess that is for sending the monthly statement by post. And generally the staff speaks English and this is when I opened my account in a relatively smaller branch. Only problem is that cash withdrawal with the debit card is chargeable at most of the ATMs (except CommerzBank, DeutscheBank, PostBank and a couple others)
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  2. rohit_ffm added a post in a topic: Movies and cafes, anyone?   

    Yepp ... acc to ...its a short walk from lokalbahnhof...
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  3. rohit_ffm added a post in a topic: Movies and cafes, anyone?   

    Hi guys,
    I am a bigtime movie-buff too and would love to join u for this one. Looks super-interesting.
    I had no clue that non-Big studio movies were also shown in original version at the theatres here in Frankfurt. So between 4.30 and 5 on Sunday March 10 at Harmonie.Drop a PM or post here in case something changes.
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  4. rohit_ffm added a post in a topic: Day trip around Frankfurt in this weather?   

    Hey Dan, Thanks for the reply.
    Well, in Frankfurt , all we have done before is walk along the river; go to the top of Main tower; lunch/dinner at one of the Applewine restaurants (Wagner and the other one's name I cant remember); walking on Zeil; Römer and surroundings etc; a visit to a couple of museums, and we are done
    All this takes about a day maximum and there is still time left.
    And yes, my friends are European but still none of them like walking outside in cold, windy and rainy weather.
    i agree with you that Rüdesheim is a complete tourist trap with the cable car rides, boat rides etc etc. It is just a short and more importantly convenient getaway from busy city life ...
    But just thinking of staying in Frankfurt for the whole weekend, I run out of options very fast. Thats how the idea of a day trip came into the discussion.
    But may be we stay in Frankfurt and try and explore more this time round. Any suggestions other than the activities mentioned above would be welcome .. Possibly a place with live music ; I am already checking out Frankfurt Art Bar for this.
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  5. rohit_ffm added a post in a topic: Day trip around Frankfurt in this weather?   

    Hi all,
    I have friends coming over from Austria/Switzerland to visit me in Frankfurt on this weekend and we wanted to take a day trip on Saturday. Last time a friend was here we went to Rüdeshemin but that was in the summer, the weather was perfect. In this wet and cold weather... is Rüdesheim worth it?
    I also checked out Heidelberg but I am getting varied weather forecasts on and wunderground etc etc. Some say sunny some say rainy.
    Cant figure out where to take my friends? Any suggestions, other than these two and the other usual suspects (Darmstadt,Wiesdbaden etc) I read about Maarburg and Trier..Any comments on these places??

    Thanks in advance!!!
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