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  1. lalomartins added a post in a topic: Seeking depression support group in Berlin   

    We could also try setting it up on and see if that works. I guess that could have privacy issues but

    1: A “private” group apparently shows up on lists and searches just fine, but you can't see member lists unless you join. I wonder if it appears in a member's profile though?

    2: Anyone wanting to hide their membership even more can be encouraged (we can put that in the group description) to create a special, anonymised account, and join with that.
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  2. lalomartins added a post in a topic: Seeking depression support group in Berlin   

    Well that's a fascinating coincidence… I thought about looking for a support group, I hit Google, and it turns out you posted this yesterday!

    Let me know if you find something elsewhere

    Edit: I found these: — but it seems to be “auf Deutsch”.
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  3. lalomartins added a post in a topic: Board games night meet up   


    I can't say I'm a hardcore gamer (truth be told, I almost never win), but I count gaming as my favourite form of social interaction. I live in the Potsdamer Platz area, I'm originally from Brazil, living in Berlin for almost 2 years, no gamer friends at all ( ), own Dominion (English), Munchkin, Battlestar Galactica, Call of Cthulhu, Once Upon a Time, Race for the Galaxy. I could host a not-too-large group (flat is on the small side).

    So I'd love to be in your next event... or host one, eventually.
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