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  1. dp_darmstadt added a post in a topic: To catch a thief   

    Good to know that Smellycat got their stuff back. Congratulations for the brave and successfull attempt.

    we had a similar experience in Barcelona. My wife's bag was stolen from inside a cafe ...an iPhone, 300 euros cash and some bank cards. We called the police and they were not ready to come. We went to the police office and they took a detailed complaint just for their records.. may be to keep some statistics.. they said they can't do much. It's actually a safe profession, thanks to the incapable police.
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  2. dp_darmstadt added a post in a topic: Attending a Jain Wedding in India   

    Gift coupons are also available for many stores in India Eg;- "Fab India" http://www.fabindia.com/fabindia-gift-ideas/gift-certificates.html, "Shoppers stop" http://www.shoppersstop.com/index.jsp.vr

    Depending on your budget a pair of watches from Germany.

    Some cash in an envelope.
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  3. dp_darmstadt added a post in a topic: Indian restaurants in and around Darmstadt   

    If you are looking for a cheaper option, then i would recommend Royal India Palace, near Nordbad https://pizza.de/royal-indian-palace-darmstadt-alsfelder-str-31. They also provide home delivery service.
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  4. dp_darmstadt added a post in a topic: Parking place offered for rent   

    I have a covered car parking place to rent out.
    Address: Moosbergstr, Darmstadt
    Cost: 60 Euros per month
    Availability: immediately
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