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  1. AClassicRed added a post in a topic: German Language Classes For A Teenager   

    I asked specifically about German language schools that might allow a 16 year old, but thanks for reply, however. I didn't need information about residence permits, as I already know that. I am also aware of the school requirements of Germany. If he had completed 10.Klasse he would very likely know German already and wouldn't need a beginner's course.
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  2. AClassicRed added a post in a topic: I saw a fox in Kreuzberg!   

    When I lived on Kantstrasse in Charlottenberg, near the Leipnizstr. stop, there was a old tree trunk in the central island in front of my bedroom window where I observed a fox exiting one night. On such a busy street, this clever creature watched and waited on traffic to pass before crossing to go about whatever business it was on, and on its return did the same thing, before disappearing back in its den beneath the earth. My roommate who'd lived at the address for several years before me explained that a fox family had been there for some time, and that kits had even been born most had seemed to survive before going their own ways for the others. He said, in fact, because most all residents in the immediate area of the foxes den knew about it and were careful not to disturb that particular island in any way.

    Foxes are particularly clever and are more often to found living in cities than most other wild creatures beyond the normal cats, dogs and rats. They are also blamed for nightly "crimes" of which they might be guilty, such as taking the occasional cat, but they are creatures either forced or surrounded by humans trying to do their best to survive. In any case, there are many of what humans think of as "wild" creatures who live within city limits.
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  3. AClassicRed added a post in a topic: 50th birthday party   

    It's not in Steglitz, just barely north of it in the south end of Wilmersdorf at Bundesplatz, but I lived across from Die Zwiwwel for a few years and still return there to meet friends or have enjoyable afternoons and evenings. It's even a setting in a novel of mine, as it is a warm, unforgettable place where there is so much to see and experience once you enter, that is not evident when viewing it from the street. Traditional German cuisine for the most part in a beautiful setting. They do cater in house and take party reservations.

    Good luck in finding a place, in any case.
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  4. AClassicRed added a post in a topic: First winter in Berlin   

    There are also places like Der Aussteiger, but I personally usually order my boots online from places like EBay or Amazon, because you can look through hundreds of types with various features you are seeking. They are delivered to your door, and even if you need to exchange them, its usually extremely easy.

    If you absolutely have to go to a shop, I do recommend Der Aussteiger then, as I've not bought boots from them, though they have a wide assortment, but I've purchased other items and have always found the staff at the location on Danzigerstr. helpful. Otherwise, as others have said, there are many places where you can buy boots, as well as second-hand shops where you can get great items at a reduced price.
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  5. AClassicRed added a post in a topic: German Language Classes For A Teenager   

    In January of next year my son returns to Germany, and we are looking for beginner German language classes for him, preferrably in the Prenzlauer Berg district, but are open to any suggestions. I realize there are many language schools and have queried at ones I've attended, but for his age which is 16, they felt he would be happier in another setting. No problem with that, but the fact is my son has Asperger's Syndrome, which is a consideration. In his case, high IQ but some difficulty in social situations, especially school, yet entirely fine in smaller, supportive environments and eager to begin learning. Smaller learning groups is a premium consideration for him.

    There was a thread where I had contributed previously about parents of children with autism, and how they've fared in Germany as ex-pats, so if any of them especially might contribute, I would greatly appreciate their input. I have done searches, and know and have found several schools whose website I can view or even write inquiries to and have, as they are many in Berlin, but personal and/or professional experience is what I am seeking.

    Thanks for whatever help you provide!
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  6. AClassicRed added a post in a topic: Visa in Berlin without appointment?   

    I wasn't in the same situation, but I needed an appointment far before the next available date that was showing on the Ausländerbehorde website. I wrote to the office, explained my situation, what timing I needed and why, and they wrote me back with an appointment date that was within that time period. I am headed there this week, as a matter of fact.

    As someone else had said, and that happened to me before too, my visa expired before my next appointment day last year. The office worker confirmed that you should simply carry your print out of your next appointment date with you at all times, just like your passport, in case anyone asks or needs to see it.
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  7. AClassicRed added a post in a topic: American Indians - A Tribute   

    On some of the realities of American Indians in Germany, my article at Indian Country Today that was published April 2013, this month online and in print, Germany's Obsession With American Indians Is Touching And Occasionally Surreal. It's generated a lot of discussion on their website as well as their page on Facebook.
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  8. AClassicRed added a post in a topic: Deregistering, Abmeldung Consequences   

    Previously, when I'd left and then returned to Berlin, I had forgotten to deregister but when I went to the Bürgeramt, I explained to the lady what happened and she said no problem. I told the date I had reentered Berlin, and that was that. Everything was fine, and it went unremarked.

    In 2011, however, I registered at a new address but discovered the landlord had some serious issues that made living there impossible, and I had to move out rather hurriedly. I moved in with a friend and started a search for a new place. I eventually found one a couple of months later, and went to register for that new address. Problem, though a minor one as the worker was sympathetic.

    I had not registered at my friend's address, as I was told I should have, and the landlord had deregistered me for the previous one. By their rules, you're supposed to register within seven days of moving someplace else. She said she was willing to list my interim address as "unknown" so there was no problem in the end, and I didn't have to pay a fine.

    My point is, why not try explaining the situation to them, that it wasn't intentional, just an oversight and perhaps they'll waive attaching a fine, listing in a way to achieve that, or apply a minimum fine at best. It's always an idea to ask them, with a few well placed and sincere apologies.
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  9. AClassicRed added a post in a topic: Seeking English-speaking psychiatrist in Berlin   

    A general group which would certainly be helpful in your search: "ACT is an organization of International multi-lingual Therapists, Counselors, and Social Service Providers working in Berlin. ACT intends to make the process of finding appropriate therapeutic services easier for the community by providing a list of available therapists, with a clear outline of each therapist’s qualifications, strengths, and specialist areas; along with the languages in which they work, and the area of Berlin where they work."
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  10. AClassicRed added a post in a topic: CAFE KULTUR Berlin   

    I went to one I really enjoyed the other day, its Café Maja at Seestr. 39. It's just beverages primarily, but I thought it had a very nice, intimate tone even in the afternoon when I happened to go.

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  11. AClassicRed added a post in a topic: Red Tape Translation   

    I recently used Kathleen's services and was very pleased with all aspects of service, which were both professional and friendly. Kathleen is knowledgable, personable and reliable. Translating and interpreting is more than just an exchange of words and phrases to those in another language, it is also about knowing the cultures involved and how situations, ideas and needs may be explained in the most beneficial way for the client, and I strongly felt this during our appointment.

    Pricing for services is very competitive and well-worth whatever options you choose, compared to other similar places. What I particularly noted, as I also use other ex-pat and German services and individuals for a variety of needs, Kathleen knew some of these and had worked in conjunction with them in a mutually beneficial way regarding references and clients.

    Absolutely on my list of recommendations (I've already done so in the week since my appointment), and I look forward to working with Kathleen in the future.
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  12. AClassicRed added a post in a topic: Provocative Tagesspiegel piece: Auslaenderbehorde   

    I was there last week. They're still there. I got a tag team of them, but after one question about my insurance letter, which they accepted, they gave me my card to pay my fee. Took all of about five minutes, then they'd said they call me back after payment for some end notes. Negativity still, but I summoned up my best German and actually respectfully challenged them on a couple of things, asking "why nots" and "can you give me a print out of your statement in writing and sign it please." They were both wide-eyed and speechless several moments, but it was done.

    I did have a couple of tough sessions with them this go around, but seriously, I grew up as a minority in Alabama where for almost everything, even in professions I worked in an official capacity law enforcement and as a government representative for my people (I'm American Indian), you were not treated very well, often quite discriminatorily or dismissively if not outright rude. Whatever I've experienced here in Germany doesn't even come close to the way I and others were regularly treated in the US. I don't let anyone bother me for long, but get on with life and living, putting it all in perspective.
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  13. AClassicRed added a post in a topic: Freelance journalist - next tax and visa steps   

    I was just at the Ausländerbehörde last week and received my visa renewal as a freelancer, and all letters with offers, etc. will still need to be submitted through that office for approval.

    However, I do have my own small publishing press, clients and a variety of projects which I work at daily. I have articles across the web, also do graphic arts and web designer, and have published novels, so I have a lengthy enough CV that they just ask one question: insurance, and tell me to go pay my fee. That's all it took for me. As you said, insurance is the biggest hinge/turning point they are concerned about, and depending on your age: pension plan.

    For any other type jobs, when you have your letter of offers written, the potential employer does have clearly state and prove why you alone are needed for that particular job, and as the worker told me last week it is unlikely this happens. But hey, all you can do is submit the necessary paperwork and wait for an answer. Never submitting is an automatic no.

    As you said you wish to be in Berlin, but if you do searches for freelance work, there are many offers that do not require you to be in a particular location. But you very likely know this. I have contracts with publishing companies or clients in the US, UK and Germany, for example. I wish you good luck, as you said it takes hard work, but it can be possible.
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  14. AClassicRed added a post in a topic: Immigration lawyers, residence visa issues etc.   

    I also used Katja Ponert from VPMK Rechtsanwaelte Berlin, not just for immigration because also as a general advisor with business decisions for my press. She is a very relaxed, upfront personality type who plainly gives you the information you need, and is even friendly as well though remaining professional. Great recommendations for her.

    Also, although it is not a legal entity, I also sought advice for other things at, where you can enlist the help of a coach who can take you through the paperwork you need at the Ausländerbehörde, give knowledgeable suggestions, and also help you rule out ideas that are just not going to fly. I spoke with Tia Robinson.
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  15. AClassicRed added a post in a topic: Swimming in Berlin   

    There's also a very nice hall that opened last year, for those in this area of the city, or people looking for a great swimming spot that is rarely very busy. It is only busy sometimes during the early afternoon if schoolchildren are having class.

    Sewanstraße 229
    10319 Berlin - Friedrichsfelde
    Telefon 5 12 40 35
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