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  1. cynicoren added a post in a topic: How to write a "Desired job title" for my CV?   

    I am a 38 years old, with an MBA degree, and I have worked in the last 6 years as an investments adviser (retail banking). Before that, I had no significant job (worked for McDonalds and a cellular provider in costumer service roles). I am looking to immigrate to Germany, and since I want to keep my employment options as open as possible, I ponder upon what should I write regarding the "Desired job title" and the cover letter.

    Please advise that I'm not submitting my CV for specific positions, but to webpages like Careerbuilder and Monster, So I must write something about the desired job title.

    Your help is really appreciated,
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  2. cynicoren added a post in a topic: Good areas to live in Berlin   

    Thank you for your replies.
    I plan to be very careful with this move - not only I'll keep my house and my family where they are, I also intend to ask from my current employer a one year leave.
    Therefore the 1800 salary should support only myself in the first year. Afterwards I'll decide whether to come back or to get my family over to Berlin.
    I am a EU national. My wife is originally Romanian (immigrated here as a child), so she can get a EU passport. We also have cash reserves that can support us 2 years without working, but when she'll get to Berlin, she will have to work, just like everyone else...

    You mentioned utilities. Can you elaborate on that?

    What is the total income you think that can support a middle-class family of 4? We're not looking only to survive in Berlin, we want life as nice as we're having now.

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  3. cynicoren added a post in a topic: Good areas to live in Berlin   


    There a good chance that I will move to Berlin in a 3 months time, since I am trying to secure a job there. The job offered pays OK (about 1800 Euros per month, before taxes).
    Considering that -
    1) What are the recommended areas in Berlin for singles/ mid-class families to live in? What is the price range in these areas for a 1-2 rooms apartment?
    2) How much time before I actually start to work should I come to Berlin and secure an apartment?
    3)In the future, if all is well, I plan to get my family to Berlin. What is the rent costs I should expect for a 4 room apartment in these neighborhoods?

    Thank you
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  4. cynicoren added a post in a topic: Seeking employment advice   

    Thank you's.
    I'm thinking of a short trip to Germany. I don't mind to work in a totally different field, in some ways I actually really need this change. I realize that I will start from the bottom.
    Since my wife will stay and work in Israel , I would be the only expense.
    I wonder, is a Polish citizenship enough, or I'd better wait for the Polish passport (due to arrive in a few months) ?
    Since as far as I know The Swiss aren't a part of the EU and the UK have big economic problems, I prefer Germany (or Holland).
    What's a "quant" position?

    Thanks again
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  5. cynicoren added a post in a topic: Seeking employment advice   

    Hello everyone,

    I'm currently living in Israel, but I have a Polish passport. I feel strongly about immigrating out of here, and after a couple of visits in Germany and reading about its economy, it seems like a good option.

    I'm 36, married+2, Bachelor degree in behavioral sciences, MBA (with Finance as a major), both with hons.

    I'm currently working as an investments adviser in a large retail bank (and I'm doing this for the last 5 years).I also worked in the past as a staffing consultant (1.5 years). My English is good (8 out of 9 in the IELTS exam), but my German is basic (currently in the middle of the Rosetta Stone courses). I tried to find jobs in my field online, but most of them require mother-tongue German. Since I feel strongly about leaving Israel, I'm ready to work in simpler jobs at first.

    I'd like to know :
    1. What are the chances of landing a job that doesn't require anything more than basic German?
    2. What is the best move - traveling to Germany and hand out CV's, or try to secure a job online?

    I'm ready to immigrate anywhere in Germany.
    I'd be glad to hear more first-move immigration tips, since I don't know where to start.

    Thank you for your time and efforts.
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